Top 10 Colorful Markets in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the Land of the Kings and is a heartthrob for travelers with a taste for traditional and antique items. Shopping is one of the best things to do during a Rajasthan trip. Tourists around the globe are crazy over these charming markets with legendary pasts. Right from stunning pottery to vibrant textiles, beautiful paintings to multi-colored 'Jootis', Rajasthan markets has something for everyone

If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan, what you can enjoy in this remarkable state is absolutely dynamic and a unique vacation place in India. Though the significant crowd-pulling element of Rajasthan is its old-time magnificent forts and wonderful royal residences however your eyes will likewise stop at the standard marketplaces located in different areas in Rajasthan 

The best part about Rajasthan is its vibrant, pocket-friendly and tourist-friendly destinations Rajasthan is known for the colorful street markets selling items like handicraft, jewelry, leather goods, miniature paintings, and mojari's i.e traditional Rajasthani footwear. Shopping in Rajasthan is about leather goods, spices , colorful trinkets, and even royal jewelry; which makes it one of the best things to do in Rajasthan. The state has made the world go crazy over its stunning artistry, along with its splendid monuments that speak of a legendary past.

The minimalist art and craft can be seen in every market that you would visit in Rajasthan. Everything from the wooden carved items, paintings, hand-woven saris,  handicrafts, jewelry, mirror works and so many others will leave you overwhelmed with joy and you will never have the feeling of having purchased enough.

If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan and want to get a glimpse of the best markets, then continue to read on to know more about these places. This list will help you to decide the top picks and from where you can get it.

That said, for you to make better decisions on where to shop, here is the list of Top 10 Colorful Markets in Rajasthan’s most popular cities which you should surely visit:

Johari Bazaar





10 AM to 11 PM ( Everyday )

Johari in Hindi means jeweler which instantly gives away a hint on the main theme of the market. Johari Bazar is located between Badi Chaupar and Sanganeri Gate, this busy market is a perfect example of the ancient Jaipur market. Rajasthan’s capital city, Jaipur is regarded as a shopper’s paradise for jewelry and ornaments. From jewelry to footwear and textiles, exotic pottery to handicrafts, Jaipur has got them all. The oldest market of Jaipur is Johari Bazaar, and most of the shops in this market are painted in pastel pink.


Bapu Bazar





11 AM to 8 PM ( Weekdays )

Bapu Bazar is one of the most popular bazaars of Jaipur for buying traditional Dupattas, Sarees, Jutis, Bangles, Scarves, etc. Bapu Bazar is in the heart of the Pink City between Sanganer Gate and New Gate and is known for its alluring Rajasthani products including textiles, handicrafts, brass works, and precious stones. Bapu Bazar attracts tourists from all over India and the world owing to the diversity, authenticity, and affordability of the products sold. You can get some stunning bargains as well as all things - traditionally, Rajasthan!

The bustling market, always crowded with shopaholics, is most famous for Mojari- the footwear made from camel skin. This market is one of the most popular ones and the variety of goods that are available here draws millions of tourists every day. 


Clock Tower Market

Location: Jodhpur

Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM ( Everyday )

The clock tower or Ghanta Ghar vibrant market place and is also a major landmark in the old city that offers its visitors an exciting shopping experience. You can even shop here for the finest variety of spices. 

A really lively market with individual store/market stall, selling different stuff from spices, hand-embroidered fabrics, handicrafts, clothes, glass bangles, cooking utensils, etc. 

Mathaniya's red chili is very famous for its dark red color and is a must buy. Other things to look out for include, handicrafts, antiques, hand-embroidered fabrics and flavored teas. Also, indulge in Makhania lassi i.e buttermilk, Shahi samosa, and omelets for a true Rajasthani experience. Locals would tell you that the lassi at Clock Tower is the best lassi in the world.


Nai Sarak

Location: Jodhpur

Timings: 9 AM to 7 PM ( Everyday )

The street is named “Nai Sarak” so because it is comparatively a new road made by the British after the war of 1857. When you are in Jodhpur, it’s a must to shop for the traditional bandhani or tie and dye fabric at Nai Sarak, the busiest market in Jodhpur. Take suit pieces, home tie and dye saris, Jodhpuri coats and turbans with intricate patterns and popping colors from this market.

You would also find many cafes, restaurants and movie theatres at Nai Sarak.  Rajasthan has a rich tradition and culture that is very aptly showcased in the markets of Jodhpur. The colorful artifacts of Rajasthan are distinctively different from others. Every market has its specialty. 


