How to plan your Jaipur Trip?

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How to plan your Jaipur Trip?

The Capital city of Rajasthan has its own charm. Home to some of the amazing forts in India, Jaipur offers a good combination of attractions as well as excursions. Myriad opportunities for shopping and admiring royal architecture add a great deal of indulgence while visiting Jaipur. If that’s not enough, a dash of delectable food being offered at almost every corner makes an ideal garnish for the sumptuously flavored plate of Jaipur. Being a famous destination, accommodation options here range from low budget hostels to premium high-end hotels like Hilton in Jaipur.

I have been to Jaipur many times due to some relatives staying there. In this blog post, I will lay a crisp guideline for you. It might help you plan for Jaipur well.

Forts & Palaces in Jaipur

The three main forts in Jaipur are Amer (Amber), Jaigarh and Nahargarh Fort. All these are true epitomes of the royal past of Jaipur. Jaigarh Fort is located in the vicinity of Amer Fort, while Nahargarh is a short drive away. Apart from the striking architecture and depiction of Royalty, Jaigarh Fort is also home to the largest cannon in the world, Jaivana. The Cannon is a staggering 20.2 feet long and as myth would go; it had the capacity to shoot the cannon ball up to 35 KMs. However, it has not been proved scientifically. It is believed that a small pond was formed at Chaksu as a result of the cannonball impact.

How to plan your Jaipur Trip?
View from Jaigarh fort
How to plan your Jaipur Trip?
Biggest cannon in the world, Jaigarh fort, Jaipur

For Nahargarh fort, the highlight would be the open air restaurant, offering bountiful views of the pink city. You can spend a couple of hours at Padao Restaurant as the sun sets and allows shimmering lights take over the Jaipur city. As the wind ruffles your hair, you can enjoy a few drinks here. However, the restaurant doesn’t necessarily serve the best food in Jaipur. Neither is it known for great service. So, you can keep your palate reserved for a delicious dinner back in the city. Another interesting fact about Nahargarh fort is that part of the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ was shot here.

How to plan your Jaipur Trip?
Nahargarh Fort, Rang De Basanti shooting spot

Apart from these forts, you can also consider visiting City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Rambagh Palace. There is also another palace, a good attraction due to its unique location. Situated in the middle of a lake, Jal Mahal strikes a picturesque sight. However, you don’t need to plan for Jal Mahal separately as you will notice it while heading to the forts from the city center.

Excursions around Jaipur

Keeping Jaipur as the base, I have done day excursions to Ranthambore and Bhangarh Fort. Ranthambore is almost 3 hours away from the city. However, if you leave early, you can cover Ranthambore in a day along with the evening safari. Bhangarh fort is about 2 hours away from Jaipur and because it’s known as one of the most haunted sites in Asia, I would recommend a visit here if time permits. However, I personally believe the haunted story to be make-believe. But, the fort certainly has a stark spookiness associated with it.

How to plan your Jaipur Trip?
Exploring ruins of Bhangarh fort
How to plan your Jaipur Trip?
View from Bhangarh Fort

You can also plan an excursion to Pushkar, Ajmer or Alwar as these destinations are at an approximate distance of 250 KMs from the city. However, if you do visit these destinations, you might want to consider spending a night there.

Food in Jaipur

If you are staying at one of the Jaipur hotels within city limits, getting a sumptuous meal in its true Rajasthani flavor is not difficult. I can suggest you some restaurants which I have tried myself. You can visit Thali House, Santosh Bhojanalaya or Shri Balaji Veg Restaurant for a sumptuous Thali meal. Now, these might not be the best restaurants in Jaipur from the ambiance point of view. But, I found the food here to have an authentic flavor. For Rs 150 to Rs 200, you can have a very satisfying meal here!

How to plan your Jaipur Trip?
Thali House, Jaipur

For snacks, I found Kota Kachori and Rawat Misthan Bhandar to be well suited. Trying out the ‘Kachori’ here is highly recommended. When it comes to food in Jaipur, there are slightly expensive restaurants as well which make dining experiential for you. I have tried Virasat and Chokhi Dhani which display a bit of Rajasthani culture as well along with decent food.

When you are in Jaipur, you have to add restaurants to your itinerary. It is certainly worth spending time looking for good restaurants and your taste buds will never let you forget Jaipur memories!

Umang Trivedi
Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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