The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

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The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Long road trips are the best! Chatting, spending family time, playing games, listening to music… Oop- MUSIC?! Almost forgot…! Going on a road trip without a long road trip playlist is a howler! So, to save you some time, we’ve got together an ultimate list of good road trip songs. So grab your earphones and dive in!

Best Road Trip Songs

Holiday Road

This song is one of the classic road trip songs and my personal favorite. Young or Old, this song will take you back to your days and will make you sway to the beat. Holiday Road is from the classic movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s perfect for some lively fun in your car!

Artist: Lindsey Buckingham
Album: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Released: 1983
Genre: Rock

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Shut Up And Drive

This song will have you shout, cheer and sing along in seconds. Catchy Music and lyrics, this is sure to blow your mind. You’re sure to want to dance along! So, listen to the song, and shut up and drive

Artist: Rihanna
Album: Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded
Released: 2008
Genre: Pop
Awards: People’s Choice Award for Favorite R&B Song

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Road To Nowhere

This rock song talking about the haunts of past life will have you singing your heart out…As said, The Road To Nowhere leads to himself. Ozzy’s voice and the music merge to form a perfect connection from him to the rockers. Perfect for lazy and drowsy moods in the car.

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Album: No More Tears
Released: 1991
Genre: Metal

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

On The Road Again

The classic Willie Nelson…Your heart will jump and do cartwheels as you listen to this song. Relaxing and Fun, this song is one of the best travel songs for your long road trips. So go get on the road again!

Artist: Willie Nelson
Album: Honeysuckle Rose
Released: 1980
Genre: Country
Nominations: Academy Award for Best Music (Original Song); Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Highway To Hell

This song is gonna take you down the Highway To Hell. Got that? Sorry, a bit bad at puns! But, really this song is the definition of epicness. The lyrics will have you shocked and thinking who wrote them… If you’re wondering, the songwriters are Bon Scott, Angus Young, and Malcolm Young.

Artist: AC/DC
Album: Highway To Hell
Released: 1979
Genre: Rock
Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

I’ve Been Everywhere

Well, Johnny Cash has been EVERYWHERE. That’s for sure. Have you? Well if you haven’t, listening to this song will surely make you want to. The names of so many different places will have you searching them up.

Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: Unchained
Released: 1996
Genre: Country Music, Classic Country

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Drive My Car

A rock song, impressively mastered into a love song! Super duper fun and engaging, you’ll wanna listen to it on repeat. Don’t care who’s listening, just sing your heart out today with the classic Beatles.

Artist: The Beatles
Album: Rubber Soul
Released: 1965
Genre: Rock, Pop

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The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Old Town Road

Old Town Road is a song about a man riding his horse down the old town road. He’s sassy and nobody can stop him (so he says). The classic Billy The Rockstar has done his magic once again, with Lil Nas X.

Artist: Lil Nas X
Featured artist: Billy Ray Cyrus
Album: 7
Released: 2019
Genres: Country rap, Pop

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

This song is about the things a girl would do by the time the guy reaches to her, in phoenix. Vintage Glenny has put in a pinch of pop and lots of romance. The perfect pairing.

Artist: Glen Campbell
Album: By The I Get To Phoenix
Genres: Country music, Pop

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Drive South

This song talks about driving towards the south with your lover by your side. Driving with your lover is romantic, isn’t it? So is this song. Romantic and Rock mix.

Artist: John Hiatt
Album: Slow Turning
Released: 1988
Genres: Rock

The Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Hope our selection of the best road trip songs would adorn your road trip playlist.


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