Tegalalang Rice Fields, Ubud – Exploring the Stepped Landscapes

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Tegalalang Rice Fields, Ubud – Exploring the Stepped Landscapes

The Tegalalang rice fields in Ubud are a pretty sight to behold because of the neat landscapes. The wide stretches of rice field are lovely and gives you a feeling of visiting a canvas painted green!

Located at a distance of about 10 KMs from the Ubud town, travelers consider Tegalalang rice fields to be the best attraction in Ubud. Visiting these magnificent rice would be a sure tick in your plan for Ubud. The entry rates are very minimal here as compared to attraction in touristy areas and doesn’t rip off a tourist.

I reached Tegalalang rice fields in afternoon hours because I had taken a detour while walking towards it. I hitchhiked from middle of nowhere to reach Tegalalang rice fields. After entering the rice fields, neatly stepped landscapes surround you. You can explore these rice fields by walking on the narrow paths carved through out the landscape.

Tegalalang Rice Fields, Ubud – Exploring the Stepped Landscapes
The rice fields near entrance

Most of the visitors walk around for some time and leave. But, I decided to spend a bit more time and ventured further in the fields. The farther you go from the entrance, the closer you will get to these green pastures. Near entrance, you have a view of rice fields on one side and on the other, you will see the town of Ubud. But, when I ventured farther, taking random paths to go as deep as possible, the town buildings were no longer visible. I was surrounded by green rolling fields and palm winds swaying in the afternoon sun.

I took a minute to take in the gorgeous surroundings around me and sat under a tree shade. Life seemed to be slower while relaxing here. In far distance, a small wind turbine was installed which helped farmers to know the wind speed. It had a peculiar whistling sound which changed according to the wind speed. I relaxed deep in the rice fields for some time and sat still, listening to the alluring sound of whistle.

Tegalalang Rice Fields, Ubud – Exploring the Stepped Landscapes
Dwelling deeper in the Tegalalang rice fields gave bountiful views and peace

After spending half an hour under the tree shade, I decided to walk back by taking an alternate route. I found a coconut vendor there who was charging minimal for one coconut water. They offered me to wear a hat and carry a stick made of bamboo which had two baskets hanging from either side. The hat was a symbol of Indonesian culture. The farmers carry the bamboo stick with baskets to reap the fresh rice produce. It is then processed and converted into commercial raw rice which is then sold to the markets.

Tegalalang Rice Fields, Ubud – Exploring the Stepped Landscapes
The hut you see in the image above is the coconut vendor
Tegalalang Rice Fields, Ubud – Exploring the Stepped Landscapes
With the traditional Indonesian hat

When I returned the hat and bamboo stick, I was apprehensive of them asking me to pay for taking a picture for their image. But, to my relief, they just smiled and waved me goodbye.

I returned to the entrance after spending a couple of hours in Tegalalang rice fields, exploring the stepped landscapes while finding new vantage points to get good views. I hitchhiked my way back to Monkey forest sanctuary in order to explore other Ubud attractions.

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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