Maison Cailler

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Maison Cailler

The oldest chocolate brand existing in Switzerland is celebrating 200 years in 2019.


Swiss Chocolate history began in 18 Century. In 1819, François-Louis Cailler opened a tiny factory in Corsier, Vevey. Even a few years before the Milk Chocolate was invented, he established the first Chocolate brand in Switzerland. Cailler was followed by others, like Phillip Suchard, Rudolph Sprüngli, Jean Tobler, and many others.

Maison Cailler

I’ve been in Maison Cailler twice, the first time in 2011 and now, 2019, for the 200 years celebration. I have to say that the Maison Cailler is much more interesting!
Maison Cailler is located in Broc, very near to Maison du Gruyère. You can combinate both on the same day, making dreams come true for many Switzerland visitors.

The first part of the tour explains the very beginning of Chocolate history. It was fascinating, but for my son, two years old, it was a bit loud and dark, he was afraid and want to leave a few times. Afterward, at the Cocoa tour, he had fun!! After learned where cocoa is produced and how it is imported to Switzerland, we could discover cocoa beans and other ingredients, like hazelnut and vanilla, forms, and smells.

Since March 2019, Maison Cailler has installed live chocolate production and a big chocolate wall. There we can try as well the delicious Mini Branches, great! Following the tour, we could see the “Conchier machine” working, develop by Phillip Suchard and enhanced by Rudolph Lindt years later.

Phillip Suchard develops the movement to add sugar to cocoa mass. Some years later, Rudolph Lindt, found out that moving the chocolate, with a right temperature around 38 degrees, till 72 hours reduced a lot the bitter taste of cocoa.

I’ve heard once that Lindt forgot the Conchier machine on for the whole night, and when he cames, in the morning, smells an incredible perfume and chocolate taste. So, he developed different Conchier times for different chocolate types.

Back to Maison Cailler, the chocolate factory is a great option to take the family or guests. The Chocolate tour is available in several languages and is guaranteed fun for chocolate lovers.

“Mon Chocolate Cailler”

Here you can create also your own chocolate bar, price Fr.12.

The Chocolate Train

Another option to visit this two delicious places is on board of panoramic “The Chocolate Train”, link here.
Prices from Fr.59 per adult. Tickets include entrances for Maison Cailler and Maison du Gruyère, coffee break, and round-trip from Montreux.

Maison Cailler
Cailler 200 years celebration
Maison Cailler
Chocolate Tour
Maison Cailler
World Cocoa producers
Maison Cailler
Mini branches
Maison Cailler
Maison Cailler
Chocolate Wall
Maison Cailler
Praline degustation

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