Kora House: Perfect Hideway For Solitude Seekers In Dharamsala

Sits perfectly in the arms of mighty Dhauladhar range, Dharamsala is a splendid hill retreat with a pinch of hippie culture, chilled-out atmosphere and a calm place offering a lot of scenic beauty. A place amidst Himalayas, where colourful Tibetan culture mingles with British influence, Dharamsala has it all to satisfy a traveller’s wandering soul. Overlooking the picturesque Kangra Valley, Kora House is a perfect hideaway for peace seekers located in a quiet area of Mcleodganj (Upper Dharamsala). I stayed at this bed & breakfast accommodation in Dharamsala, received so much love from the host and made some new friends and unforgettable memories too.

Kora – Nature Meets Spirituality!

This relaxing retreat in Dharamsala is positioned on ‘the kora’ – sacred circular path surrounding His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s main temple and residence. So, basically you are the neighbours with the Dalai Lama during your stay at Kora House. In Tibetan language, the word ‘kora’ means ‘circumambulation’ or ‘parikrma’.

From the balcony of Kora House you can easily see countless Tibetan monks and other Buddhist practitioners circumambulating (performing a kora) around the temple, carrying a mala or prayer beads and reciting the holy mantra Om Mani Padme Hum’. It is believed that performing this ritual brings good karma and helps them in attaining enlightenment. Dotted with prayer wheels and colorful prayer flags on the entire path, Kora House truly gave me those soul-soothing spiritual vibes during my stay in Dharamsala.

Apt Location With Valley Views

Lies at a walking distance from Dalai Lama Temple, this B&B home in Mcleodganj offers unobstructed vistas of verdant Kangra Valley and mighty Dhauladhar Himalayas. Constructed on the slope of a hill, Kora House is one of the best accommodation in Dharamsala where you can rejuvenate amidst serenity. More than relaxing inside the room, I spent the majority of my time sitting in the balcony area, enjoying the pleasant mountain breeze and interacting & partying with other travellers staying at Kora House. At night you will see a fantastic view of entire Mcleodganj town from the property. Do you love watching sunsets in Himalayas? Then trust me this is an ideal holiday home for you to spent some soulful evenings away from the hustle & bustle of main Mcleodganj town. You will be left mesmerized by the spectacular sunset views as seen from the balcony of Kora House.

So, sit with your favourite book and a cup of ginger tea, relieve yourself in the surreal surroundings with fresh mountain air kissing your cheeks. This relaxing holiday home in upper Dharamsala is a perfect stay option for backpackers, creative minds and digital nomads who wants to get away from the chains of city life.

Comfortable Stay & Warm Hospitality

Kora House offers a hassle-free stay in spacious and well-furnished bedrooms overlooking the Himalayan valley. These bedrooms are tastefully done with all the modern amenities of a fine vacation home such as comfortable double beds, wooden wardrobes, clean bathrooms and kitchens (attached). Set in a tranquil environment, Kora House is a perfect B&B accommodation in Dharamsala for solitude seekers. It will definitely provide you a feeling of ‘home away from home’. The host is truly a wonderful person and has built this holiday property with lots of love and care. I absolutely loved his amazing hospitality and caretaker’s supportive nature who treated me with homely cooked breakfast and ginger tea every morning.

Nearby Things To Do In Dharamsala

While staying at this restful bed & breakfast property in Dharamsala you can explore some amazing nearby places. Bask in the Tibetan culture of Little Lhasa by seeking the blessing at neighbouring Dalai Lama Temple and taking a peaceful walk on kora path. For adventure buffs, a breathtaking trek to Triund, Galu waterfall, Kareri Lake, paragliding at Indru Nag is a good option. Get close to nature by visiting Bhagsu Nag waterfall & Naddi view point.

Not to forget, Dharamsala is loaded with cool cafes and restaurants serving mouth-watering food ranging from Tibetan cuisines to Italian, Continental and Bhutanese delicacies. Chill and eat at these stunning cafes in Mcleodganj during your weekend getaway in Dharamsala.

This travel expert stay was organized by Arjun Tuli (Stay On Skill). Thank you so much to the host Rohitash and caretaker Suraj for this memorable stay at Dharamsala.

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Sahil Singh
Last Updated : May 13,2020
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