The Pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik

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The Pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik

The Pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik
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Iconic setting for King’s landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik is sure to top the bucket list of any Game of Thrones fans who fantasizes to visit all the reel life sets of this cult fictional serial. We have summed the must do 7 things for your next trip to the city which shall save all the hassle of browsing internet looking for the same.

Dubrovnik city walls

The Pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik

The most prominent feature of the city is its defensive walls which stretch for a total of 2 kms consisting of 17 towers, 5 bulwarks, 2 fortifications & St. John’s fortress. The construction started as early as in 12th century but regular amends & extensions did not stop till 17th century. The walls provide for undisputed views of the town, its fortresses, towers, gates, the vast Adriatic city & even extend as far as to Lokrum islands. However, we would recommend you to go over to Mincenta tower, the highest point on the walls for a picture-perfect shot of the city. Opt for our guided walking tour of Walls of Dubrovnik to gain an in-depth knowledge about the city.

P.S.: Mincenta tower is more famous as the House of Undying in GOT.

Dubrovnik Old town

The historic centre of the city has been neatly preserved over centuries showcasing its unique mix of medieval, gothic, renaissance & baroque architecture. The iconic Pile city gate marks as the entrance to this affluent city while Stradun (or officially ‘Placa’) continues to reign as the main street of the Old town. Rector’s Palace is officially the most important public building followed by the beautiful Sponza palace, St Blaise Church & Franciscan Monastery. The monastery houses the famous Old Pharmacy which has now been operational for over 700 years & the ongoing museum here showcases age old prescriptions & poisons along with pharmaceutical tools & grinders.

Cable car ride to Mount Srd

In less than 5 min, the orange cablecar starting right from the outside of old city walls shall take you up to Imperial fortress from where you can enjoy unrivalled views of the Old Town below. At the top, you can choose to dine in or just sip in some good Croatian wine as sun sets in the horizon

Lokrum Islands

The Pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik

10 min by boat from Dubrovnik Old harbor & you shall find yourself in the lush green island of Lokrum which is a favorite gateway for the locals & tourists alike from the hustle bustle of the main city of Dubrovnik. You can swim in warm waters, sunbath by the sea, take a stroll by the gardens in the company of peacocks & pine trees or sip a beer gazing into the vast horizon but you cannot stay overnight here. The locals believe that staying here for a night would cause misfortune or even death to the less fortunate souls who would then bring upon themselves, the curse of Benedictine monks.

Sea & Sun

Dubrovnik is a coastal city which means you shall get a lot of sunshine & vitamin sea here.J The city beach, Banje has always been a family favorite & is always found swarming with tourists no matter what time of the day it is. Locals prefer Sveti Jakov as their primary beach since it has lesser people coming in plus offers amazing views of Old town & Lokrum islands. Other interesting beaches are Dance beach & Betina cave beach which are pretty but don’t see much of crowd.

Water activities

Dubrovnik is itself a museum of medieval history but its over-rising popularity has led to a tremendous rise in no. of tourists who visit the city very season hence, you might not be able to enjoy it completely by foot. But its coastal location provides a beautiful other way to explore the city i.e. by water. You can hop to one of the kayaks or rent a speed boat for a day out in the Adriatic Sea for undisputed views of the Old city of Dubrovnik. Other water activities that you can opt for are jet skiing, scuba diving & off course deep sea fishing.

Food & Wines

Dubrovnik offers some of the greatest food options such as dirty macaroni, Lamb under the bel, black risotto & very soft cow cheese called young cheese. When touring Dubrovnik in winters, do try Dubrovacka zelena menestra & Bakalar na bijelo. Dubrovnik’s close vicinity to wine growing regions such as Peljesac & Konavle Valley invites you to add an easy wine tasting trip to your itinerary. This means you can try some of the best Croatian wines & even witness their production process all in a day.

Game of Thrones Locations

Apart from the Old town, there are numerous other places in Dubrovnik which have served as the filming sets for GOT. These include Trsteno Arboretum as the beautiful gardens of King’s landing, Lokrum Islands as city of Qarth, Dubrovnik West Harbor as Blackwater Bay & more. Opt for our Game of Thrones walking tour to get a real picture of what happened behind the scenes.

The Unknown

Cadmos Village Adventure – 30 min from Dubrovnik, hidden away in the fores, you shall find an adventure park called Cadmos Village which offers activities such as zip-lining, archery, paintball & more.

Daksa, the haunted island of Dubrovnik – the name may sound unfamiliar to you but this uninhabited J shaped island nearby has an intriguingly, disturbing history which Dubrovnik would not like its tourists to know of. The island was a massacre site for almost 53 citizens who were killed aftermath the WWII as they were though to be Nazi sympathizers. It is believed to be haunted so locals don’t go there hence the bravehearts can for sure try exploring its mysteries on their own.

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