How to Fight Fake Travel Agency Scam in the Travel Industry

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How to Fight Fake Travel Agency Scam in the Travel Industry

The modern world is full of surprises for individuals as well as businesses. The year 2020 was a disaster thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic but traveling should not be banned at all. Luckily, the travel sector is now facing a boom in sales and market share after the lockdown was lifted. The majority of people are desperate to enjoy and be stress-free. However, fraudsters are not sitting back and relaxing. AI and ML techniques are helping everyone including criminals to fulfill their malicious intent. The fake travel agency scam has been terrifying people for a long time and there is a dire need for a robust solution to combat it. According to a report from Edgar, Dunn & Company, the year 2020 is expecting the travel agency scam to reach 25 billion dollars. There are many signs that can tell you if the travel agency is fake or not. You just have to stay updated on these signs at all times. 

Are you curious to know about the signs of a fake travel agency and a fantastic way of combating them? Continue reading this blog and you will find a lot of information that you might have been searching for a long time. 

Signs of Fake Travel Agency 

You must have seen a fake travel agency at least once in a lifetime. You could not identity verification because you didn’t know the obvious signs. A few identifiers have been listed below which may sound familiar.

Extremely Cheap Prices

Saving money is good but if your travel agent is offering you extremely low prices from the competitors or the market, there is a high probability that you are in touch with a fraudster. Just wait for a second and think that how can someone offer you the same product or service at half price than the market? It is unusual and the first sign of a scam.  

No Paperwork

Booked your air ticket or a hotel room without any paperwork? Sounds convenient, but it’s a scam. Documentation is always required to complete any transaction. It can be shared by mail or the agent can fax you the details but it is vital to have a record of the transaction.  

Advance Payments

Never pay for your ticket or any other booking in advance legitimate travel agents do not ask for payments before completing the process. Also, check if you have an option to pay via PayPal or other sources except for bank account transfer. As soon as you provide credentials to your bank account on the platform of a scam agency, you will experience an account takeover and a huge financial loss.  

No Proof of Booking 

A scam travel agency will not provide you booking details of your transaction. You will be asked to wait, wait, and wait for your entire life to get a little evidence that your booking process is complete. Unfortunately, you will pay them and there is no point for them to stay in touch after that. Never pay in advance or without legitimate evidence that your hotel room r air ticket has been booked. So it is suggested to always ask for an invoice to make a payment!

How to Prevent Fake Travel Agency Scam 

People these days get easily scammed by travel agents because they do not check for the authenticity of the company. Identity verification is one of verifying whether the agent you are in touch with is legitimate or not. Unauthorized people set up fake websites to fool honest people like you. Do not complete any transactions if you experience any of the aforementioned signs. Furthermore, always check for the verification measures of the company. 

Key Takeaways

The travel agency is full of scammers that are desperately waiting to trick legitimate people like you into their malicious plan. The only way you can stay protected is to know the common signs of scammers. Fuzzy logos, extremely low prices from the competitors, no proof of their existence, no paperwork for your booking, and advance payment are some of the indicators that you can easily identify. Moreover, some fraudsters do not allow you to pay them personally and bank transfers are the only option. Beware of the scam because you will provide your bank account details for completing the process. However, you will end up without any money in the account. One way of dealing with fraudsters is to check for verification measures the company takes. Legitimate travel agencies have to comply with kyc aml regulations. Avoid dealing with businesses that do not verify you or other customers. 

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Last Updated : May 12,2021
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