How to Make a Great Instagram Travel Blog?

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How to Make a Great Instagram Travel Blog?

Making a great Instagram page involves a lot of hard work. You need good posts constantly in order to keep growing. You can't just use any hashtags and can't have any strategy. You need to put some thought into what goes on behind the scenes. It is not enough to just have great travel pictures and videos; there are many other things that go into making a page successful. 

In order to help you make a great travel blog, we have listed some tips. By following these tips, you too can make your travel page a huge success. You certainly can make your page much better than it was before. With enough effort and forethought, you might be able to do travel blogging full-time. 


What are the benefits?

Even though there are changes and difficulties in travel, travel blogging is going to remain as popular as ever. Travel bloggers have figured out how to effectively earn money from their Instagram accounts. However, as amazing as getting paid to travel sounds like it is not straightforward. 

However, the efforts are truly worth it. Very few people wouldn’t want to travel the world constantly. Everyone wants to go from one amazing destination to the next. But getting paid to do so would be incredible. Is it really that simple to start earning money just by traveling? It can be if you are able to make a great blog with a lot of traffic.


Tips to Make Your Blog Great 

So here are our tips to make sure that your blog starts raking in that traffic. Remember, traffic and engagement are the two most important things that you can have. Without them, brands won’t be willing to pay you money. 



Without an optimized Instagram account, you can be losing a lot of traffic. It would help if you at least took care of the basics. The basics include the bio, a suitable username, relatable captions, and a great profile image. These things together form the identity of your travel page. 

You want your identity to be unique but relatable to the type of content you will be posting. Most things about your page should be easy to remember, related to travel, and evoke a sense of adventure or peace. 

You should optimize your posts as well. Use the correct hashtags, locations, and captions. Use hashtags only sparingly, and don't spam 20-30 hashtags in every single post. Make the use of hashtags as inconspicuous as possible. 

Remember, you want people to find your page through the search feed. Keeping your page and content optimized is the best way to do that. 


Use a Content Calendar 

Without consistency, stability, and diligence, you cannot have success. This is true for making your travel blog successful. Have a plan for the posts that you'll be making. Not only do you need to plan your content,but you need to plan your vacations accordingly as well. 

Random posts can mess with the Instagram algorithm for your page. This can result in you losing out on a lot of traffic. Plan your content calendar with posts that are currently in trend. Not only are you giving them consistency, but you are also capitalizing on topics and posts that are going to be in vogue at that time. 

Remember, always have a large backlog of posts that you can use at any time in case you have a lack of new content. This might be due to a bad set of pictures or due to last-minute cancellations, or just sickness. 


Get More Engagement

It can be challenging for new pages to find growth when they are starting out. The more engagement you get on your page, the faster your page will grow. And the faster you can grow, the more engagement you get. It is a positive cycle that fuels itself. 


That’s why you should take every opportunity to increase the number of likes, comments, shares, and follows that you have. Bigger numbers mean better engagement. Not only does this mean more growth, but it means better chances of monetizing your page. 

Check real Instagram whenever your page starts to plateau. This will give your travel page enough engagement at crucial times to start getting even more traffic. Share your posts whenever and wherever you can. Collaborate with other travel bloggers of your size. Engage with your audience and followers. 


Most importantly, stay active and stay consistent. 


Final Words 

With these simple techniques, you can grow your travel blog to massive sizes. Doing so can help you make it as a full-time travel blogger. Or it might just be a small bonus income that you can use. Either way, the key to earning money from your travel blog is by being big and engaging. 

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