Must buy souvenirs from Singapore

One of the most important and fun parts of traveling is souvenir shopping. A souvenir is not only a memento but also an item that brings back the memories associated with a certain place and time. They also make up for easy collectibles and also cheap gifts to take back home. Here are a few items that you should definitely buy when in Singapore. 


Peranakan Porcelain

Being one of the key exports back in the 19th century, the Peranakan Porcelain has made a name for itself all over the world. No two Peranakan Porcelains are the same with beautiful patterns across the surface. They are usually expensive and require bargaining in order to get it at an affordable price. It will all be worth it when you get to show it off back home. Peranakan Porcelain items can be found in the Antiques of the Orient located at Tanglin Shopping Centre.


Miniature Merlion 

The official mascot of Singapore is synonymous with the country and is the most recognizable and popular item. The iconic miniature merlion is easily available in all souvenir shops and also has a wide variety of options to choose from. The wide myriad of products include key chains, bottle openers, fridge magnets, statuettes, coasters, etc, and are available at a fairly cheap price making it the perfect gift to take back home. 


Risis Orchids

Ever since it was created for the first time, the Risis orchids have been a staple souvenir of Singapore. It was first created by a Singaporean chemist who came up with the idea of preserving orchids as a gift for his fiancée. The crisis orchid captures the country’s beauty as well as its rich Asian heritage. Like the miniature Merlion, this too has a lot of variants to choose from. It isn’t the cheapest of souvenirs but it will surely be worth all the money. They can be found in Risis Orchid galleries in Centrepoint Shopping Centre and Suntec City Mall.


Malay Jewellery

In every culture, females adorn themselves with attractive jewelry items, the Malay females are no exception to that. They do it with pieces of jewelry, unique to their own culture with exquisite gold having peculiar flowery designs. These items can be purchased at many locations across the country at a bargain. These items would be an amazing gift for any female. Be it your mum, sister or your better half, they’re sure to love it. Malay jewelry can be found along Arab Street and also in Joo Chiat Complex.


Traditional perfumes 

Fragrances and perfumes are unique to each culture in Singapore. Some even believe that natural oils have healing properties. Mixing oils and fragrances for different occasions is considered to be fine art in Singapore and has been preserved by respective cultures over the years. These special fragrances can be found easily in the markets of Singapore and are highly popular due to their uniqueness and fairly low prices. If you want a souvenir that stands out and is unique to the country, this is the perfect product to get.


Bak Kwa Chocolates

We all love ourselves some chocolate, don’t we? But have you ever heard of pork infused chocolates? Yes, you heard that right. Bak Kwa Chocolate is dark chocolate and has mini chunks of BBQ pork in it. It is a popular snack in the country and is given out during the Chinese New Year. Being low in carbs, tasting ridiculously well and being fairly cheap, it will make up for a quirky yet amazing souvenir.



Widely regarded as the national breakfast of Singapore, the Kaya toast, which is a toast with butter and kaya spread evenly on it, is famous worldwide. Kaya basically means coconut jam. This flavourful jam can also be used to top other desserts and cakes. It is another staple food item in Singapore and will make up for a unique souvenir. It is easily available in all local stores. 


Singapore pressed pennies

Pressed pennies are coins that have been elongated and engraved with designs to create memorabilia and souvenir tokens. These makeup for an amazing souvenir to take back home for yourself or your friends, especially if you or someone you know, is a coin collector. Penny flattening machines can be found in popular tourist destinations for visitors to make their own souvenirs.

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