Ibiza: Beaches By Day, Party By Night

A great story about ibiza: beaches by day, party by night, Read about the things to do in spain for a perfect travel experience.
Ibiza: Beaches By Day, Party By Night

Ibiza: Beaches By Day, Party By Night

Most travelers have heard tales of the wild parties of Ibiza, pumping throughout the night well into the next day. Some may have even been lucky enough to experience the island first hand. Most of what Jules and I have heard about Ibiza has come from Nala, a 40-something fire dancer who has spent many high-seasons working at some of the island’s most famous nightclubs. She’s told us wild stories of round the clock dancing at one of the world’s best party spots. For us, Ibiza still remains an elusive item on our bucket list, but we’ve already planned out our trip for sometime in the (hopefully) not so distant future.

Best Nightclub

We’ll get straight down to it because we know you’re probably going to Ibiza for one thing- the party. Choosing the best nightclub in Ibiza is like choosing your favorite child; it’s almost impossible. But if we’re going to narrow it down, we couldn’t miss the chance to hit up Privilege. Awarded the Guinness World record for the biggest club in the world, this spot fits up to 10,000 people! Every night of the week they have something awesome going on here, including Europe’s biggest paint party on Mondays. Not only is the club outfitted in super lux style, but the main room has a huge pool you can dance above!

Ibiza: Beaches By Day, Party By Night
ibiza summer villas

Best Accommodation

If you’re going to be partying up in the clubs all night, you’re going to need an equally luxurious place to catch up on your sleep. Okay, you probably won’t be doing that much sleeping on Ibiza, but you still want your luxuries for when you need to finally crash and recharge. Forget staying in a sweaty, packed hostel. If you’re in Ibiza, you’re going to want to indulge a bit. And what better way to experience Ibiza than in a private villa?

Ibiza: Beaches By Day, Party By Night
ibiza summer beaches

Best Lounge Beach

While it would be easy to spend your time alternating between the lavish nightclubs and your gorgeous accommodation, the beaches on Ibiza are definitely worth checking out. In particular, the hidden coves of Cala Tarida shouldn’t be missed. This area is a refreshingly lesser-known beach spot and a good escape from Ibiza’s crowds. The white sands and turquoise water of Cala Tarida draw a more local crowd, allowing a more authentic experience. Pull up a towel, take your top off (this is Spain, after all) and enjoy a brief snooze before it’s back to the party!

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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