The Wonder and Ancient History of Egypt

A great story about the wonder and ancient history of egypt, Read about the things to do in egypt for a perfect travel experience.
The Wonder and Ancient History of Egypt

Traveling to Egypt is a great opportunity to learn about this part of the world. Besides the Ancient Civilization and the beautiful wonders, Egyptian history is rich and captivating.

It shows the ancient Egyptian lifestyle, their beliefs, talents, culture and the years of reign. The different sovereigns of Egyptian dynasties have mesmerized many travelers across the globe.

Because the history of Egypt is vibrant and preeminent in the Mediterranean world, the country is full with Egyptologists willing to teach you about their history and share their knowledge with you.

If you are planning to take one of our Luxury Egypt tours, here are a few must-see sites.

A Glimpse behind the Great Pyramid

From the Middle Kingdom and the Old Kingdom, ancient Egyptians continued to build Pyramids as tombs for the Pharaohs and queens.

According to research and until now, there are more than 80 pyramids built in Egypt, but the largest and best preserved Pyramids are to be found in Giza called the Great Pyramids which is of Khufu Pharaoh.

It was built in 2530 BC and it took 20 years to be built. The Great Pyramids were built in the area when Egypt was the most powerful and richest country in the world.

And the Great Pyramids are the most magnificent man-made architectural in the history.


Back in the days, the Ancient Egyptians believed that when the king died, his spirit remained with his body.

Because of this belief, the corpse of the kings and queens were mummified and buried with expensive jewelry, gold vessels, furniture and anything the king may need in his afterlife.

The Great Sphinx of Giza

The Great Sphinx guards the Pyramids in Giza, specially the Pyramid of Khafra. The Sphinx represents the face of a human-lion face.

This is the oldest monumental sculpture and the largest in monolith. It was built in 2550 BC. The Sphinx is a limestone statue, which is a form of a mythical creature with a lion’s body and a human head of a god that stands on Giza Plateau of the west bank of the Nile.

The statue is the most terrifying and according to Ancient Egyptians in the old Kingdom, the floor cycle of the Nile depended on this divinity.

Until the twentieth century, the Sphinx of the Giza was the biggest complex on the planet and the architecture is an engineering testament for the world. The Sphinx symbolize strength and wisdom.

The Wonder and Ancient History of Egypt

Memphis and Saqqara

The City of Memphis is located in the South of Cairo on the West bank of the Nile. In eight consecutive dynasties, Memphis was the capital of Ancient Egypt. The first King of united Egypt was Menes and its god was Ptah.

The site of Memphis has the two huge statues of Rameses II and many more. While Saqqara is one of the most dense archaeological sites in Egypt. It was the cemetery for Memphis and the site less unspoiled.

The site is dominated by the Step Pyramid of King Zoser. It was built in 2700 BC. Other sites are The Pyramid of King Titi, The tomb of Mereruka and the tomb of Kagimni, The Mastaba tomb of Ti, and the tomb of PtahHotep.

The Wonder and Ancient History of Egypt

With such a wide range of Egypt tour packages, Egypt keeps on surprising travelers and many historians across the globe.

Many sites are still unspoiled and untouched and the hidden secrets of this magnificent country keep captive our minds and souls.

The above wonders are just a sneak peak of the Egypt rich culture and incredible heritage left behind for the world to admire and respect the knowledge of the many Kings and Queens. There are so many amazing sights in Egypt including Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Aswan, Red Sea, and more sights in Alexandria as well.

The Wonder and Ancient History of Egypt

The sites of Egypt show us in today’s world the power of mankind and this is the right moment to visit it and witness the most wonderful art in the world; Egypt.

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