Incredible Balinese Souvenirs That You Must Take Back Home

Incredible Balinese Souvenirs That You Must Take Back Home

The Indonesian beauty, Bali, is one of the most famous places to visit in Indonesia. The majestic lands of Bali offer you a closer look at nature at its best. Bali is a place where you will find magnificent beaches with beautiful coral reefs, astounding hills, and temples with picturesque views. The cultural diversity of Bali is also a special thing to experience on your vacation with a wide number of populations comprising Hindus as well. Well, with a cultural diversity like this you get to see several different handicrafts and artworks that you will only find in this part of the world. Since you will find yourself with so many varieties of Balinese goods that you might get confused about what you should buy and what you should not. Well, we are here to solve that problem of yours with our list of all the must-buy souvenirs in Bali that would remind you of your visit to the beautiful land of Bali. So, make sure to read our complete list below and prepare a shopping checklist with your favorite Balinese souvenirs from our list. 

Incredible Balinese Souvenirs That You Must Take Back Home

Silver ornaments

One of the most famous things to buy in Bali is the Balinese silver ornaments. Theses ornaments are designed with intricacy by the artisans of Bali, Indonesia. On your visit to the majestic lands of Bali, you would come across various shops and sellers with beautiful ornaments with unique Balinese design in silver metal. It would also be a great option to gift your loved ones a souvenir from Bali.

Balinese sarong 

On your visit to the land of coral beaches and magnificent temples, Bali, Indonesia, you would observe various locals wearing a wraparound fabric with unique designs. The wraparound fabric is called Sarong in Bali worn by Balinese women at the beach or during festivals to showcase the culture and lifestyle of Bali.

 Balinese music instruments

If you are fond of playing music instruments then, Bali is a perfect place for you to serve your passion. While walking on the streets of Bali you would notice several types of musical instruments made of wood being played by the locals. You can also take one of these unique Balinese music instruments home and enjoy your time playing your favorite tunes.

Balinese Ceramics 

Bali is famous for many things and ceramics are one of them. The ethnic designs and carving on the ceramics would be suitable to take back home as a reminder of your visit to the majestic lands of Bali. Use these beautiful ceramics for special dinner parties and get together at your place. You can also decorate your home with astonishing ceramic statues and pots.

Wooden crafts

The wooden crafts in Bali are known for their extraordinary carvings and motifs that you can take home to decorate your home with these beautiful Balinese wooden crafts. you can also buy wooden windchimes to bring positivity to your house. You can also look for wooden puzzles and toys for your little buddies and kids back in your hometown. 

Kopi Luwak coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee especially when it comes from Bali? Yes, the Kopi Luwak coffee is one of the most famous beverages in Bali, Indonesia, has a strong taste and flavor, perfect for a coffee lover. So, if you are fond of coffee too then, make sure to bring this famous Balinese coffee with you back to your homeland.

Paintings from Bali

Bali is home to some of the most talented artists who have mastered the art of making Balinese paintings that are unique and extraordinary. Taking home some of these crafty paintings from Bali is exactly what you need as a memory of your trip to the amazing land of Bali. These paintings would look lovely on the walls of your house, giving your home a more designer and ethnic look.

Balinese beauty products

Bali is well-known for its massages and spa around the world. Getting a spa in Bali is one of the most relaxing ways to relieve stress and so, taking back home some of the organic spa products and essential oils from Bali would help you in relieving stress even at home.

Spices and herbs

Balinese people use these flavourful spices in their food and curries, giving it an authentic Indonesian taste and essence. These spices are grown and harvested in Bali, Indonesia and have an exotic taste that you would not find anywhere else in the world. So, make sure to get these Indonesian spices home giving your homecooked food a Balinese twist.

Beachwear and streetwear

The land of beautiful beaches and coral reefs, Bali has got a lot to offer than just some trinkets and handicrafts. You can also buy some of the most authentic Balinese beach costumes that are as sexy and breezy as the air in Bali and some authentic streetwear from Bali is a great option to bring back home for your friends and family.  

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