Skydiving in India: the Ultimate Guide

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Skydiving in India: the Ultimate Guide

An emerging trend across the country, skydiving in India is getting more and more popular. With the diversity of locations that India offers, from mountains to beaches, and relatively low skydiving price in India, you will never run short of opportunities if you are seeking adventure in India.

Just like the country itself, skydiving comes in different forms and colors. A number of new records are being set, such as the first skydive that was performed in a saree. In fact, there are several forms of skydiving, and in India three of them are available for you across different skydiving locations in India.


Types of skydiving in India

The exact type of skydiving depends on multiple factors, such as the geography of the location, its culture, etc. However, you will find three different forms of skydiving in India, offering more than just the basic experience to those into the thrill of skydiving.


Tandem jump

Skydiving in India: the Ultimate Guide

Tandem jump is the most popular form of skydiving in India. In a tandem jump, you will be harnessed to a skydiving professional on your back, who will be carrying the parachute and opening it about 3 seconds into the fall. So all you need to be worried about is enjoying your skydiving experience. No training and only a set of basic instructions are required before performing the tandem jump. In addition, you get the tandem jump experience at the lowest skydiving price in India.


Static line jump

Skydiving in India: the Ultimate Guide

In this type of skydiving, you will be tied to your plane by the means of a special wire. Since you will be performing the jump on your own and without the company of an instructor, you need to undergo 6 hours of training before you will be allowed to perform the static line jump, which is going to be from a height of about 3,000 m. You don't need to pull any knot or press any button, as the parachute will open on its own from within the plane, as soon as you take the leap. Out of all the types, you can perform the static line jump at the lowest skydiving price in India.


Free fall

Skydiving in India: the Ultimate Guide

A free fall skydive takes you to a height of about 13,000 m, from where you will start your free fall. You will be able to feel the thrill of being completely off the ledge, and for several minutes before you will be pulling the cord to open the parachute. Due to the intensity of the experience, there are only few locations that offer free fall skydiving in India.


Top skydiving places in India

Skydiving in India is a relatively new trend, and even though more and more people are giving it a go, there are not too many skydiving places in India. However, this is because skydiving needs trained professionals and properly equipped camps, and so you can be assured that the few top skydiving places in India are only waiting for you to gear up and give you the experience of a lifetime.


Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

Skydiving in India: the Ultimate Guide

Aamby Valley is a township located near Pune in Maharashtra, and 130 km from Mumbai. It is famous as being one of the top tandem jump skydiving places in India. A number of skydiving enthusiasts visit Aamby Valley to give a shot at tandem jump. This is because albeit high-class facilities, Aamby Valley provides one of the cheapest skydiving in India. The total time from boarding the plane to landing on your feet after the jump is about 40-45 mins of enjoyment at Aamby Valley. Aamby Valley is a must visit in India for all skydiving enthusiasts. Amongst all the skydiving places in India, it is famous for providing one of the safest and best skydiving in India.

Aamby Valley skydiving cost in India: INR 20,000-25,000 (tandem jump)

How to reach Aamby Valley: You can hire a cab from Mumbai to get to Aamby Valley. This journey via road is 1 hour 52 mins long, and covers a distance of 123 km.


Deesa, Gujarat

Deesa is a lakeside city in Gujarat that offers splendid views in your experience of skydiving in India. The skydiving spot at Deesa offers tandem jump and static line jump both. You will be receiving training for 1.5 days at the site before you will be allowed to take the jump.

Deesa skydiving cost in India: INR 33,500 for tandem jump, INR 16,500 for static line jump

How to reach Deesa: Deesa is located 141 km from Ahmedabad, the nearest airport location to Deesa. From here, you will taxis, trains and buses to get to Deesa conveniently. In addition, Deesa is connected to many other towns and cities of India through through trains and buses.


Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

Dhana is a town in Madhya Pradesh that looms with serenity. Even though it won't offer you the longest fall experience at skydiving in India, it will surely feel like a splendid experience due to the scenic views it offers during these long minutes of your life. With an airstrip of its own for those looking to skydive, it is definitely one of the top skydiving places in India. In Dhana, you will get to feel the added charm of skydiving at the first ever skydiving camp in India. In order to book your skydiving session at Dhana, you con contact Chimes Aviation Academy.

Dhana skydiving cost in India: INR 37,000 for tandem jump, INR 24,000 for static line jump.

How to reach Dhana: Bhopal is the major nearby airport located near Dhana, at a distance of 200 km. Jabalpur airport, however, is located only at a distance of 180 km from Dhana. Another junction through which you can reach Dhana through, if you are travelling by road or rails, is Bina. Bina is at a distance of about 80 km from the skydiving camp in Dhana.



Skydiving in India: the Ultimate Guide

Mysore is situated at the base of Chamundi hills, a few hours drive from Bangalore in Karnataka. You will arrive in air boarded on a plane from amidst the mountains, and as the plane emerges out, you will take the leap to experience the thrill of skydiving in India. Mysore is one of the few skydiving places in India that offer the free fall jump, from a height of 10,000-15,000 feet. To ensure maximum safety, you will take the jump only after a full day's training at least, and two skydiving instructors taking the jump with you, albeit not tied by a harness.

