Reasons Why India is Incredible

A great story about reasons why india is incredible, Read about the things to do in india for a perfect travel experience.
Reasons Why India is Incredible

To see the moon is one thing and to experience it while walking there is another. Yes, if you want to experience India, getting some facts and figures wouldn't suffice. You need to feel the spirit of India for it. This country in-itself is constantly on the sojourn within. India's traditional name 'Bharat' itself means “strive for enlightenment”. Want to experience this literally “incredible” country? Get ready for the seamless encounters with surprises, numberless things that are rare to be found anywhere else. There are already numerous things which you would already be familiar with for sure; be it Yoga, Indian curry, Gandhi, Lord Buddha, or The Taj. But these are just a few glimpses of this wonderland. Let's find the pulse of India, just to know how this country breaths, laughs, and toils in its daily life.


Tunes of Eternity

Reasons Why India is Incredible

Religion in India doesn't remain in the places of worship only. It reaches the people through all the media of culture. Festivals, music, fairs, attires, cuisine, literature, theatre, cinema, and what would find an easily visible unity in the panorama of diversity. One famous Hindu god Lord Krishna himself is believed to be a legendary flute player and dancer. Have you ever been to the Tirupati temple You would have seen bald and saffron-clad saints, constantly singing and dancing to the tunes of Bhajans (devotional songs)? You will be surprised to find a variety of colorful Indian costumes. Each part of the country has its unique form of clothing as if everybody is on the ramps!


Under the Banyan Tree

Religion is the oxygen to any Indian. One thinker said that religion in India is actually a way of life. It is an outlook and approach towards the world outside and within ourselves. This land humbly enjoys the distinction of giving one of the loftiest ideals to this world. The fact is well-recognized by the great minds of the rest of the globe. The main religion of India - Hinduism – can be described as a Banyan Tree. All the offshoots of this tree reach, enter, and start growing in the ground. Hinduism comprises of numberless sects and the inherent democratic, holistic and inclusive outlook of this religion reflects in every Indian. Lord Buddha belonged to India and Buddhism is a gift of India to the rest of the world. Islam with its unique tradition of Sufism, Christianity, Jainism, and Zoroastrianism are other major religions in India, co-existing and intermingling with each other for centuries. we have good hotels in Paharganj New Delhi from you can feel Indian culture and all.


Soul of music

Reasons Why India is Incredible
You would have listened to Indian music for sure. Music in all forms is melodious and soothing. Have you ever tried music for your spiritual awakening? Try it while on your trip to India. Listen to any Jugalbandi (combined performance) of Sitar, flute, and Tabla (Indian music instruments) while keeping your eyes closed. You may dive into deep meditation. Sometimes people find themselves transformed, more receptive, and aware of their own existence. Indian music offers a plateful of tastes so you can choose as per your choice and mood. Northern Indian music is influenced by Sufism but the Carnatic tradition of South Indian music is still as it was centuries before. And if you want to find the vibration of life in music, listen to any of the folk songs in India. Dance to the tunes of Bhangra while you are wandering through the swaying mustard fields of Punjab or try to match the steps of Langas when you are visiting the vibrant and royal Rajasthan.


The Science of Life

Reasons Why India is Incredible
Yoga is a science of self-exploration. You will find that you are being introduced to yourself for the first time in your life. Many of the foreigners have found that even after having all the means of physical comfort, they were missing something. Yoga helps all to discover this 'something' within themselves. This is very closely linked with Ayurveda. Ayurveda is nothing but the Indian school of medical science. This millennia-old system is still in practice. Have you ever wondered why some people come to India only for it? They just lie down and get their bodies massaged with some herbs or applied with some oils? Do you yourself prefer natural herbs as cosmetics these days? If yes, then you also are in the grip of Ayurveda-mania. Try one thing while in India. Tell somebody that you are ill. You will be bombarded with numerous “well-tested” prescriptions, not by doctors but by anybody...maybe even your guide or driver. Yes, almost every Indian believes that he is an unrecognized Ayurveda expert! Try it for sure during your trip.


Taste of India

Reasons Why India is Incredible
The country of spices!... Yes, India has been addressed like this for centuries. Indian spices like Coriander, Cumin, Fenugreek, and Asafoetida have conquered the world, and mouth-watering veg or non-veg dishes in India will offer a taste, which may be addictive. Indians use plenty of milk products and regional vegetables in vegetarian preparations. Never forget to taste Sarson Ka Saag (mustard greens) in Punjab or Sambhar Dosa while in South India. Better you taste these Indian delicacies using your hands not cutlery. If you like nonveg food, you will have a mind-blowing variety on your menu. Mughlai food, Kababs, Kormas, Koftas, Biryani, Rogan Josh, and barbecued preparations are rated one of the most favorites among tourists visiting India.


Shop as Indians do!

India reaches the rest of the world through its artifacts. Westerners find their dining room incomplete without some handicrafts, antique items, or artifacts from India. These artifacts are the symbol of artistic excellence, cultural vibrancy, ethnic taste, and human touch. Feel free and stroll around Bazaars (markets) to purchase these items. If you are in India, shop as Indians do! It means that you should be good at bargaining. You will enjoy and miss the overall shopping experience forever. You can choose handicrafts, textiles, or items of leather, silver, or brass from here.


Eternal Celebration

Reasons Why India is Incredible

If you are fun-loving, you would enjoy every moment in India. Almost every day in the Indian calendar is a day of any festival or the other. The festival of light - Diwali, the festival of colors - Holi, and the fervor of Durga Puja will be a unique experience for you. Even US President Bill Clinton couldn't resist the temptation to participate in the festival of Holi. He left all the protocol and security guards his face colored by locals... and danced to the beats of folk music. Indians celebrate every happy moment of their lives without celebrating it with their loved ones. If you find a crowd of well-dressed people on the road dancing in a vigorous mode that matches no rhetoric, don't get surprised. It is a usual affair in India. Marriage processions in India are more or less like that. Actually, even the daily chores of a common Indian would be a unique experience, worth cherishing forever.


Wish to find out the difference between the myth and reality of India? Is it still a land of snake charmers and naked fakirs or something big is on the anvil? Come, explore and experience the eternal saga of wonders.

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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