Mazda Tour de Connaisseur

Mazda Tour de Connaisseur

We had such a great experience with our Tour de Connaisseur Mazda!! For the second year, together with the Grand Tour of Switzerland, Mazda organizes this kind of special test-drive around Switzerland. Take a look at and see it why is so special:
– Free choice between the Mazda3 or Mazda CX-5;
– Up to 200km to do it your favorite route of the Grand Tour of Switzerland;
– Fuel included;
– Fr.50.- Voucher for partner restaurants along the way.

Ready to board on Grand Tour of Switzerland with Mazda CX-5

Our route on the Grand Tour of Switzerland

Lucerne – Entlebuch (UNESCO Biosphere region) – Emmental Valley – Emmental Cheese factory – Lunch at the Swiss Historic Hotel Landgasthof Bären in Dürrenroth – Kambly Biscuit factory Trubschachen- Entlebuch – Lucerne.

We did an appointment at Garage Mazda Daniel Marti in Littau, and we choose the Model CX-5. Just on time around 8 am, the car was ready!! We just need to sign some documents related to the insurance, and we are off to Go! After breakfast, kids were very excited to board on the CX-5!!

So we start our Tour departing from Lucerne, towards Entlebuch. This region is the only UNESCO Biosphere region in Switzerland, and you realized how beautiful it driving along this place is… Not a lot of people outside Switzerland know that Emmental means not only the swiss cheese but it is a region in Canton Bern. Many other typical products are produced here, such as merengue, butter, besides cheese itself.

Emmental Shaukaserei

Around 10:15 am we arrive at Emmental Cheese Factory. Luckily, it was happening the Autmunn fest on this day, so around the factory were many stands with handicrafts, special, typical food, and so on. Luckily twice, the wetter was perfect, sunny and blue sky, even for an autumn cold morning, It was very pleasant to stay outside. The Emmental Cheese Factory produces daily cheese Emmental, it maybe sounds obvious, but not! We can see it the production from the top and discover how many products this region can offer, remembering that only cheese produced here can be called Emmental, this brand and the recipe are protected.

Life is Emmental goes easy, even the Bern Swiss Dialect in Bern sounds slower than others, it feels like the countryside, even if they work with modern technology to produce Emmental. Ein fun fact is that Schaukaserei means in German: Emmental Cheese Factory to see it! 🙂 and try it as well!! So don’t miss to take some hours around Emmental, I highly recommend you go for a walk around, cycle, or just let the kids enjoy the outdoor playground with many cheeses.

Emmental Swiss Cheese
Emmental shop
Autmunn fest Emmental

Landgasthof Bären

Despite the fact that we could eat very well at the fest, we drove to the Landgasthof Bären, just a few kilometers away from the Cheese Factory. The restaurant bellows to Swiss Historic Hotels and opens at the beginning of the last century. The boys were hungry enough for the well-served Kids Menu, I’ve ordered a Grapes Risotto, and my husband Alpenmacaroni with roasted onions, which I could even now remember how delicious it was… The Alpenmacaroni is a typical swiss plate, basically made with pasta and cheese gratin, and we used to eat during wintertime and in the mountains.

Landgasthof Bären

Kambly Biscuits

I simply love to do this Gastronomic Tours and never feel tired to try some specialties. In this case, let’s straight to the Kambly factory, also a historic biscuit swiss producer typical from Emmental, on the village of Trubschachen. Arriving at Kambly, you have to get ready to try it. All kinds of biscuits, the famous Bretzel, butter biscuits, salted ones, OMG, there are so many! I think around 50 kinds or even more! I remember my first time on Kambly, was still very smaller than now, but even there we could eat like crazy, and I was not an exception 🙂

Biscuits workshop at Kambly

So, after trying a lot, watch some movies about the history of Kambly, and buying some biscuits, we start our way back home… We drive again trow Entlebuch and enjoy the end of the afternoon and the way. The smallest of the family sleeps, very comfortable on the CX-5! This day we will keep on our memories for a long time!!! Thank you Mazda and Garage Daniel Marti AG for the support!
Mazda Tour de Connaisseur

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