How to reach Mysore: Mysore is located about 139 km from Bangalore. You can get from Bangalore to Mysore easily, through state buses or private taxis. The journey takes about 3 hours by road, on average.

To book a skydiving session in Mysore, you can contact Skyriders, Mysore. You can also book a skydiving session with us on your Mysore holiday in our customizable Mysore and Ooty tour packages.


Narnaul, Haryana

Narnaul is the only international-level spot for skydiving in India and was initiated by the state government of Haryana. As the only location nearby Delhi for skydiving in India, it has become one of the top skydiving places in India.

Narnaul skydiving cost in India: INR 27,500 for tandem jump, INR 18,500 for static line jump

How to reach Narnaul: Narnaul is located in the National Capital Region of India. Located about 163 km from New Delhi, it takes about 3 hr 30 mins to reach the skydiving location of Narnaul from New Delhi.



Pondicherry attracts a large number of tourists, a major portion being youngsters who are open to the option of trying skydiving. Even though Pondicherry does not have a set base for skydiving, it is host to a number of camps that provide the professional service of skydiving in India to willing enthusiasts. You will get to experience tandem jump and static line jump both in Pondicherry, while soaking in one of a kind panoramic views of the city.

How to reach Pondicherry: Hyderabad and Bangalore are the two airports located nearby Pondicherry. Villupuram is the nearest railway station and located only 35 km from Pondicherry. However, Pondicherry is very well-connected to nearby towns and cities via road.


Do's and don'ts for skydiving in India

  • You need to be at least 18 years old legally in order to pursue skydiving in India, at any of the skydiving places in India.
  • Make sure you wear loose clothing, and are carrying sports shoes along with you.
  • You should not have any sort of an alcoholic drink before your skydiving session, as it could make the exhilarating experience of skydiving dangerous.
  • Make sure to get yourself filmed while skydiving. You don't want these special minutes of your life to pass without being cemented in history as a feat to show to your kids and grandkids someday.


Skydiving price in India

Skydiving is not a thrill where you can afford compromises in safety for the sake of saving a few bucks. All of the top skydiving places in India are equipped with trained personnel and high-quality apparatuses, that will ensure your safety and thereby maximize the enjoyment of skydiving in India. Considering all of these factors, the skydiving cost in India is not unreasonable, as training, parachute, etc., do not come cheap. However, the experience does comes with value for money, as it is so unique and life-transforming.

Tandem jump skydiving price in India: INR 27,000-35,000

Static line jump skydiving price in India: INR 16,000-18,000

Accelerated free fall skydiving price in India: INR 2,25,000


Strap yourself for the time of your life

Skydiving in India: the Ultimate Guide

Doesn't matter if you are a skydiving enthusiast or a skydiving beginner who wants to try out something new, these skydiving places in India are very well-scattered so that you can cover these destinations by making a short detour on your next holiday. And it's going to be a detour worth remembering for sure, as these camps will give you an experience of the best skydiving in India.

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Skydiving is one of the growing adventure sports in India, as more and more people are giving this exhilarating experience a go. The safety stands maintained at skydiving camps in India is motivating people to not hold back on their desires, and more and more skydiving camps are being organized on a more regular basis. You can do skydiving in India at locations such as Mysore, Aamby Valley, Deesa, Pondicherry and Dhana.
You can experience the thrill of skydiving in India at prices starting from INR 16,000. You will be able to get a safe and enjoyable static line jump at this price. The average price for making a static line jump in India is INR 16,000-19,000. For a tandem jump, the average cost of skydiving in India is INR 27,000-35,000. The average cost of skydiving in India for a fully free fall jump is around INR 2,25,000.
Skydiving camps are held at a few locations in India such as Mysore, Aamby Valley, Pondicherry, Deesa, Dhana, Narnaul and Aligarh. These camps are organized at each of these cities during specific months of the year. However, some locations such as Aamby Valley, Mysore, Deesa and Dhana house skydiving camps on a permanent year-round basis. These camps are organized by different organizations such as Skyriders, Chimes Aviation Academy, etc., that arrange the complete setup to facilitate the skydiving sessions at these camps.
The skydiving camp at Narnaul, Haryana located in the NCR region, offers safe and exciting skydiving at some of the cheapest prices in India. The camp offers the tandem jump and the static line jump forms of skydiving, If you wish to pursue the static line jump, you can avail the experience at Deesa in Gujarat at some of the cheapest skydiving price in India.
You can get the best experience at skydiving in India, at locations such as Mysore, Aamby Valley and Deesa. However, the popular notion is that in order to enjoy the tandem jump jump Aamby Valley is the best location in India. In case you wish to do a static line jump, then Mysore is considered as the choice for best skydiving in India.
You should definitely eat well before your skydiving session. However, this does not mean showing up with an over-saturated stomach, which is not a healthy thing in general anyway. However, keep in mind that you are forbidden to drink right before skydiving, and even the night before, as showing up hung over can lead you to pass out during your dive.
Skydiving in India can be done at about the same prices as the global average. The high cost of skydiving n India is because the skydiving personell at the camp are qualified to ensure your safety through expensive training., Moreover, the appartus required for skydiving has to be of high quality to ensure its operation in the right manner at the right time.
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