The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

A great story about the 8 most instagram worthy places in dubai, Read about the things to do in dubai for a perfect travel experience.
The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

Dubai is simply a City of Wonders with a delicate balance of old and new as it is continuously expanding, resulting in a myriad of places to visit and things to do. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates and is the perfect holiday hot spot. Dubai has many cultural highlights and things to do, as well as many fascinating and beautiful modern add-ons

Dubai is the place that must be seen to be believed. With record-breaking architecture alongside traditional and historical quarters, a place where tradition and futuristic development harmoniously live together. Head straight to the top of the Burj  Khalifa the tallest building in the world, where you'll find ecstatic views stretching into the Persian Gulf. And if you're interested in a more traditional perspective or you can take a water taxi to ride along Dubai Creek.

Dubai, being one of the most vibrant and bustling cities in the world is also a medley of history and modernity, concrete and color, and there really is a new photo opportunity to found around every corner. A search for Dubai on Instagram will bring back 28 million and more results if this gives a gauge of just how photo-worthy this city is! To help you on your quest for the perfect Insta-shots, I’ve compiled a list of my top 8 most Instagrammable places in Dubai!

From Burj Khalifa to Dubai Marina, read this article to explore the city's must-see attractions and picture-perfect locations.

Photo Tips for Dubai

If you’re heading out to get photos in Dubai, it is advised to do so early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you go to many of these places during the middle of the day, you’ll most likely find them packed with tourists and, of course, harsh lighting. The light will be far better for photos during the golden hours of the morning and afternoon and not during the violent midday sun.



The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

Did all you know the Burj Khalifa is the third most Instagrammed spot in the world. How could it be anything else? The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and is truly impressive. Although it might be challenging to get in a full shot, the more than 800m tall tower is quite popular among both tourists and residents, for photographs, who love the record-breaking architectural marvel. Burj Khalifa not only amazes us with its height but also with its unique structure and design. It is indeed a spectacular photo motif to die for.


The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

Insta it with flowers! Miracle Gardens is the world’s largest natural flower garden with its display of 109 million-plus flowers, located in Barsha South 3. This place also makes for a perfect date day out and is a favorite amongst tourists. Get in your striking poses and marvel at the grandiose and the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos but be sure to visit early if you want a photo without a crowd of people in the background! The Dubai Miracle Gardens are a combination of super pretty and stunning sights, and it is definitely worth the visit.  It does close during summer so be sure to check their hours before you visit it, to get some seriously Instagram-worthy shots.



The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

Did you really visit Dubai if you haven’t managed to click a bunch of pictures in the desert? Endless dunes make it one of the best places for Instagram pictures. Nothing is more stunning than the endless desert dunes and the Dubai sun with you right in the middle of it. With its majestic golden dunes as far as the eye can see, the Dubai Desert offers a number of adventures that give you the perfect excuse to get out of the city. Set your tripod up a few minutes before sunset or sunrise and you can capture the sort of pictures that become instant favorites. The incredibly-rich colors of the desert sky, when captured against the ancient red sands make for fabulous pictures. 



The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

The unique sail design of the Burj Al Arab is iconic to Dubai. You'll get stunning views from all over, but my favorite shots are from the nearby beaches.  There are always a ton of tourists taking pictures of the Burj Al Arab. To get a perfect shot of the outside, you can visit the public beach to the right of the hotel but be sure to head there early. Free to visit 24 hours during the day, summer with clear blue skies. This beach is located in Umm Suqeim district and was the best location to view the sunset, feel the sea breeze in Dubai. Visitors can make beautiful pictures of the sunset in combination with about 1 kilometer far from the Burj al Arab hotel. It was such a smart and environmentally friendly design beach, as its construction relies on clean energy generated from wind and sun.


The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

Dubai Design District is a purpose-built community of designers and creative. If you are looking for somewhere chic, Dubai Design District is the place to go. You'll find creative artwork, unique sculptures and funky restaurants. No list of top Instagram worthy spots in Dubai is complete without a mention of the absolutely stunning and quirky locations in the design district. The entire space is one that celebrates the aesthetic makes a great spot for some Instagrammable shots. The area is dotted with eye-catching modern sculptures that you can pose beside. The Dubai Design District is a little out of the way compared to other places in Dubai, but in a way, that makes it even better. 



The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

Don’t even think of leaving without standing outside the Dubai Frame.

It’s one of Dubai´s latest attractions is the golden Frame, located in Zabeel Park. 

The world’s largest picture frame, the Dubai Frame divides the old town from the new. Glimpsing through one side captures the unmistakable skyline while a peek through the other offers a view of the city’s older neighborhood. The attraction is complete with a museum that shows the evolution of the astounding emirate.

Taking a photo of its full size is no easy task, but you can also take beautiful shots from above. The interior design is beautiful and makes for some great pictures, too.



The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

This Saltwater Creek is UAE's one of the major ports and divides the city into two parts and connects the trading port to the desert. Dubai isn’t all brand spanking new…the Dubai Creek is a saltwater inlet that’s been around since antiquity. Snap the dhow boats as they cruise past, and cross the creek in one of the latter. The fare is yet priced at just one dirham. The creek was developed with the intention of creating a custom and import duty-free trade and to make Dubai as a major hub for the merchants and traders worldwide to conduct trade activities. The creekside restaurants are good and serve a variety of food, with Meena Bazaar 10 minutes’ walk away.



The 8 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Dubai

Perhaps one of Dubai’s most admirable aspects is the Palm Jumeirah it is a man-made palm-tree shaped island in the Persian Gulf. A visit to the Palm is a must, especially for the view of Atlantis across the way. Some of the best places to snap a shot of The Palm in its entirety include from Atlantis, The Observatory Bar and Grill in the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Marina itself, from a helicopter, or while skydiving.

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