Top 5 Beaches in Andaman

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Top 5 Beaches in Andaman

If you are looking for serene, beautiful and well-maintained beaches in India, then Andaman is certain to take the lead. The smooth sand, shiny blue waters and exciting water sports make the beaches at Andaman worth a visit. Some of them are mostly jam-packed with tourists while others are serene and secluded, ideal for family vacations. The Andaman Islands have a resplendent reputation and that attracts plenty of tourists every year. Here is a list of the best 5 beaches in Andaman you must pay a visit

Radhanagar Beach

Top 5 Beaches in Andaman

Located on Havelock Island, this is one of the most popular beaches in Andaman. It is well known for various fun activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and game fishing. The turquoise waters and the beckoning white shoreline has earned it the title of ‘World’s 7th Best Beach’ and the ‘Best Beach of India’ by the Times Magazine. This is an ideal location for casual silent walks with the green palm vegetation all around.

Elephant Beach

Top 5 Beaches in Andaman

This is yet another beauty with white sands and a stunning coral reef. The blue-green water is the perfect lure for every explorer. Elephant Beach is also located on Havelock Island and is located just a half an hour trek away from Port Blair. The hike will also take you through pretty thick jungle before reaching the destination. This place is home to many exotic species which makes it an ideal snorkeling location.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Top 5 Beaches in Andaman

This is located at a short distance of 8 km from the city center and is the most accessible beach from Port Blair. It is surrounded by lush greenery and coconut trees everywhere. This is the most un-spoilt beach in Andaman and makes just the right place for picnics and excursions. You can also indulge in watersports, take a casual stroll, go for a boat ride or relish at a shack here. The peace and tranquility provided here are perfect for sunbathing and has a beautiful backdrop of sunset.

Wandoor Beach

Top 5 Beaches in Andaman

25 km away from Port Blair, you will find one of the best beaches of Andaman and that is the Wandoor beach. Around 15 islands encompass the extensions of the Wandoor shoreline. This is the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park which is a paradise for photographers and nature lovers. There are natural caves formed over time by the high tides for the tourists to explore. The pictorial shoreline and clear blue waters make a dreamy and noteworthy vacation destination.

Chidiyatapu Beach

Top 5 Beaches in Andaman

As the name suggests, you can spot around 50 endemic birds here at dawn and dusk. It is famous for bird watching and attracts people from all over the world to witness the sights of various species of birds here. This glorious beach also goes by the name of ‘Nightfall point’ or ‘Flying Creature Island’. Catch the stunning sunset as you walk on the soft and wet sands of the beach. Soak yourself in the majestic views of the beach against the hills and the trees sticking out of the sea at sunset.

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