31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Planning a vacation to Goa? here are 31 things NOT to do in Goa. This is the ultimate guide to dangers in goa, all you must know before goa trip.
31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Goa is one of the top destinations for beach holidays in India. It is a small and peaceful state to take a break from a mind-numbing 9-5 job. Hold your horses; Goa offers beaches, water sports, late-night parties, and beer. 

It is famous as the party capital of India. Goa is a beach paradise when you respect local culture and enjoy this perfect getaway sensibly. Here are a few things to remember while chilling out in Goa to save you from unwanted troubles. 

1. Take care while driving a vehicle

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Locals in Goa swindle Indian tourists to extract money under the pretext of an accident. They purposely stop their vehicle on the way and, after being hit, blame the tourist and swindle money to the tune of 5-7000. They start beating innocent tourists. They consider themselves Portuguese and hate Indian tourists. 


2. Follow Traffic Rules

Rent a bike or scooter with a white number plate. Traffic police have checking everywhere, and they levy hefty fines without any reason. Abide by traffic rules and do not cross the white line. 

Get a white number plate vehicle and pose as a localite while driving. Do not drink and drive rashly to harm others. 


3. Never venture out to the beach after 5 pm

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Do not insist on more wave time after the sunset. Stay in your shack or hotel. You may lose your near and dear ones with accidental drowning. You may have to spend the night at the police station for legal procedures. Never go swimming drunk or get overworked up and drown yourself. 

Red flags mark No-swimming zones on either side at beaches, so do not venture out in these dangerous zones. Dudhsagar waterfall many youths have died.


4. Do not mess up with locals

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

You may run into trouble if you infuriate local people in Goa even when you are powerful. When local people may get offended in a jiffy, go berserk, abuse, and punch you. They also have public support to put you in a mess. You, being an outsider, can not hold out against them for long.


5. Do not abuse any Goan while in Goa.

Do not indulge in a quarrel for no good reason with Goans. Goans usually are calm and loving. 


6. Supporting Beef Ban

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Even if you are partisan about a beef ban, do not air your views vehemently to maintain religious harmony. Catholics constitute 30+% of the Goan population, and religious tensions should not arise due to your strong feelings for the mother cow. 


7. Avoid Bargaining

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

In a small state like Goa, shopkeepers tend to profit from one customer because they have fewer people buying the stuff. So, you can bargain at other places, not in Goa. 

Window shopping is not cool when you are not serious about shopping while entering a shop. However, you can haggle a little at kiosks or road-side shops. 


8. Do not soil beaches

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Goans feel bad about polluted beaches. So do not litter the coastline at the beaches. Local people want customers, but they also love their beaches. Goa was the least polluted 20 years back. Now, plastic and water pollution are rampant here. It has even changed the color of the seawater. 

Do not shit on the beach because low tides do not wash off shit. Later high tides and waves return it to the shore while taking a bath in the sea next time.


9. You Shall Not Complain About Absence Of Uber To Taxi Drivers

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

The taxi associations protested against Uber and Ola to drive them out of state because they were anxious about losing their livelihood. Per Km cost by Goan Taxis is way too high in Goa. So do not compare and argue with your driver. 


10. Hiring a random Taxi/Autorickshaw

Hire prepaid autos or taxis or use an application to call a cab from reliable sources. All autos and taxis do not have meters in Goa.


11. Do not lose all money in Casino

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Domestic tourists and foreigners are permitted to enter Casinos. Casinos are a forbidden place for Goans because it is believed to spoil youth. Goa is a hot spot for gambling. It is a must-do, but you must set your win and lose goal before leaving for casinos. 

Do not go for the VIP package. You will end up paying a higher amount of money for the same facilities. 


12. Do not take photos with Foreign Girls

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

It is a memory treasure to click photos of your friends and family but avoid taking pictures of unknown people without permission. It could land you in trouble. Many girls do not like this, and Goans do not want a mess out of it. 


13. Avoid ogling at foreigners in the bikini

Foreigners hang out in bikini at beaches, and if you ogle at them, they may feel creepy about it. Bikini and booze are the topics of conversation for some of the tourists. Foreigners relax and take sunbathe, and others should respect their dignity and privacy. 

