Why you should choose Andaman for Honeymoon?

There are plenty of places in India where you can enjoy your honeymoon. Out of those, Andaman and Nicobar Islands remain one of the top choices. These are an island of blue and green pristine and peaceful beaches. Traveling to such places with your life partner will surely give you to look behind when you both turn old and grey. It will surely strengthen your and your partner's bond and help you know each other in a better way.

Andaman and Nicobar islands truly form an exciting honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Before packing your bags and booking the tickets, do make note of all the places you must visit once you get there. Explore Andaman for Honeymoon

Best Places to Visit

Port Blair

The capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is proof of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. The Cellular Jail here gradually became popular during the Indian independence as it was meant for providing solitary confinement to prisoners back then. It is nearby the mainland, this is a major tourist attraction. 

Must Go

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mount Harriet National Park

Mount Harriet

Anthropological Museum

Japanese Bunkers

Chidiya Tapu

Sippighat Agricultural Farm

Chatham Saw Mill

Limestone Caves


Havelock Island

This is famous for Radhanagar Beach, one of the most popular beaches in India. This beach also received the "Best Beach in Asia" award back in 2004 by the TIME magazine. It is located just 12 km from Havelock Island and is considered one of the most attractive and most visited beaches. You could participate in various water sports with your partner like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating, etc. This remains a favorite place for couples as a honeymoon destination.

Must Go

Elephant Beach

Kalapathar Beach

Vijaynagar Beach


Great Nicobar Island


This is the largest group of islands popular for their large size and natural beauty. This is a natural paradise, rich in flora, fauna, marine life and wildlife and attracts people from all over the world. You could also visit this place by helicopter from Port Blair. Imagine you and your partner in that helicopter, how romantic that would be! You could also opt for an inter-island boat and ferry services. These services will help you explore Nancowry, Car Nicobar and Little Nicobar which together form the northernmost Nicobar group islands.

Must Go

Campbell Bay National Park

Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve

Indira Point


Neil Island

This is highly recommended for people who are looking forward to a serene and peaceful place for their honeymoon. Located 37 km south of Port Blair, it is known for the magnificent, unexplored coral reefs, biodiversity, tropical woodlands, and white sandy beaches. It is interesting to note that most of the beaches here are named after different characters from the epic Ramayana. 

Must Go

Lakshmanpur Beach.

Natural Bridge.

Sitapur Beach.

Bharatpur Beach.


Ross Island

Ross Island houses the ruins of buildings constructed in British rule. This is a must for all those couples who enjoy visiting historical places. Some important landmarks of the place are the wild vines, roots, run-down churches of the British era, officers' quarters, etc. You could also watch the light and sound show here. The place offers beautiful panoramic views of the waters and is rich in its wildlife.

Must Go

British Colony Ruins.

Japanese Bunkers

Barren Island

Ross Island Penal Colony

Forest Department Museum


Limestone Caves

These are one of the best honeymoon places for you and your partner to visit. It offers some of the best visual treats. Situated just at a distance of 50 minutes from Baratang jetty, these caves are made of limestone (a sedimentary rock formed millions of years ago). You could view the mangroves and lush rainforest here.

Must Go

Mud caves

Parrot Island

Baludera beach


Little Andaman

This place is located 120 km from Port Blair and is a soothing destination for honeymooners. It offers a picturesque view of waterfalls, rainforests, white beaches, creeks and beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. This is a place full of surprises, couples could take ferry services available from Port Blair which takes 6 to 8 hours to reach Little Andaman.

Must Go

Hut Bay

Butler Bay beach

Harminder Bay beach



It is located in the North Andaman Island which is an offbeat destination beautified by stunning nature. The virgin nature makes the place a pristine location for a honeymoon. It is very popular for natural beauties which remains well connected by the Great Andaman Trunk Road. You could reach this place by private buses or cabs from Port Blair and take around 5.5 hours for a total distance of 300km.

Must Go

Pathi Level Beach

Kalipur Beach

Chalis Ek Caves

Alfred Caves

Budget: Around INR 50,000

When to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The perfect time period to visit this place is from October to Early March.


How to Reach

By air: You could land here via the Veer Savarkar International Airport at Port Blair. This airport is directly connected to all the major cities like Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi.

By ship: Take a passenger ship heading towards Port Blair from major cities like Kolkata (66 hours), Chennai (60 hours) and Vishakhapatnam (56 hours).

After you have arrived at Port Blair, you could take a taxi to your hotel and explore the place via auto and cabs. (The cabs here are pretty cheap).


  1. Plan your entire trip in advance, a week would be an ideal time period helpful in covering most of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  2. Book your jetty online in advance, consider booking a government jetty since it does not make any difference from a private one.
  3. The best scuba diving available here is at Havelock and Neil Islands.
  4. Book your scuba diving tickets in advance.





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