The Best Time to Visit Dubai

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The Best Time to Visit Dubai

One of the world’s most luxurious and modern cities is also one of the most year-round destinations there is. Everybody wants to visit Dubai and for a good reason. From plethora of entertainment opportunities, to gorgeous views to beaches and malls – there’s everything you could want in Dubai. The only problem arises is when you try to figure out when the best time to visit Dubai is. And that’s understandable – the weather in Dubai is always hot and humid (it’s just two seasons: hot and hotter), and if you’re not from a country where the weather gets uncomfortably hot, then this might completely ruin your holiday.

The Best Time to Visit Dubai

The absolute best time to visit Dubai

There is no doubt that the best time to visit Dubai is between November to March. Luckily for you, that’s probably winter where you are. Also luckily for you, that’s when the weather in Dubai is the best. The humidity really dies down and the weather fluctuates between 20’s and 30’s, making it perfect beach/outdoor activities weather. It’s the perfect time to sprawl out along the beaches, take advantages of all the events and festivals happening and enjoy everything that this city has to offer.

The Best Time to Visit Dubai

However, you also need to know that this is the peak season, meaning that the prices will be very expensive – whether you’re looking for hotels or planes. I recommend booking well in advance so you can ensure, both, availability and better deals.

  • Al Marmoom Heritage Festival
  • Christmas. – The entire city takes on a festive vibe without uncomfortably cold weather! Check out our post: Best Things to Do over Christmas in Dubai
  • Taste of Dubai – Get ready to indulge in some of the best cuisine you’ve ever tried. This event pretty much brings the best in food, drink and music all in one place with celebrity chefs and workshops.
  • Motexha Textile Show – This is the biggest annual textile show in the region.
  • Dubai Shopping Festival. – This is where you can expect discounts to up to 75% at most stores. There are over 2 million visitors who come around from all over the world just to enjoy the sales and every shop in the city partakes in this sale, with concerts and festivals as well.The Best Time to Visit Dubai for Shopping
  • Dubai International Film Festival. – Showcasing dozens of international film festivals, the DIFF is slowly going to be competing with the best film festivals around the world. Expect huge Hollywood A-listers like George Clooney and Mogran Freeman.
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival – This annual music event attracts a lot of tourists for 3 days and is one of the biggest music festivals in the Middle East.
  • Art Dubai – You’ll find all sorts of artists from around the world and around the region participating in this international art fair.
  • Dubai Rugby Sevens – If you’re a sports fan, you cannot miss out on the Dubai Rugby Sevens that takes place in December. 16 international teams from around the world all compete for a trophy and there are also various shows going around to keep it fun for you.
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – this is where the biggest Formula 1 Races take place, usually with closing concerts of major artists like Rihanna and the Weekend.
The Best Time to Visit Dubai

I highly recommend not visiting during Ramadan since the entire city closes until sunset, everything is very slow-paced and there is very little room for entertainment. Also avoid the summer months since the humidity can easily reach up to 90% with highs of 40oC.

Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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