Say Mauritius and a Budget Trip

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Say Mauritius and a Budget Trip

With its beautiful beaches and exotic reefs, the island nation of Mauritius attracts over a million tourists every year. Going on a trip to Mauritius often end up burning a hole in your pockets. But what if someone told you that you can still enjoy an expedition to this beautiful island without letting your wallet feel too light once you’re done? Here is how you can enjoy your trip to Mauritius even on a tight budget.

Use public transport during your stay

Say Mauritius and a Budget Trip

Mauritius is blessed with a rich network of public buses which can take you just about anywhere you wish to go on the island. Unlike the expensive taxi services or car hire which can cost upwards of 1400 Rupees (~40 USD) per day, the bus tickets start at 15 rupees (41 US cents). This way you can save a lot on traveling costs. However, keep in mind that the bus service runs only till 6:30 PM for rural areas and 8 PM for major cities.

Dive into the local cuisine

Say Mauritius and a Budget Trip

Mauritius offers a wide range of local seafood, grilled chicken and Indian cuisines along with popular fast food outlets. But the tourists can often find the food to be expensive. How to deal with that? Go for street food and roadside restaurants, and you can have a nice meal under 250 Rupees (~USD 6).

Avoid the resorts for cheaper accommodation

Say Mauritius and a Budget Trip

The one place where most people end up spending a lot during their Mauritius trip is accommodation. But if you are ready to part with the closed gates of a resort on your adventure, you can find plenty of budget-friendly options in the form of local guesthouses or renting an Airbnb at around USD 40 per night. Want to save more and experience even more of the tropical country? Camping is allowed on most beaches in Mauritius. And if you choose a less popular one to stay the night, you might end up having the entire beach for yourself!

Explore the geographical treasures

Say Mauritius and a Budget Trip

What makes Mauritius even more special is that all of its major attractions are free! You can spend the day soaking the sun on the pristine beaches. You can set out to see the majestic Rochester Falls in the morning. And when the sun is getting low, you can go to Chamarel and meet giant tortoises with a scenic background and rainbow-like lands. With the number of hills on the island, it will never really be a bad day to set out for a hike.

Check out the little island of Rodrigues

Say Mauritius and a Budget Trip

Rodrigues is a sister island of Mauritius which offers the same natural beauty as the main island. However, being somewhat isolated and having a yet-developing tourism market, you can save some real money if you decide to go here instead of the mainland. Besides the beaches, Rodrigues also offers you plenty of underground caves to explore. As hordes of tourists head to the mainland, you can be at Rodrigues with cheaper deals for food and accommodation, along with enough adventure opportunities to fill up your book of memories.

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