Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

Read about the best places to visit in Khajjiar, weather in Khajjiar, top hotels in Khajjia, and everything you need to know when planning a trip to Khajjiar.
Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

If you wish to indulge yourself in an aura of nature and mountains, then Khajjiar is an ideal tourist destination. Whether it is basking around the Khajjiar Lake or enjoying peaceful vibes and serenity of the Jibhi weather, you rebound to have a memorable time on this getaway trip. Find for yourself why Khajjiar is known as the mini-Switzerland of India, by seeing various places to visit in Khajjiar.

Even if you don’t have a plan for a long vacation, a trip to Khajjier is always on the cards because it only takes a day to tour the tourist destination completely. However, if you are seeking solace and beauty for a longer duration, then of course you can choose to extend the duration of your Khajjiar trip. The longer you enjoy the Khajjiar weather and beauty, the more mesmerizing and spell-binding it is going to feel to you.


Top places to visit in Khajjiar

Tourists come to Khajjiar for its natural beauty. Whether you are seeking a weekend getaway to a paradise away from the city or a longer stay, it is an ideal location to relax and set your mind and soul free. However, there are several tourist spots in Khajjiar which should be on your top places to visit in Khajjiar list in your Himachal itinerary. Khajjiar is actually amongst the 160 places in the world that bear resemblance to Switzerland, with lush meadows, valleys, a lake and hills and in the backdrop. and is hence also known as the Mini Swiss of India. In fact, the head of Switzerland took home with him a piece of rock from Khajjiar which has been installed in the government's building at the time of its construction to represent this fact.


Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

This small lake in Khajjiar stands at an altitude of 1,920 m like a cherry, and a gathering spot for tourists. People come to the lakeside to enjoy the epitome of the nice Khajjiar weather and its lush greenery. The beauty of Khajjiar lake is truly mesmerizing, and people come here with their families or partners to immerse themselves in the beauty and serenity of nature.

A small perennial stream joins into the lake, into its pristine blue waters. This setting amidst the backdrop of cheddar trees provides for a lovely sunset view that you can enjoy in the evening, during your trip to Khajjiar. You can take a casual stroll along the lakeside, or even enjoy adventure activities such as horse-riding and paragliding at Khajjiar Lake.

Entry price: Free (INR 3,000-4,000 for paragliding)


Khajji Nag Temple

Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

Built in the 12th century BC, the Khajji Nag Temple is a splendid combination of Mughal and Hindu styles of architecture. The natural beauty of Khajjiar has always attracted people from every background and region, and the iconic Khajji Nag Temple is a representation of that. It is located nearby the Khajjiar Lake. A converging point for cultures and tourists alike, the wooden architecture of the temple fits perfectly into the natural scenery. Khajji Nag Temple has a beautiful golden dome that crowns the spire top of the temple. The temple is dedicated to Khajji Nag, the local serpent deity, and has statues of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Hidimba.

Entry fee: Free


Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary

Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

The Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary is located in the forests of Khajjiar. Full with deodar and cheddar trees, the area used to be a popular hunting spot amongst ancient kings and rulers that used to dwell in this region. The sanctuary houses a diverse range of flora and fauna, including animals such as deer, bear, l;eopards and a variety of beautiful birds. You can choose to enter Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary by car, or take a walking tour, depending on your preferences.

Entry fee: INR 250 for car, but otherwise free


Golden Devi Temple

Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

The Golden Devi Temple in Khajjiar is located nearby the Khajjiar Lake. Built in the ancient era, it has spires on its roof and is topped by a golden dome. Buecause of its ornate appearance, it is one of the must visit tourist spots in Khajjiar. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Hidimba, who is the local deity revered by the people of Himachal.

Entry fee: Free


Top things to do in Khajjiar

Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

Khajjiar is a tourist destination to soak in the peaceful vibes of nature. You can venture anywhere and still find yourself having an enjoyable time. However, there are some things do in Khajjiar that should definitely be on your itinerary for a trip to Khajjiar.

  1. Enjoy horse-riding around the lush green meadows. This proves to be a truly galloping experience which will draw you away from every stress, as you indulge in this enjoyable experience.
  2. Khajjiar is a popular paragliding spot. By doing paragliding here, you will be able to enjoy a first-hand view of the Himalayas from a whole other perspective.
  3. Explore around the meadows on your own. You will find several trekking routes in Khajjiar, that will offer mesmerizing sceneries and engaging times for a true Himachal experience.
  4. There is a nine-hole golf course in Khajjiar, and if you wish to employ your mind and time in Khajjiar to something engaging and fun then make sure to visit the golf course in Khajjiar.


