Planning a Vacation to Georgia, USA

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Planning a Vacation to Georgia, USA

There are two souths in Georgia. First, there’s the Old South, exemplified by the elegant olde-worlde homes of stately Savannah and Spanish atmosphere. The New South is the polar opposite, exchanging that laid-back culture for a bustling and vibrant city experience that will keep even the most dedicated shoppers busy. Linking them both is some of the most gorgeous and glorious coastline that heads all the way through the state and up to Florida.

If you’re looking for somewhere to visit that has it all, then you won’t go wrong with packing your suitcase and heading to the Peach State.

Planning a Vacation to Georgia, USA

Start in Savannah

Tranquility reigns in the first designed city in America. This is a peaceful, laid back destination that is ideal for those hoping to get away from the strains of the modern world. Famous for its welcoming personality, it’s known as the Hostess City for a reason, and you might struggle to find anywhere that welcomes visitors with such warmth and genuine joy.

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

One for the history buffs, this is the site of one of the most famous battles of the Civil War. This can be an emotional visit for some, but there’s something very worthwhile about the respect for history and the sense that you’re walking through one of the most iconic parks in the country.

Musical Athens

The sights and sounds of Athens shouldn’t be underestimated. Home to some of the most popular bands in the world, it’s become a prime destination for those hoping to be the next big chart-topper. Music lovers are going to feel right at home, with everything from jazz bars to rock venues on offer. Keep your accommodation close to the stage through and you’ll have the luxury comfort when you need it, but close enough for a short stroll to feel the music wash right over you.

Pine Mountain

This is the last foothill that makes up the Appalachian trail, and the elevation makes Pine Mountain a very cool place to visit. That’s not just about the temperature either. The town itself has some real folksy charm that’s never anything other than 100% inviting. If you like to spend your vacations looking for antiques to take home, then Pine Mountain shopping is going to be a real treat to explore.

Jekyll Island

It used to be that you needed millions in the bank to even set foot on Jekyll Island, but that’s all changed. Now, anyone can visit, and when you visit you’ll see that it’s not been called a seven and a half mile playground for nothing. There’s water parks, golf courses, tennis courts, and enough fishing and biking to suit literally everyone. The beaches are sublime, and the forests are loaded with wildlife, including wild deer and turkeys. This is definitely somewhere to go if you want to combine relaxation with the occasional activity.

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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