Identity Management through Passport Scanner

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Identity Management through Passport Scanner

Due to the rise in fraudulent activities, nothing is more important for the authorities and business entities than security measures. Security breaches and fraud attempts are making headlines every other day. The governments, as well as businesses, have lost millions to criminals. COVID-19 pandemic has not helped with the situation and played a key role in the rising crime rate. The travel industry and airports are in dire need of a quick identity verification solution that enables them to onboard only legit customers seamlessly. A passport scanner can be the solution for this need of an hour. This blog will shed the light on how a passport scanner works and its role in identity verification. 


The Technology of Passport Scanner

Identity Management through Passport Scanner


A passport scanner is a way of scanning the passport to verify its authenticity and to verify the identity of the passport holder. A passport is a government-issued document that can be proof of a person’s identity and can be utilized as an identifier. Many industries need to verify a person’s identity using a government-issued document. 

However, while carrying out the verification process, it takes a lot of time for them to take information from the passport and use it to verify the identity of an individual and to check the authenticity of the passport’s format. The human eye, prone to error, can always skip some tiny yet important detail and expose the security of the organization to a huge risk. Passport scanners use an AI-powered solution of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to carry out an accurate process. 


The Use of OCR in Passport Scanners 

OCR is a data extraction technology that can scan the document and convert the data into a digital form from its paper or image form. Language processing in OCR allows machine learning the ability to extract the data in different languages. OCR technology eliminates the need for manual supervision while extracting the information. AI technology allows it to deeply analyze the type of document and its format to ensure the legitimacy of the document and that it is not been tampered with. 

With the help of OCR, passport scanners can extract data from passports and use the information to carry out the seamless customer’s identity verification process. Once the data is extracted, the information on the document can be matched and screened against the previously provided information of the individual to be certain of their identity. The face of the person can also be verified against the photo on the passport to ensure the legitimacy of the identity. 


Identity Management through Passport Scanner


Benefits of Passport Scanners

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries are obligated to verify the identity of all their clients to ensure that no illicit activity takes place through their platforms. If the organization neglects its identity verification duties, it can face major consequences from the concerned regulator and will develop a bad reputation as well. The process of identity verification can be extremely seamless through the document verification solution, like scanning of the passport. The entities can now be secure not only from frauds but also the impacts it brings through sanctions of regulators. 


Travel and Hotel Industry

The travel industry is the most in need of verifying the customer’s passport. Fake passports can be a cause of greater evil, that is terrorist activity or some other criminal activity. Criminals like drug traffickers or even terrorists can be traveling using fake passports and this is why it is extremely important to verify travelers' ID. Airports cannot afford to lose time on verifying the travelers’ identity since they always jam-packed and time-limited. This is where a passport scanner plays a key role in verifying the identity of the travelers within a few minutes. 

The same goes for the hotel industry. Hotels are there to cater to the needs of travelers from around the world. International clients will always have to prove their identity through their passport as they will not have the identity card of that jurisdiction. Passport scanner helps the hotel industry in an accurate and time-efficient process of client onboarding.  


Seamless Customer Onboarding 

The customer onboarding process speeds up due to document verification like a passport scanner. The data is extracted instantly and the verification process is completed within no time. The customers no longer have to dread the long process of getting their identity verified during the onboarding process as the process is now simplified through the use of AI-powered technology. 

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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