Bada Bazaar

Location: Udaipur

Timings: 8 AM to 5:30 PM ( Everyday )

Bada Bazar is located within a kilometer of the City Palace of Udaipur and is one of the chief market areas of Udaipur. From clothes, shoes, bags, and pieces of jewelry to authentic Rajasthani handicraft items - you will find almost everything in Bada Bazar of Udaipur. It is the place to go if you are interested in souvenir shopping to take back home as memories for yourself and your loved ones. Visiting Udaipur, it is almost obvious with shopping at the many markets that the city has to offer. 

Udaipur has all kinds of outlets, ranging from big and small. It is the most popular market in the city and, as you might have guessed, is always buzzing with lively activity. 



Decors of Hathi Pol Bazaar

Location: Udaipur

Timings: 10 AM to 9 PM ( Monday to Saturday )

Hathi Pol Bazar is an important market in Udaipur where you can find a huge variety of handicrafts and folk arts of Rajasthan and is the perfect attraction for all shopaholics around the world. This Bazar is located near the Udaipur city palace and is a marvel to look at. You will feel like royalty walking across the streets covered with the most elegant and well-crafted Rajasthani paintings, miniature paintings, colorful folk toys, smiling puppets, and embroidered leather shoes. One can easily find a variety of branded and local items including ethnic silver jewelry, accessories, traditional home decor items, intricately embroidered and colorful block-printed apparel, textiles, etc.

Sadar Bazaar

Location: Jaisalmer

Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM ( Everyday )

The Sadar Bazar is one of the most popular bazaars in Jaisalmer. This market is the perfect blend of trendy and traditional shopping.  When you’re looking for best-shopping destinations in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer Sadar Bazar can’t be missed. It is one market where you get everything with a lot of variety and wholesale affordable pricing. No matter what you’re looking for – jewelry, shawls, wooden items or souvenirs – this must be your one-stop spot. There are different types of J  wood-carved items, handicraft shawls, jewelry items, garments with heavy mirror work and many more products for guests to check out. 


Mahatma Gandhi Road

Location: Bikaner

Timings: 9 AM to 7 PM ( Everyday )

Mahatma Gandhi Road has one of the biggest markets in Bikaner, it is filled with shops selling textiles and leather 'juttis' i.e more, along with various other knick and knacks. If you are a diehard shopaholic and good at bargaining, head to MG Road for Shopping. With a plethora of shopping options, this market is a paradise for shopaholic. You will find age-old shops around the road selling antique items, hand-crafted footwear, and beautiful ethnic wear. It is also a nice place to shop for some trinkets and accessories. Don't forget to bargain while shopping at the vendor shops as they may charge you more.

If you are in search of the signature Kundan jewelry, go to the shops in the interiors. The popular Bikaneri Bhujia can be found on Station Road, which is a part of Mahatma Gandhi Road.


Kote Gate

Location: Bikaner

Timings: 8 AM to 7 PM ( Weekdays )


Kote gate word is taken from word PARKOTA which means wall of city for the protection of the city in the ancient ties. Kote gate is one of the oldest markets of Bikaner. Kote gate is a very old structure in the heart of the city and connects with the main market area. It is a very busy place throughout the day. 

Of the many things to do in Bikaner, shopping at Kote Gate is an experience you shouldn't miss out on. While you're in this city, it becomes imperative that you shop for souvenirs to take home. From junk jewelry to fragrant spices, from camel hide shoes to colorful attires,  and wooden artifacts, you are sure to find something or the other that will make all the effort worthwhile. There are few famous eateries as well where you can have lassi, samosas, and kachoris.


Sarafa Bazaar

Location: Pushkar

Timings: 10 AM to 9 PM ( Everyday )

One of the most popular bazaars in Pushkar, Sarafa Bazaar, attracts a decent number of shopaholics, tourists, and even pilgrims. This market sells a vast variety of garments, embellished covers and textiles. The hand-embroidered items are some of the most-sought after buys here. 

As Pushkar mainly is a religious destination, Sarafa Bazaar of Pushkar is stuffed with items related to spirituality and religion. 


Sarafa Bazaar, Pushkar is amply designed so that tourists can visit here and pick up their favorite items among the rest. 

The most common items available in the market are handicrafts, textiles, leather goods, embroidered Camel covers, and colorful idols of different gods and goddesses. Pushkar is mainly a pilgrim and tourist spot in Pushkar. 

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