Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore

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Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore

Whenever you visit a new place shopping is the first thing on your list to buy some mementos for your friends and family, but the shopaholic inside you wants more, especially when the prices are cheaper and quality is better than what you get in your hometown. Not just souvenirs but clothes, electronics, food, and décor items are unique in different places. So, if you are planning to visit Singapore this holiday then, this article will come handy for you. We have already provided you with a list of all the amazing spots in Singapore for shopping, if you haven't already read our article on that then, you can find it here Even after visiting the best markets in Singapore you are still left with a variety of options to choose from, and it can be hard to decide what to buy and whatnot. Well, no need to worry as we have got you covered with our list of things that are worth buying from Singapore. Not just the quality but the prices are also cheaper than what you might find in India. So, get ready to go on a shopping trip to Singapore with us.

Clothes and Accessories

Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore

How is it even possible for a shopaholic to go to a new place and not buy the local costumes? Guess what, the apparels and accessories are worth buying from Singapore as they are of amazing quality and reasonable prices. Yes, you can now live your dream to shop under budget. Make sure to buy those chiffon maxi dresses and beautiful neckpieces and earrings from the Bugis market in Singapore. You are going to love the quality and admire your shopping spree when you would get back home.

Bags and Wallets

Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore

If you are someone who loves to collect a variety of bags and wallets then, Singapore is going to be one of your favorite places to shop from. The quality of bags is amazing and you can find many varieties from shoulder bags to handbags to clutches all at affordable prices. You can also buy branded handbags and wallets at a cheaper price than what you find in India. Also, make sure to check out the Charles and Keith brand's collection of handbags, we are sure you will love them. 


Another important thing you can find cheaper in Singapore than India are electronics. Yes, you read that right, you can find apple products at a relatively cheaper price in Singapore. You can also buy local electronics from Singapore that are cheaper and are of better quality to serve the techy inside you.

Chinese cutlery

Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore

Every household has a set of dinnerware that is only used on special occasions, but you cannot always use that crockery your whole life so, why not buy a new one? Yes, you can now find some of the most intricate designs in Chinese cutlery in Singapore at affordable prices. These dinner sets are quite expensive in India and around the world but, Singapore is not one of those places so, make sure to buy a new dinner set on your next trip to Singapore.


If you are someone who loves to keep a collection of shoes in their closet, especially when you are a fitness freak and need a variety of trainers then, Singapore is your dreamland. You can find amazing quality in trainers and shoes that will take your shopping binge to the next level. You can shop for these amazing footwear at a discounted price with better quality. No doubt it's a steal deal.

Wine and Beverages

Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore

Are you fond of wines and other beverages? If yes, then make sure to buy a bottle of the most delicious wine at a much lower price from Singapore. You also cannot afford to miss the opportunity to take home the popular Singapore Sling. It is a very famous beverage you will only find in Singapore. So, make sure to buy this world-wide famous beverage to have an essence of Singapore even in your country. It is also a great option to gift your friends and family.

Small Décor Items

Singapore is famous for decorative items that can bring out the artistic details of your house. You can purchase some decorative items for your home to keep a remembrance of your visit to Singapore. Also, these small decoratives are quite inexpensive with excellent quality.

Orchid Perfumes

Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore

Did you know orchids are the national flowers of Singapore? Well, now you do. So, on your visit to Singapore make sure to get your hands on the amazing orchid fragrance you will only find in Singapore. People who love to collect perfumes are always on the lookout to add more to their collecting, and the famous orchid perfume in Singapore is what you must take back home with you.

Gold plated orchid

Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore

Since orchids are the national flower of Singapore, you will find numerous places that are selling these gold-plated orchids here. The special thing about these gold-plated orchids is that you might not find them anywhere in the world but only here so, why miss out on the chance to buy something special? Especially, when it's super affordable. You can also find gold at a cheaper price in Singapore than India, but make sure to check the purity of gold if you plan on buying it from Singapore.

Souvenirs and Asian Artefacts

Top 10 Things You Cannot Miss Out Buying from Singapore  

Lastly, no vacation is complete without buying some of the most popular souvenirs of a place. Particularly when it comes to Singapore, you will find a variety of amazing mementos and exotic Asian artifacts at a much cheaper price with amazing quality. So, do check the amazing collection of souvenirs in Singapore and bring back home some pieces for yourself and your loved ones.

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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