Mcleodganj Itinerary – How to spend 4 Days in Paradise!

A great story about mcleodganj itinerary – how to spend 4 days in paradise!, Read about the things to do in mcleodganj for a perfect travel experience.
Mcleodganj Itinerary – How to spend 4 Days in Paradise!

Mcleodganj has been one of the most visited hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists flock here not only because of the natural beauty but also due to the spiritual ambiance and variety of cuisine offered in different restaurants. Also, you can attend a free meditation session or a cooking class which might help you to connect with your inner self. Here, I have curated a detailed 4 day Mcleodganj Itinerary which will leave you happy!

Dalai Lama Temple – Tibetian Museum – Watch a Tibetian Movie

Day 1 of the Mcleodganj Itinerary starts by reaching early morning to McLeodganj and checking in your hotel. Once you freshen up, head towards some of the cafes serving authentic Tibetian cuisine. Soak in the pleasant atmosphere and enjoy your meal. Post that, head towards the famous Dalai Lama Temple.

Dalai Lama Temple

Walking some distance on Temple road will take you to the Dalai Lama Temple. This is the residence of Dalai Lama, when he is not traveling. You will be amazed by the peaceful ambiance here. This is a must visit attraction in Mcleodganj Itinerary.

By 4 pm, the monks start with a debate which is a unique attraction. Two monks debate against each-other. 1 monk will be sitting and the other monk will be asking him questions. While doing so, the challenging monk will clap and open the question for debate. Below mentioned is a captured moment.

Mcleodganj Itinerary – How to spend 4 Days in Paradise!
Monks debating at Dalai Lama Temple, Mcleodganj Itinerary

You can also visit the close-by Tibetian museum to comprehend the atrocities Tibetian folks have suffered. Note the time so that you can adjust accordingly.

While returning, you can explore the Tibetian market and enjoy a peaceful evening at some of the roadside cafes. Sip a Ginger Lemon Honey tea as you watch the monks passing by.

At night, you can watch a Tibetian movie taking you through the cultural history of Tibetians. These movies are screened at many places. Try to find out some free screenings in selected cafes. End your Day 1 of Mcleodganj Itinerary by indulging in scrumptious Tibetian cuisine

Day 2

Tushita Meditation Center – Bhagsu Waterfall

1. Meditate at Tushita:

Start your day 2 of Mcleodganj Itinerary by visiting Tushita meditation center. Tushita Meditation Center is situated in Dharamkot, not far from Mcleodganj. The ambiance of this meditation center will leave you astonished. Attend a free guided meditation session. The session starts with Buddhism philosophy and after meditation, ends with a question-answer session. Everyday, the guided meditation session starts at 9:30 AM sharp. Make it a point to reach there in time or else the doors will close.

After meditation, spend some time at the center as the wind creates music in the dense surrounding forest. For detailed information about various sessions, visit Tushita Website

2. Bhagsu Waterfalls:

Continue your Mcleodganj Itinerary by proceeding towards Bhagsu Waterfall. You can also visit the Bhagsunath Temple. The waterfall is not more than 2-3 KMs from Mcleodganj. When you reach the waterfall, there is a small pond where you can spend some time. If time permits, ask for the route which will take you above the waterfall. As you trek further, you can also take a detour and reach Shiva Cafe. Overlooking the valley, this cafe will provide you a site to relax after climbing the ascent.

Mcleodganj Itinerary – How to spend 4 Days in Paradise!
Bhagsu Waterfall, Mcleodganj Itinerary

It would be evening when you reach back to Mcleodganj. Consider visiting a valley facing cafe where you can savor lip-smacking pizzas. After the sun sets, you might want to retire early to bed because next day will be a tiring one. End your Day 2 of Mcleodganj Itinerary by admiring a marvelous sunset.

Trek to Triund

Without visiting Triund, your Mcleodganj Itinerary wouldn’t be very rewarding. Triund is the Jewel of Mcleodganj. The snow-clad mountains that you might have seen while relaxing at those cafes, will be much closer when you reach the Triund camping site. Trust me, if you don’t complete this 3 hours trek, McLeodganj visit is incomplete. Read here for my Triund trek experience.

Mcleodganj Itinerary – How to spend 4 Days in Paradise!
Mcleodganj Itinerary – How to spend 4 Days in Paradise!
Our Tent, Mcleodganj Itinerary

Relax and enjoy a massage – Leave for Paragliding

On this last day of Mcleodganj Itinerary, you will wake up in front of the spectacular snow-clad mountains. It might take time to soak in the awesome sight. As you recover from the beauty, head towards that small local shop and ask for tea. This morning tea will leave you refreshed as you wrap up your tent to start your descend towards McLeodganj.

Now, you are back from the trek. Your legs are paining and back is stiff. Return the rented tents & Sleeping bags or they will charge you for 2 days. Head towards the hotel to freshen up and return to the roads. After trying one more cuisine, check in one of the massage centers. Your legs helped you trek the jewel of McLeodganj, its time for payback now. Relax as you enjoy that foot massage and sink in the peaceful setting of the massage parlor. Just make sure the massage parlor you select is not a shady one. Inclusion of massage in your Mcleodganj Itinerary is highly recommended.

After the massage, you can spend some time in the market and purchase some memoirs. End your day by trying some road-side Momos. You can now reach back to the hotel and start packing with a heart filled with memories. After all, a tourist has to end his tour.

Now, if you have an extra day to spend, I would recommend a paragliding session in Bir-Billing. It is the best paragliding site in India and every year an international contest is organized here in October. You can also read about My Paragliding Experience


Umang Trivedi
Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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