Royal Cenotaphs Bikaner: Unique Experience to Bikaner Royal Family

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Royal Cenotaphs Bikaner: Unique Experience to Bikaner Royal Family

The beautiful structures built in honor of the royal family of Bikaner are special.

What is the Cenotaph?

Cenotaphs are monuments or tombs built in honor of some significant people. But these tombs are empty and are not built over the place where they were buried.

Cenotaphs have been built all over the world for many centuries to honor Important people. They are even built to commemorate the soldiers killed in the war. Some of the famous cenotaphs around the world are located in London, France, the USA, Hong Kong, Hiroshima, Canada, and India.

Royal Cenotaphs of Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, India there are many royal families that have built the Cenotaphs or ‘Chhatris’ in honor of the deceased royal family members. The ‘Chhatri’ literally means an umbrella because that is the design of the cenotaph that resembles one.

Since the royal families of Rajasthan are Hindus, they are not buried but lit on a pyre. The famous Royal cenotaphs in Rajasthan are located in Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Bikaner, Alwar, and Bundi.

Devi Kund Sagar Bikaner

The Bikaner Cenotaphs are located 9 km from Bikaner, in Devikund Sagar, on the outskirts of the city. This is the crematorium ground of the Royal family of Bikaner of the Bikaji dynasty. The cenotaph is built over the place where the royal member was cremated.

The Bikaji dynasty was founded by Rao Bika of the Rathore clan of Rajputs in 1488 and established the city of Bikaner.

Royal Cenotaphs Bikaner: Unique Experience to Bikaner Royal Family
Royal Cenotaphs Bikaner: Unique Experience to Bikaner Royal Family

Who are Bikaner cenotaphs built for?

The cenotaphs are built in the memory of the kings, queens, and even children of the Royal family. But the chhatris for men, women, and children are different. The chhatris for the kings have a vertical memorial slab inside it that may have some design on it. The cenotaphs for the queens will have their footmarks inside them on a horizontal slab. While those of children called ‘nada’ will not have an umbrella over it, just the rectangular raised platform.

The earliest cenotaph is of Rao Kalyan Mal, the 5th ruler of Bikaner and the last cenotaph is of Maharaja Narendra Singh, who died in 2003.Royal Cenotaphs Bikaner: Unique Experience to Bikaner Royal Family

What are the cenotaphs built of?

The chattris that were built earlier were built of the red and pink sandstone that is easily available in this area. While they later started getting constructed in white marble. Some cenotaphs even have intricate carvings and paintings made on walls and ceilings.

Architecture of the cenotaphs

The architecture of the Royal Cenotaphs is what makes them special and visited for. It is built on Rajputana architecture with influence from Mughal architecture.

There are cenotaphs of some rulers who had important contributions, built bigger and more special than the others. The chhatri of Maharaja Anup Singh Ji who ruled from 1669 -1698 AD is built in white marble on 16 pillars and has tales of Lord Krishna and animals carved on its pillars. Another magnificently built cenotaph is of Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji under whose rule Bikaner prospered.

Royal Cenotaphs Bikaner: Unique Experience to Bikaner Royal Family


9 am to 5 pm

Entry Fees

The Entry fee for Indians is INR 5 while for foreigners is INR 10.

Things to Take Care

  1. The footwear needs to be removed at the entrance as the Royal Chhatris of Bikaner are considered sacred.
  2. It gets very hot during the afternoon especially in summer, so prefer visiting in the morning or evening. The floor also gets very hot and becomes difficult to walk.
  3. The floor does have pigeon droppings at places.
  4. It is prohibited to Climb on the steps and inside the cenotaphs, hence respect the rules even if no one is watching (especially for people taking Instagram-worthy pics.)

How to reach Royal Cenotaphs?

Since Devi Kund Sagar is located on the outskirts of Bikaner, it is advisable to take a cab or an auto. Public transport is not feasible. If taking an auto, it would be better to hold it outside while you visit the place.
It would be best to combine it with the fun trip to National Research Center on Camel.

Have you visited the Cenotaphs in Bikaner at the Devi Kund Sagar? If not, do visit the Royal Cenotaphs and share your experiences.

Royal Cenotaphs Bikaner: Unique Experience to Bikaner Royal Family


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