Tips for an amazing city break to Chicago

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Tips for an amazing city break to Chicago

Chicago is an amazing city and you can discover so many new places that you will most likely want to come back to in your future. But a wonderful trip can turn very close to a nightmare if you don’t set it up the right way before you actually get in an airplane.

Tips for an amazing city break to Chicago

There are certain aspects to consider when you are planning to visit a new town, especially a big one like Chicago, with an interesting history and many places to spend your free time at, as well as interesting people that will enrich your life with their experiences. The airplane ticket is, of course, an essential thing to take care of but after you have that part covered, there are many others that you need to consider, like accommodation.

Tips for an amazing city break to Chicago

Where to stay?

It is important to know beforehand where are you going to stay at. There are hotels, hostels and you can even rent a studio or an apartment, according to your needs and who are you planning to travel around with. Also, the area of the place that you will stay at is very important so you need to do your research right and find the place that is more convenient for you and your plans. If you are traveling for pleasure, you might be one of those people who enjoy staying in the “heart” of the city, like a downtown area where all the action takes place. However, if you are traveling for business, you might want to pick a hotel or an apartment that is closer to the company or the office that you will go to more often, for your own comfort.

Tips for an amazing city break to Chicago

Traveling route

After you pick your accommodation, making a traveling route might be very efficient. Look up what events take place in Chicago during your stay and decide which ones you are able to attend. Also, you can check out the historical areas and the touristic areas and make a plan to get to see them while you are in town. And last but not least, find out where the best restaurants in town are, the best clubs and the best places to hang out and mingle among new and interesting people, this will come at handy if you are looking to have some fun and make new friends as well.


But besides all these aspects, there is an aspect that needs to be covered if you want a wonderful trip. No matter how good you set up your accommodation, how well you know the events that take place in town or how familiar you get with the best restaurants, you will for sure need a transportation system to take you around the city and help you reach these destinations. Considering that you are planning to go to a city that you have never visited before, this part might be tricky. But not to worry!

Tips for an amazing city break to Chicago

You have two options, one that will challenge your nerves, patience and wallet and another one that will offer you all the comfort you need. The challenging one is called public transportation. Yes, it is an option of course but, how well do you know the public transportation system in Chicago? And how ready are you to run from a bus station to a subway station? Let’s say this hustle is too much for you and it can easily be too much for you considering how busy the city is all the time, and you decide to switch to a taxi company. Which one? Are you going to place an order for a taxi every time you need to leave your hotel room? Or are you planning to try your luck on the streets and hope to find a free taxi every time you need a ride? And you will need many rides, being in a new city and wanting to see as many places as possible you will probably waste a lot of time and spend a lot of money on public transportation if you choose this path.

The other path, is the limousine service. This is if you truly want to enjoy your trip and not worry about a thing. You can hire one of the most professional limousine companies in Chicago and relax all the time you spend in town. They will take care of you from the moments you get off the airplane until the moment you choose to leave town, if that is what you want. You can pick your car which can be a SUV or a luxury car, and count on your chauffeur for everything you need. They might even give you some precious local pieces of advice that will make your trip even more enjoyable. Not to mention that a limousine service is safe, affordable and comfortable, and all these aspects are very important for your piece of mind and your nice trip.

After you set up all these aspects, and you got the best limousine service in Chicago, there is no need to worry for anything else. You will have the time of your life, in the safest way possible and you will want to return to Chicago to relive all the amazing memories that you are about to achieve!

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Last Updated : May 08,2021
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