The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter

A great story about the savory streets of old delhi & best street food to try this winter, Read about the things to do in new delhi for a perfect travel experience.
The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter

The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter
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As the temperatures hit a real rock bottom this winter with locals draping themselves in best of their winter gears, we bring you some of the not-so-famous but very delightful & savory desi street food that you are likely to find in any other city of India. Despite the smoggy and chilly wintry mornings and freezing nights, Delhi streets and narrow alleys have local hawkers & vendors who have lined up to give you the heavenly taste of some of the best mouth-watering street delicacies this season. Despite housing the majority of historical monuments, government buildings & MNCs alike, stay in Delhi would always be incomplete without tasting its rare street food which is any Gourmet’s delight.

We have made a short delightfully sweet and savoury list of street food that you can try across the narrow ‘Gullies’ or alleys of Delhi.

The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter
Daulat ki Chat in the streets of Old Delhi

Daulat ki Chaat – Walking down the streets early winter morning, the first chaat or street food that will captivate your attention is none other than the heavenly Daulat ki Chaat. Old Delhi’s pride and a favourite of Delhi-ites, this dilly of Delhi is a light and fluffy sweet made out of milk and sugar that has been whipped for at least three hours. Topped up with saffron, khoya, and sugar, this delicate dessert will melt gradually inside your mouth, giving you a flavour you never tasted before. Shahjahanabad or Old Delhi narrow lanes are home to such rare street-food delicacies but this dish doesn’t travel, so eat your share fast or stay disappointed.

Once your taste bud has been satisfied, you can consider stopping by some of the iconic tourist hot spots and dedicate at least two days for your Old Delhi trip. We would recommend you to book our very famous Old & New Delhi tour with rickshaw ride.

Places like Rajghat, Jama Masjid, Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib, Khari Baoli or Asia’s biggest spice market are some of the names that should top your travel to-do-list. And, the famous Paranthe Wali Gali, as well as Karim’s, are famous for their savoury dishes you simply cannot miss. Else, you can try an array of other street food at Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazaar.

The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter
Local shop selling Gajak

Gajak or Gazak and Chikki – The Arabic word for a snack, Gajak is a sweet confection made out of sesame and jaggery or sugar. These are winter ingredients used mostly in desserts and other sweet delicacies of the North. The making of gajak is an art by itself which can really test your arms’ strength but the end result is sweet, brittle and light.

On the other hand, Chikki is the distant cousin of Gajak which has groundnuts set in jaggery or sugar, but in denser squares than gajak.

The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter
Aloo sabji & Nagori poori in Delhi

Aloo-Nagori Puri and Halwa – Hot puris made out of sooji (semolina) and stuffed with a handsome amount of daal (dry lentils cooked with spices) which is served with hot potato curry and sooji halwa or sheera can be a perfect lunch you can enjoy on a chilly Delhi afternoon. Feast on this hot delicacy between shopping breaks at Chandni Chowk – one of the best shopping destinations in Delhi.

The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter
Sweet Potato and lemon chaat on streets of Delhi

Shakarkandi ki Chaat – This particular street food hit the streets in the beautiful autumn season and continue to please the taste buds of Delhi-ites through the freezing wintry months. You can try them as a mid-afternoon or evening snack. This is made out of cubed sweet potatoes whose flavour is accentuated with mixed masalas and fresh lime squeezed into it to make a tangy, sweet, and sour snack of the day. And the best thing about this street food is that it is healthy and can fit any foodie’s palate.

The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter
Sarson ka saag & makki ki roti

Sarson Da Saag & Makki Di Roti – Even if Punjab is approximately 6 hours and 55 minutes away from Delhi, you can still get a taste of the desi Punjabi flavour while walking down the narrow streets of Delhi. Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti are iconic savoury dishes, popular amongst Punjabis and Delhi-ites. Hot corn roti touched with a dollop of butter and served with hot and spicy Sarson Da Saag can be a real feast for your taste bud.

But the list just doesn’t end here. Delhi which is the street food capital of India has a lot to offer in its platter. You get to choose from an array of mouth-watering delicacies lined up along the narrow alleys whether it is hot summer evenings or cold winter mornings.

Other street food to munch on…

The stunning India Gate is home to some of the tangiest eatables you can nibble on while clicking snaps with your gang.

The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter
Roasted corn for the Winters

Roasted Corn – This is one of the much-loved street snacks, not only in Delhi but in every major city or other nook and corner of the country. You can either try the roasted version or enjoy the tender boiled version of the corns, touched with the right amount of spices and a zest of lemon, making it the tangiest snack to gorge on.

The Savory Streets of Old Delhi & Best Street Food to Try this Winter
Delicious Ram Laddoos

Ram Laddo – Moong dal laddos are pretty famous at India Gate and you can see visitors literally gorging on them happily. Available at tiny thhelas, these teeny tiny laddos are scrumptious and served with grated radish, masala, and pudina chutney.

Roasted Chickpea – Served hot in a cone-shaped paper with special spices, these roasted chickpeas or hot chanas are simple snacks to munch on while lazily walking down the street.

But, wait! Your stay in Delhi will not be worthwhile if you failed to bite into the hot and spicy Chole Bhature, cool and tangy Dahi Bhalle, or savour the spicy Aloo Puri, Chole Kulche or Shawarma Rolls and drink the refreshing Banta while biting the hot but delicate Momos which are readily available wherever you go, in and around the city. Also, do not forget to check out Gupta Burgers, Kakke Di Hatti or Karims and such other outlets which will serve you palatable dishes at reasonable rates. They are spicy and tasty beyond your imagination.

You cannot afford to miss!!!

These delicious, mouth-watering, and lip-licking eatables – the specialities of Delhi, are reasons strong enough to make you quit the comfort of your homes and brave the cold of Northern Winter. And, if you are a true connoisseur of food, then taking this journey to Delhi will not freeze you to death.

So, check out our recommended tour packages and plan your vacation to make the most of winter festivities while savouring the amazing street food of Delhi.

Do not forget to mention your favourite here. So long, travel happy!

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