Solo trip to Udaipur (Guest Post by Vinodini)

I have been planning to go for a solo trip for ever. Had planned it many times and for some silly reasons had cancelled all of them. But this time I ensured that no matter what, I am going. I finally decided to go to Udaipur for my first solo trip.

I was apprehensive even when I was waiting for my bus to Udaipur. Being a girl with not so good Hindi, I had my own doubts. But then I thought that in the worst case scenario, I can always take the next bus and come back to Mumbai. With this thought in mind, I set out to explore Udaipur.

A lot of people asked me, why Udaipur, that to for a solo trip. Till date I do not have an answer for it. I probably chose Udaipur, because I had heard it is a relatively safer city and also because of Zostel.

Zostel – Udaipur, located right next to Lake Pichola

Well, I had taken care of my travel and accommodation, but I had not thought of an itinerary. I had decided to be impulsive and not stick to a plan. I had no clue what places I was going to see and where all I was going to go. That is probably the best thing I did, otherwise I would not have got the opportunity to learn the traditional rajasthani painting or have the authentic dal bati churma from a localite home or just sit next to the lake Pichola hours together and enjoy the breeze and scenery.

The famous Udaipur Lake Palace. Unfortunately, could enjoy its beauty only from outside

The interiors of City Palace

I had decided not to hesitate to talk to people and make friends. This trip is probably the first time I spoke to the maximum number of people and made so many friends with whom I am still in touch with. This may be because I stayed at Zostel or maybe not. I met some very interesting and inspiring people here which made my trip even more memorable. During my stay at Udaipur, I had authentic Dal Bati Churma and learnt painting, the Rajasthani style.

Authentic Dal Bati Churma. Full of ghee and delicious
The localites place, where I had the delicious food
The lala artist house, where I learnt the rajasthani painting

When in Rajasthan, you have to visit the heritage attractions. Do not miss on the traditional heritage place. Especially in Udaipur, one cannot miss the City Palace, Jag Mandir, a boat ride around the Lake Palace or even the infamous boat which costs a bomb just to dine there for a night (I just don’t see the point).

There is also a vintage car museum, which I visited just before leaving.

There are many other places like Kumbalgarh, the puppet show and a village walk nearby which one could cover within 3 days, but I chose to learn the painting rather than going to these places.

Last but not the least, This was my first solo trip and always remain close to my heart. The trip might have ended in 3 days but memories last a lifetime. I documented every day and every minute of the trip, I did not want to forget even the smallest memory of my trip and regret later.

Thank you Udaipur, for being the perfect host to me. I recommend Zostel to all the solo travellers and budget travellers who do not want to spend much on accommodation and also meet fellow travellers.This concept has just started in India and currently Zostel is present only in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. However, they are expanding big time and soon they will open in other places as well.

I don’t know whether I will do another solo trip. But this sure has given me a lot of courage and confidence and a whole new perspective about myself.

Umang Trivedi
Last Updated : May 13,2020
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