Places to eat in Jaipur, 5 best picks

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Places to eat in Jaipur, 5 best picks

Jaipur has some lip-smacking food options. Be it Kachori or Daal Bati, your Jaipur trip is not complete without leaving a restaurant with hand on your stomach and satisfaction in your heart. I recently visited Jaipur and the food there made my trip memorable! There are many good places to eat in Jaipur

My must do activities during Jaipur trip included visit to Bhangarh Fort, spotting tigers at Ranthambore and savouring food at best places to eat in jaipur to my heart’s full. I was able to enjoy all of these in addition to admiring the beautiful Jaipur forts.

I have compiled a list of 5 places to eat in Jaipur which would definitely be helpful to you during your Jaipur trip. I would love to add more based on your suggestions and increase the list of places to eat in Jaipur!

1) Thali House

Places to eat in Jaipur, 5 best picks

When you are in Jaipur, your pursuit of happiness cannot be successful without savoring delicious and authentic Daal Bati Churma. Thali house is the perfect place to take your taste buds on an amazing journey. Thali house is located in Sindhi Camp which is an easily accessible area. The service is pretty fast and you don’t have to wait long to break that bati. Add some daal in the bati along with some garlic chutney and you are ready to experience the best meal possible! Definitely one of the best places to eat in Jaipur. (Image Source)

2) Kota Kachori

Places to eat in Jaipur, 5 best picks

When it comes to Pyaz Kachori, Jaipur is considered one of the best destination for foodies! The chutney creates a wonderful blend of taste which would definitely spoil your taste buds for good. Kota Kachori is one such eatery where you can savor these kachoris at an amazingly affordable rate. In addition, they have gujarati khaman with chutney which is again a delicacy. After savoring these dishes, I recommend you to finish in style with their lassi. Kota Kachori is surely a must visit place. (Image Source)

3) Santosh Bhojanalaya

Places to eat in Jaipur, 5 best picks

Santosh Bhojanalaya is yet another recommendation to try out rajasthani cuisine. The service here is very quick and they won’t let you stay hungry for more than 5 minutes. The thali here is unlimited. Hence, the staff would happily serve you as much as you want. The ambiance is not that great. But, who cares about the ambiance when you have food in front of you and an unhappy stomach! You can go ahead and include Santosh Bhojanalaya in your list of places to eat in jaipur. (Image Source)

4) Rawat Misthan Bhandaar

Places to eat in Jaipur, 5 best picks

Yet another legendary place to fill up your stomach is Rawat Mishthan Bhandaar. Located in Sindhi camp, this place will not disappoint. The best dishes are daal bati churma and pyaz kachori. In addition, there is a wide range of sweets available here. As a gujju with sweet tooth, this place shot up to the top of charts for me! Some of the other recommended dishes would be mawa kachori, samosas and flavored milk. A visit to Jaipur might be considered incomplete without visiting this place. (Image Source)

5) Shri Balaji Veg Restaurant

Places to eat in Jaipur, 5 best picks

There are also some hidden gems which will leave you elated! Such a discovery was Shri Balaji Veg Restaurant. Located on hawa mahal road, this restaurant left us in awe. The food was really good and their staff was quite enthusiastic. There were 3 varieties of rotis and all of them were perfectly cooked. The gatte ki sabzi was a highlight here and it was infact better than some of the above mentioned places to eat in Jaipur.

Apart from the above mentioned eateries, we also tried lassiwala for delicious lassis, babulal ki chai for kadak chai and keval chai for the masala chai in Jaipur. A fun fact here, babulal, who owns ‘babulal ki chai’, is currently up for Sarpanch position! Who knows, he might be the next Narendra Modi! If he becomes, remember, you heard here first!

Umang Trivedi
Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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