For this reason, Indians are forbidden at some beaches and places. People walk around in skimpy clothes. So do not sit on the beach to gawk at people. 


14. Do not eave tease local or any foreigners here

Do not irritate local lady or foreigner with eve-teasing. It is utter nonsense to make fun of people and encroach their personal space when enjoying their alone time. Small things might spoil the entire life. 


15. Drink responsibly

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

It would be best if you did not go overboard with cheap liquor to ruin your life. There is a bar every 100 meters. Most Goans drink wine or feni on special occasions. Catholics enjoy wine and beer at their functions, and it is considered normal. 


16. Do not carry bottles on the petrol pump

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

You should not go with plastic bottles to the petrol pump and brawl for cheap fuel in Goa. It is an illegal activity.


17. Adventure Sports

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Avoid making a direct deal for boating and adventure sports. A great many people may contact you on the beaches. Compare how much other tourists are paying and then negotiate accordingly. 


18. Water sports without an instructor

If water sports are your thing, it is a perfect place for you in India. Take the help of a professional instructor before indulging in surfing or parasailing. These thrilling water sports come with a risk. 


19. Avoid eating in beachside restaurants 

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Beachside restaurants are expensive, and the foreigners and rich Indians eat from the beachside hotels. The price list decreases as you get ample distance away from the beach. 


20. Do not fall prey to night club offers

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Night club officials make offers and deals. They may ask to arrange a girl for you for stag entry, which may cost you very dear. Better you go with your spouse or girlfriend. 

Book Tito's or Mambo's or any other night club via their website or app to save bucks. An unlimited alcohol package will offer you the cheapest brands, so do not fall into its trap. Avoid entering in clubs where Russian girls are dancing in a bikini.

If someone promises free entry in a pub, club, or bar, it is a scam.


21. Goa Beyond Beaches

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

At Goa, you can explore forts, churches, temples, beautiful gardens, historic caves, etc. Think beyond the 3 B ideology of beer, bikini, and beaches. 


22. Do not get conned for escort services

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Conmen may use your weakness and approach you to sell escort services. Let it not weaken your sense of judgment. These people will charge you a hefty amount in the name of services and run away without providing any service to speak of. 

These so-called pimps will first take you to their place, beat you, take away your money, clothes, and belongings, and leave you there. 


23. Don't Sleep on the beach

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

It is cool to unwind on the beach at night to enjoy solitude, a cool breeze, drinks, and conversation. After drinks, crabs may bite you if you sleep there, it could spoil your mood. 


24. Do not stick to the famous beaches

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Goa is blessed with a considerable coastline spanning 105 kilometers with many beaches all along. Baga, Calangute, and Vagator are the overcrowded beaches to relax. You can choose to visit plenty of unexplored and unspoiled beaches. 


25. Petty crimes

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Pickpocketing is quite common in crowded monuments and beaches in Goa. Refrain from wearing jewelry on the beaches. It would invite unwanted attention from fraudsters. Be careful about your wallets and phones. 

Stay cautious when you step into Goa because people may trick out of your money or get mugged. Stay away from people who come and offer the happening parties and the cheapest stuff. 


26. Dress modestly

31 Things NOT to do in Goa 

Dress appropriately, especially at religious places like mosques, churches, and temples to maintain sacred places' sanctity. Every site is not a beach. 


27. Do not forget to carry your license or any identity proof

You may require a license or identity card to rent a two-wheeler or car apart from staying in a hotel. 


28. Drunken Quarrel

In Goa, liquor is cheap, and people tend to go overboard with it. You may run into sloshed persons on the beach or elsewhere who can pick a row over petty things. Rest your case and walk away, keeping aside ego. 


29. Never forget to carry sunscreen

Skies remain sunny 250 days out of 365 days in a year at Goa. You may get a tan or burn to a crisp at the beach. Lather up to prevent sunburns or sunspots. 


30. Never rent a car

Narrow streets in Panjim and Margao remain congested on weekends to give you a horrible experience driving a four-wheeler. It is more efficient to rent a bike instead. 


31. Stay away from drugs

The drug business is entirely illegal. People may lure you into buying drugs, and you will be in a big mess. Therefore, do not hunt for drugs during vacation. 

Goa is a vibrant and happening state in India. Have a kickass time with your friend and family and avoid doing stupid things. 

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