The Delightful Street food of Vietnam

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The Delightful Street food of Vietnam

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam

The name ‘Vietnam’ may bring you back the memories of the spectacular Halong bay, floating markets at Mekong Delta and an underground tour of the Chu-chi tunnels. But Vietnam has more surprises in its kitty for the visitors then what is visible to the naked eye. Vietnamese people are one of the most hospitable & welcoming in the world and love to show around. It is widely believed that if you want to learn in depth about a country & its people, try their food. Below listed are some of the most exquisite & mind-blowing Vietnamese cuisines that are sure to make your mouth water & book a culinary tour for yourself on your next visit to this magical country.

Phở (Noodle Soup)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam
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Simply the most famous Vietnamese food which has brought global recognition & fame to its homeland, Pho is definitely a must have when it comes to food tasting. Made from simply 4 ingredients – broth, fresh farm vegetables & herbs, flattened rice noodles & meat and served in a bowl, this steamy noodle soup is simply everywhere right from a street stall to homes of local to multi-cuisine restaurants and everybody claims to have a secret recipe / ingredient which enhances the taste of this unofficial national dish of Vietnam.

Bún Chả (Vermicelli Noodles with Grilled Pork meatballs)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam

After President Obama decided to try his bowl of Bun Cha with the adventurous TV Chef, Anthony Bourdain, Bun Cha is all over the news & yeah, it’s famous. Originated & perfected in streets of Hanoi, Bun Cha comprises of Vermicelli noodles (bún), caramelized grilled pork meatballs (chả) served along with pickled vegetables, herbs & traditional dipping sauce as accompaniments.

Gỏi cuốn (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam
Goicuon in Vietnam

Salad rolls, soft rolls, cold rolls, paper rolls or crystal rolls are some of the few commonly used names for Goi Cuon rolls. Made from simply tightly packing pork, shrimps, vegetables & vermicelli noodles in a transparent rice paper and served with Hoisin sauce, Goi Cuon is a very popular & healthier snack when we talk about Vietnamese Street Food culture.

Cà phê trứn (Simply Egg Coffee)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam
Egg Coffee in Vietnam

With the country being the top producer for Robusta, no wonder Vietnam’s prevalent coffee culture is bound to give you another high. And when here, why not try a cup of Egg Coffee? What is it – a dessert or just some good coffee perfectly blended, we shall leave it to you to judge after you have had tried it for yourself. Made from whisking the egg yolk in sweet condensed milk and then adding the froth over a very dense cup of Vietnamese coffee, Egg coffee has both hot & cold variants.

Cơm tấm (Broken Rice)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam
Broken Rice

Fractured rice grains, once limited only to Vietnamese farmers & cattle consumptions, hit a new popularity high when the Siagonese people discovered a unique, savoring way to serve it right. Com tam is usually served with grilled pork chops, shredded pork skin, steamed ork & egg patty, fried eggs, pickled vegetables and off course the mandate sweet fish sauce. Don’t judge by the photos, a plate of Com tam is enough to keep you going for the entire day.

Banh Mi (The Vietnamese Sub)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam
BanhMi in Vietnam

Introduced by French Colonials in 19th century, Banh Mi is basically a French baguette loaded in with the goodness of Vietnamese vegetables, herbs & meats cooked in traditional style. The dish has both vegetarian & meat versions so you can always choose the fillings & sauces as per your liking. The most important aspect of this tasty street food is perfectly baked bread which should be crispy on outside & soft on inside.

Bánh Cuốn (Rolled Cake)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam
Banhcoun in Vietnam

On your visit to Saigon’s old town, you are sure to find a large number of roadstalls selling this insanely famous Vietnamese rolled rice cakes. Typically rolled steamed rice sheets filled in with grounded meat, wood ear mushroom & onions and then served with fried shallots, traditional ham & a bed of sliced cucumbers, bean sprouts & fresh herbs. These rolled rice cakes taste best with a nước chấm (Vietnamese traditional dipping sauce).

Xoi Xeo (Hardest to cook ‘Xoi’)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam
Xoi Xeo in Vietnam

An early morning in Hanoi will lead you to street vendors selling ‘Xoi Xeo’ in a bamboo basket and is local favorite amongst the students owing to its heavenly taste & insanely cheap price. The ingredients are simple found in almost all the Vietnamese household i.e. glutinous rice, turmeric, green mung beans & deeply fried shallots served with a tablespoon of liquid fat poured over it on a green banana leaf. The eye catchy ‘Xoi Xeo’ is hard to miss & off course a delight to relish.

Chè (Sweet soups & desserts)

The Delightful Street food of Vietnam
Che – Dessert in Vietnam

Che is a generic term used to describe any traditional dessert that may be found in Vietnam. It can be in the form of pudding, sweet soup or drink but is sure to get you hooked. Che can be made from a variety of fruits, beans, vegetables & glutinous rice and yet every one prepared is sure to tantalize your senses more than the other.

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