Not Just Beaches: South India's Amazing Hill Stations

A great story about not just beaches: south india's amazing hill stations, Read about the things to do in south india for a perfect travel experience.
Not Just Beaches: South India's Amazing Hill Stations


Not Just Beaches: South India's Amazing Hill Stations

Kodaikanal is popularly known as one of the most stunning hill stations in Tamil Nadu, India. Picture a tranquil ambiance with lush green mountains surrounded by clouds, misty lakes and terraced hillsides, a warm cozy cottage with a fireplace, and long walks in the evening starting at that clear sky, orange and pink with the setting of the sun. Over 6900 feet above sea level and situated in the beautiful Palani range of mountains, Kodaikanal has a cool climate throughout the year, so one does require to wrap up warm and snuggly.

Kodai has been referred to as ‘ End of the forest’, ‘Princess of the Hills’, ‘The Gift of the Forest’ and a variety of other things, allowing to its natural beauty and the gorgeous sights it has to offer. It is also a place rich in culture, and references to its beauty can be found out through Tamil literature. Kodaikanal is home to a picturesque mountain range, magical cascades, rich and vibrant hills which make it an ideal setting for hiking, trekking, cycling or just walking. If you plan to de-stress and have a quiet relaxing holiday, this is ‘the’ hill station to choose from. 


Not Just Beaches: South India's Amazing Hill Stations

Tea Gardens, hills abundant in greenery and lavish tea estates are all synonymous with Munnar. These are the first few things we envision every time we hear about this pretty hill station in Kerala. Situated in the Western Ghats, Munnar is one of the largest tea plantations and is over 5000 feet in elevation. Its perfect position makes it home to a large number of rare flora and fauna, out of which ‘Neelakurinji’ is the most popular as it only flowers once every twelve years. A number of national parks and protected areas surround Munnar in order to protect the rare species of plants and animals.

You can easily book yourself into a luxurious and historically significant tea estate for the authentic Munnar experience. Other than that, various hotels and B&B’s are available as well.  Places we recommend are the Lockhart Tea museum, Attukad Waterfalls and the Kundala lake. For you social media lovers, Munnar provides an excellent backdrop for all those wonderful photographs you would like to capture.


Not Just Beaches: South India's Amazing Hill Stations

Referred to as the ‘Scotland of India’ and one of the largest coffee-producing areas, Coorg is a spectacular hill station that has it all, and for the worshippers of Mother nature this is the quintessential destination. Coorg or Kodagu, which is its precise name, is a very prosperous region, owing to its success to the amount of coffee that is produced here. The whole region is known for its extraordinary views and jaw-dropping landscapes and a temperature that remains cool throughout the year. Homestays are the perfect places to book when you desire a genuine experience of this pretty place, and Mandalpatti is one of the most iconic points to visit on your trip there. This spot is a great viewing location for rich and lush green mountains that look picture perfect. Being there will surely remind you of Scotland as the highlands are covered by mist and clouds making it spellbinding. One must thing to do is visit a coffee plantation and take a tour where you will learn to pick beans and also see the journey from beans to actual packaged coffee.


Not Just Beaches: South India's Amazing Hill Stations

A perfect family holiday can be fulfilled in this delightful hill station. Ooty has so much to offer for adults, kids and the elderly that it is a foolproof option when looking to have a big family vacation. Surrounded by tea gardens, forest land, and abundant meadows there is plenty of natural beauty and that comes with the chance of riding on a toy train on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway Line which has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The Botanical gardens are a lovely place to visit as well, with hundreds of floral species to look at.  Pykara Lake and waterfalls are also in demand for all tourists visiting the region. The pine forest is a striking sight and great for photographing because of how dense the forest is.

The cool and serene landscape of Ooty is like a charming image from a movie with winding paths that you can walk on for hours essentially without being bored. Lakes, tea gardens, museums, gardens, and parks are all part of the charm of Ooty. There are plenty of places to choose from to stay and to eat in. Also, try pronouncing Udagamandalam, which is its original name. Over 7000 feet above sea level, this hill station is a big and beautiful gift in a small package.       

Wayanad Tourism

Not Just Beaches: South India's Amazing Hill Stations

Wayanad is a district in Kerala, which is predominantly rural and natural. It is a great place to explore if looking for waterfalls, greenery and it is home to wildlife such as Asiatic Elephants, Leopards, and tigers. The annual rainfall in these areas is so high that the humidity lets the rares and most exotic flora survive. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is a beautiful protected area which can be accessed with an authorized guide in Jeeps. If you enjoy adventure and are an animal lover or just appreciate mother nature, this sanctuary is sure to give you immense joy and satisfaction. Spotting a tiger or a wild bison will just light up your eyes and seeing creatures in their natural habitat, especially in a forest with so much history, will surely bring a tear to your eye. The landscape is so scenic and charming, that you wouldn't want to leave the peace and quiet of being in such a heavily forested area. 

Wayanad is the perfect escape from the urban life that we are all living in.

Hill stations in the south have so much immeasurable beauty and most of them sit in the lap of such natural sceneries that they are sure to bring peace and happiness to our lives and help us destress and unwind from our busy and overloaded lives. 

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