Marine Drive – Mumbai

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Marine Drive – Mumbai

The tour of the city of Mumbai cannot begin or end without a visit to the Marine Drive. The Marine Drive is a busy promenade flanked by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea on one side, and an array of offices of big corporate houses on the other side. It stretches from Nariman Point to the Malabar Hills. It teems with vehicles during the morning and evening office hours, but its busy atmosphere doesn’t compromise on its seaside beauty. At the same time, it is one of the best places in Mumbai to savour a beautiful sunset. You will find pretty palm trees along the Marine Drive which makes it an ideal place to enjoy a nice leisurely walk; in the walkway adjoining the drive. Thus Marine Drive reflects both the busy and leisurely moods of Mumbai.

With the descent of twilight, this busy road gets lit with the yellow and white street lamps. From above, the view presents a fascinating appeal; it looks as if Mumbai has adorned a precious jewel of light. Not without reason Marine Drive is called the Queen’s Necklace in its night avatar.

Marine Drive – Mumbai
Marine Drive - Mumbai

At the northern part of Marine Drive, you will find the popular Chowpatty Beach. It is not merely a beach of Mumbai, but is its culture. This beach is a favourite among all the Mumbaikars and as well as the tourists. A variety of food items are found on the beach. The various stalls sell chaat, bhelpuri, ice-cream and Kulfi. The beach is also filled with people offering horse rides, camel rides and monkey tricks, which are favourites among children. It is great fun to indulge in these activities. Balloons are a favourite among all the children and elders alike. You will find small children selling colourful balloons of various shapes and sizes on the beach. Coconut water is a great refreshing drink, which is a hit among all the people scattered on the beach.

You can find the images of Lokmanya Tilak and Vallabhai Patel on the beach which reflect the country’s struggle for independence. A number of group meetings used to take place here during this struggle which is why the place also has some historical significance.

Marine Drive – Mumbai
Marine Drive Mumbai night view

The Chowpatty Beach on the Marine drive is also host to the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. Thousands of people gather here for the immersion of the Ganesh idols on the last day of the festival, while basking in the festive spirit. The air gets charged with the sounds of the dhols and music, and the hearts with the hues of exuberance. Marine Drive is an apt place for all age groups and is the perfect romantic escapade. A recent feature of Marine Drive is the Nana-Nani park. This park has been specially opened for all the aged people including grandparents, as the name itself suggests. This park hosts many activities for all its visitors and is a favourite among all.

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