Planning your Khajjiar trip

Situated at an altitude of 2,000 m (or 6,500 ft), Khajjiar is located only 20 km from the famous hill station of Dalhousie. Therefore, a number of people who are holidaying in Dalhousie extend their trip up to Khajjiar, only to get astounded by its beauty. You can book a convenient and cheap Khajjiar tour package and enjoy its beauty thoroughly, by booking the right Himachal tour package for you through us. Find the latest information for your Khajjiar trip on the Himachal Pradesh government's website.

Situated at an altitude of 2,000 m (or 6,500 ft), Khajjiar is located only 20 km from the famous hill station of Dalhousie. Therefore, a number of people who are holidaying in Dalhousie extend their trip up to Khajjiar, only to get astounded by its beauty.


How to reach Khajjiar

Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

You can reach Khajjiar by taking a bus or taxi from Dalhousie. Road route is the only way to reach the hill station of Khajjiar. The journey is 24 km long, and will take you about 45 mins to reach from Dalhousie to Khajjiar. The road trip from Dalhousie to Khajjier will take you through a lot of winding routes that will offer you an unexpected pleasant sight at every new turn.


Places to stay in Khajjiar

Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

Because there are so many tourist attractions in Khajjiar, a number of hotels and places of stay have emerged where you can ensure a comfortable stay while on your Khajjiar trip. Some of these are listed here.

  • Valley View Rooms (near Khajjiar Lake): INR 1,750/night
  • Shining Star Resort: INR 2,650/night
  • Hotel Mini Swiss: INR 4,480/night
  • Deodar Manor Heritage Bungalow: INR 8,400/night


Best time to visit Khajjiar

Khajjiar is open for tourists all round the year. However, every different season has its own unique charm if you are planning a Khajjiar trip. Even though the temperature is pleasant and chilly throughout the year, the Khajjiar weather is unpredictable.  There can be heavy snowfall during the months of January and February, which can lead to landslides on the roads leading up to Khajjiar from Dalhousie. This might cause inconvenience on your Khajjiar trip, and therefore, you need to make sure this won’t be a problem if you visiting during the peak winter season.

Khajjiar weather range

Khajjiar: Switzerland of India

Average annual temperature: 15 deg. C

Summer temperature: Not too warm, maximum is about 34 deg. C

Winter temperature: Gets as low as 3-4 deg. C

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Khajjiar is famous for its natural beauty, in the form of its lush green meadows, a beautiful lake, mountains. In fact, it is dubbed as the Mini Switzerland of India, and a number of tourists who are visiting Dalhousie extend their trip up to Khajjiar to visit this beautiful town.
Khajjiar is located 24 km from Dalhousie, at the top of a plateau, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. You will find yourself in a land of bliss at the lush green meadows of Khajjiar. It is a small and beautiful town with a lake, nestled in the Himalayan range.
You can catch a bus or take a taxi from the hill station of Dalhousie, to reach Khajjiar. The journey is 24 km long, and takes about 45 mins by road. Your journey will be truly breathtaking, with several hairpin turns that offer you a splendid views.
When in Khajjiar, your experience will be truly blissful. You can take a stroll down the Khajjiar Lake, visit the Khajjiar Nag Temple and the Golden Devi Temple and explore a diverse range of flora and fauna at Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary. You can also indulge in fun and adventurous activities like zorbing and paragliding in Khajjiar.
Khajjiar is a small and beautiful town situated away from the noise and commotion of the city. It is amongst the 160 places around the world that bear topographical resemblance to Switzerland. In addition, the Khajjiar weather is cool and even chilly in winters, like Switzerland. In fact, after being awe-struck, the Prime Minister of Switzerland took home with him a piece of rock from Khajjiar, for it to be used in the construction of the government's House in Switzerland. He was the one who coined the nickname Mini Swiss of India for Khajjiar.
Weather in Khajjiar pretty chill for most of the year. The average annual temperature in Khajjiar is around 14-15 deg. C. In winters, temperature sometimes reach as high as 32 deg. C. However, due to the high altitude and the natural serenity, it does not feel as hot as similar temperature in the city. In the winters, temperature range from about 4 to 10 deg. C on average. Occassionally, ithere is even snowfall in Khajjiar.
If you are planning a trip to Khajjiar, there are a number of Khajjiar hotels that you can choose from. They will offer exctly the kind of modesty or luxury you seek. Some of the best hotels in Khajjiar are Hotel Khajjiar Regency, Valley View Rooms, Shinin Star Resort, Smart Hill Kalatop and Hotel Mini Swiss. If you seeking the most luxurious of the hotels in Khajjiar then Deodar Manor Heritage Bungalow is an ideal amongst places to stay in Khajjiar.
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