Things to do in Dubai Mall

Dubai, of course, is one of the most major playgrounds for all things related to shopping, adventures, luxury, glamor, and experience. It’s a place that allows you to fully experience the city instead of just watching several attractions and oohing and aahing at them. One of Dubai’s main attractions is the Dubai Mall and while it may be unheard of to have a mall as your main attraction, you’ll probably understand why when you visit Dubai Mall.

It’s home to way more than just cafes, and stores. This place is an entertainment hub that suits the needs for travelers and all it will definitely cater to all your interests.

Whether you want to go inside of an aquarium or just want to watch a movie, there’s plenty of stuff to do at the Dubai Mall.

Things to do in Dubai Mall

The obvious: Explore the different wings

Okay, to begin with, the mall has a lot of different wings, and while you may think that this is some sort of exaggeration, you need to see it to believe it. You must give yourself enough time to actually explore the different stores and choose whichever suits you. Also check out our post on: Best things to buy in Dubai.

Enjoy some art

The thing about Dubai Mall is that it’s not just your average mall with an average design. There is a plethora of visual projects and art everywhere that you can enjoy, making it a feast to the eyes.

Slip down the Middle East’s tallest slide

Before you skip over this point – this is not for kids! This slide is made specifically for adults, meaning that right in the middle of Sega Republic, there are two slides (the tallest in the region) that you can slide down on.

If that’s not really your thing, then spend some time at Sega Republic enjoy the different simulators, or indulging in some old school arcade games.

Ice-skating? Easy!

Dubai Mall very casually has an Olympic sized-ice rink that you can spend your time on pretending that you’re in Christmas in Germany.

If you want to be a little bit more adventurous, then you can always wait until the mall shuts down to join in on a game of broomball by the rink. Pre-book you Dubai Ice Rink tickets here.

If you’ve got kids, then your first stop should be Kidzania

Kidzania is an entertainment park that will let your kids’ minds run wild – they can role play whichever occupation they want (doctor, fireman, police officer, whatever they want) and they can even earn a Kidzania type of currency to shop or be entertained. To save time and skip the lines, book you Kidzania experience online.

So not only can you check out the Dubai Aquarium, you can take it up a notch and jump in the water with sharks and stingrays. If you’ve ever already got a diving license, then you go straight to diving with the sharks, and if you don’t – then literally anyone can be out there diving with the sharks. Tip: save money by buying the Dubai Aquarium and Burj Khalifa Combo Tickets

Pretend you’re flying a mall

The Village allows you to have the closest thing you can experience to being at the cockpit of an Airbus A380. You can get inside the plane and pretend you’re the captain for 30 minutes (after choosing one of the 12 worldwide destinations). Located on the Ground Floor.

Play football

There is an entire FIFA-certified pitch where children and teenagers can play football while you shop.

Eat some candy…after you print it at Candylicious Store

You can 3D-print your own candy (with up to 20 different designs). My favorite is the candy on the shape of the Dubai Skyline. Located on the Ground Floor.

You can go straight to the Ferrari store and take their F1 simulator for a “ride.” Being in the seat will give you the closest experience you can get to being at the Ferrari World.

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