One Day Trips In A Friendly Budget - Jaipur, Rajasthan

A great story about one day trips in a friendly budget - jaipur, rajasthan, Read about the things to do in rajasthan for a perfect travel experience.
One Day Trips In A Friendly Budget - Jaipur, Rajasthan

The capital of the colourful Rajasthan is itself drenched in Pink, the colour that is warm and welcoming. It is told to us that this heritage city is called ‘The Pink City’ and as soon as you are in the city yourself, you’ll know why that is true. You too will admit to its grandeur and warmth.

The city is divided in two parts, the old Jaipur (the one that all tourists are mostly interest in) and the new one. To make the best of your experience in this city and in India, here‘s a list of one day tours within the city and from it, all in a shoe-string budget!

Within The City

City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall Museum

These are the main attractions of the city as they are old, grand and gorgeous. The city palace & Jantar Mantar lie at a walking distance to each other. After finishing with these two, one should head to the Albert hall Museum and the famous Hawa Mahal. The tickets at all these places are minimal and preferably go for electric rickshaws as a commute as they are cheap and easy to go around with the traffic in the old parts of the city. The Hawa mahal markets too have a lot to offer for the shopaholic inside you. Don’t forget to bargain!
Budget Estimate: Rs1500 to Rs1800

One Day Trips In A Friendly Budget - Jaipur, Rajasthan

Amber Fort, Jal Mahal

Amber fort also called Amer fort is around 13 kilometres from the main Jaipur Junction and is all the way up a hill. It a huge fort with Temples and gorgeous views but is huge enough to consume up a day of yours and it closes in the evening so head to it, first day in the morning. Stop for the Jal mahal on your way back. Fix a nominal rate with an electric rick driver to take you up and down the fort and to the jal mahal. You could offer an extra 50 rupees, and he will wait outside the fort till you explore. You can also hire a cab, but a rick is the cheapest and the most convenient as it could take you through traffic.
Budget Estimate: Rs800 to Rs1100

One Day Trips In A Friendly Budget - Jaipur, Rajasthan

Birla Temple, Ganesh Temple

These two are the very famous and sacred temples in the city. The Birla Temple opens in the evenings whereas the Ganesha Temple near it, is open. The temples in India close during noon till lunch time. Avoid going to Ganesha Temple on a Wednesday as it is too crowded to even step in. You could take a cab to these places as they are in the new parts of Jaipur.
Budget Estimate: Rs300 to Rs 500

One Day Trips In A Friendly Budget - Jaipur, Rajasthan

From The City

Ajmer, Pushkar

Ajmer is 135 kilometres from Jaipur and Pushkar a nominal 15 kilometres from Ajmer. Take roadways for the convenience and you can reach Ajmer in 2 hours or so. Ajmer has the famous Ajmer Sharif Dargah and Pushkar, the beautiful lake and the deserts. Find yourself a camel ride to explore Puskar And don’t forget to try Israeli food that is crazy cheap!
Budget Estimate: Rs4000 to Rs6000

One Day Trips In A Friendly Budget - Jaipur, Rajasthan


Udaipur is around 395 kilometres or around 6 hours or so from Jaipur via road. Leave early morning so you get more time in the city. Udaipur is a small city with amazing palaces, cultural shows, cafes and the most gorgeous lakes. Udaipur has a lot of eating places with exotic cuisines at cheap rates. Udaipur is to be explored on foot if we are to suggest you the best option!
Budget Estimate: Rs8000 to Rs10,000

One Day Trips In A Friendly Budget - Jaipur, Rajasthan


This is one of the less known areas but is perfect for a getaway from the crowd. It is 120 kilometres from Jaipur and will take you around 2 hours to reach by road. The place has amazing old Havelis (Huge Houses). This city is Rajasthan street to street and step to step. Being a relatively smaller place, it is super affordable.
Budget Estimate: Rs5000 to Rs7000

One Day Trips In A Friendly Budget - Jaipur, Rajasthan

Disclosure: Budget estimates are per person and are subject to change depending on seasonal rates, the transportation used and the distance from hotel/hostels/residence.


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