Pilatus Golden Round Trip

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Pilatus Golden Round Trip

Several legends and myths surround the Pilatus and create a magical atmosphere around this Mountain. The Pilatus claims to offer 2,132 leisure options in its entirety, equal to its altitude relative to sea level. Mount Pilatus is located on the border between cantons Lucerne, Nidwalden and Obwalden, region Central of Switzerland.

How to get to Mount Pilatus

There are three options to get to the Pilatus Kulm, the top of the Pilatus.

Golden Circuit – Golden Roundtrip

Includes boat, train and cable car, in a single ticket. (It runs from May to October). Classic: The boarding is at Pier 2, opposite the train station of Lucerne. The first boat leaves at 08:38, and always every hour, 09:38 am, 10:38 am, and so on.

By boat, the tour lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the number of stops. One of them, inclusively, is at the Bürgerstock Resort, Switzerland’s most famous resort. Drop off is allowed, inform yourself about the next schedules of the boats that are also going to the village of Alpnachtstadt.

Pilatus Golden Round Trip
Golden Roundtrip
Pilatus Golden Round Trip
Golden roundtrip boat arrives in Alpnachtstadt
Pilatus Golden Round Trip
Cogwhell railway

Silver Circuit – Silver Roundtrip

The difference is that instead of a boat, the route Lucerna-Alpnachtstadt is made by train. The price with Swiss Travel Pass, Interrail or Eurail is CHF 42.60 and standard price CHF 85.20 per adult, for a 2nd class ticket.

Cogwhell Railway and Cable car

Arriving in Alpnachtstadt, change your official tour ticket for train pass and the cable car descent. At the time of exchange, you will get the next possible boarding time up to Mount Pilatus. Here is the starting point for boarding on a rack train that reaches the 48% slope, world record. By train, it takes around 20 minutes to reach the top, Pilatus Kulm. It impresses how Mount Pilatus looks massive and has an imposing structure.


If you like hiking, Pilatus has different trails. One of the most beautiful, but difficult level, is from Hergiswil to Kulm. It takes about five hours and a difficult level.
With the kids, there some easy trails on Pilatus Kulm to other observation points, such as the Esel, with 2118m.

For families with babies or toddlers, Pilatus has easy access for buggies on cable cars and trains.

I recommend to arrive early! When we did the Golden Round-trip in August 2018, I arrived in Alpnachtstadt at noon and could only board at 14:00! And in this place, there are only two restaurants and nothing exciting to see, besides some Swiss chalets, of course!

To catch the last boat that goes to Lucerne, you should get off by train from the top of Pilatus at 3:45 pm. The last cable car goes down at 17:30 in the direction of Kriens.

The advantage for those who have Swiss Travel Pass, Interrail or Eurail is to pay only CHF 36.00 per person, instead of CHF 105.40 of standard price.
The ticket is valid for both combinations boat+train+cable car or opposite.

From November to March, the train that goes up to Mount Pilatus is closed, and access is by cable car only.

Events and Specials

At the top, the Bellevue and Pilatus-Kulm Hotels receive guests who want to extend their stay here. Several special events happen here, such as Astronomical Night and Safari with Capricorn observation.
(Yes, that’s right, they can be seen in several mountains in Switzerland, possibly in the early morning and at dusk.)

Update: For the first time in summer 2019, a live concert is happening on the Mount Pilatus!

Pilatus Golden Round Trip
Pilatus Golden Round Trip
Pilatus Golden Round Trip
Cable car ascend to Kriens
One of the most famous attraction here is the Summer Toboggan and the Adventure Rope Park. There is also the Pilu Rope Park for kids between 4 and 8 yo. If you are planning to visit the Rope Park or only the playground in Krienseregg, you can buy a ticket only for this route.


For sure, that’s one of our favorite places to spend the day together. Here, kids can plan in a huge “Piluland” playground and after we can grill together… just perfect! Came to see it and take the kids!

height=”520″ class=”size-large wp-image-1435″ /> Fräkmüntegg: Restaurant, Adventure Rope Park and more

Pilatus Golden Round Trip
Krienseregg Pilu playground
Pilatus Golden Round Trip
Arriving in Kriens

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