Love the Island life? Read these next…

A great story about love the island life? read these next…, Read about the things to do in neil island for a perfect travel experience.

Whether you want to live the island life with a coconut in hand or head inland on a jeep for some incredible adventures, there are countless spots dotted throughout our oceans which will oblige. Here I’ve rounded up some of the best island vacations you can enjoy, and many of them won’t break the bank, unlike more luxury island vacations.

I have no shame in admitting I’m an addict for the island life, but as someone who tires quickly of lazy days in the sand, I’m often looking for something a bit different. These unique island escapes each offer something special. Whether it’s a wildlife-based exploration, a fascinating geographical element, or a slice of culture you won’t find elsewhere, here is some inspiration from my past five years of travels.

1. Dominica, Caribbean

Firstly, this is not The Dominican Republic. This is The Commonwealth of Dominca, and it’s a beauty! The second best way to appreciate this incredible island of rugged landscapes, epic waterfalls, parrot enchanted rainforests and black sand beaches is to watch this video, the best way is to book yourself a flight pronto!

Come to the Caribbean I thought. Relax on the beaches, I thought. Have a rum punch, I thought. But no, Dominica had other ideas for me; the first being throwing myself off a canyon edge into the cyan waters being illuminated by the sun, and boy it was EPIC!

This gem of a country has a tiny airport, so it’s impossible to fly here long haul, rather you’ll need to change in a neighbouring island such as Antigua.

But that makes it feel all the more untouched, as only a handful of small planes arrive here delay. I visited during the off-season (June) which also meant there were no cruise ships in port, and most place I visited there were just a couple of other tourists. I’ve heard and can imagine that due to the mountains when the cruise ships are in, the main sights would get uncomfortably busy. So, I would suggest avoiding cruise season if you can.

Come face to face with a Komodo Dragon

Love the Island life? Read these next…

A viewing platform on the rocky Sado Island coast

Love the Island life? Read these next…Love the Island life? Read these next…

Colourful carnival celebrations bring Aruba to life

Love the Island life? Read these next…Love the Island life? Read these next…Love the Island life? Read these next…

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