Top 7 Destinations You Cannot Miss Visiting While In Greece

A great story about top 7 destinations you cannot miss visiting while in greece, Read about the things to do in greece for a perfect travel experience.
Top 7 Destinations You Cannot Miss Visiting While In Greece

While planning holidays, everyone wants to visit a place that offers various experiences, romantic, informative, exciting, adventurous, more... Looking at the world map, we see that Greece is the country that has been the center of tourist attraction for all these experiences. If you have decided to visit this beautiful country of Greece but are unsure what tourist destinations are the most significant to witness in a limited time, let us ease your thoughts.

We have made a list of 7 places that are most widely visited and loved by tourists but before getting into that, read these few tips necessary to consider before starting your journey.

  • Plan your days ahead of your journey to visit every place on time.
  • Keep a total pillow for traveling as someplace will take long car rides, and remaining fresh during traveling is most recommended.
  • Remember to keep a map with you, especially when you don't know how to speak Greek, or else finding ways can be difficult.
  • Take a guide while visiting historical places to learn more, especially about the local history of the place you are going to see.


Acropolis of Athens

It is probably the most iconic and widely recognized place in the whole of Greece. It is the symbol of identity for not just Athens but of all the country. It holds a sacred status for the locals with a glorious history of the areas' civilization and three temples that go backs to 5 BC. Parthenon is the best-known of these three. It is a simple yet complex building where 58 columns support the roof.

Goddess of Athens, Athena's statue used to be here, which was the most prominent tourist attraction. The architecture is so astonishing that you keep praising the designers for sophistication and elegance.



According to Greece's religion, Delphi was the home to the Oracle of Greece and is esteemed with sanctity. It is located at the foot of Mount Parnassos and holds various sites for tourists to explore. The ancient theater, Temple of Apollo, a stadium, the Stoa of the Athenians, and a gymnasium are must-visit sites. 

The theater is a masterpiece of its time and opens the eyes of viewers wide in awe. It was built on a hill to give it an auditorium shape and make visibility to everyone possible. It is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Greece that tourists from across the globe visit. 


Corfu Island

It is situated on the Ionian Sea and attracts many tourists because of its beauty and romantic vibes that are best for honeymoon packages for newly married couples. With a deep history, this Island has been the first stop for many history-loving travelers. It is among the UNESCO World Heritage site list because of the exquisite Italian architecture and many other attractions.

The Island is slightly remote from the mainland, making it a perfect peaceful retreat from the city's chaos. It is full of limestone rocks that add to its scenic beauty. It is a mixture of Italian, Greek, French, and Venetian cultures, making it very rich in traditions. Corfu's old town has small streets that amaze the visitors with the details given to their making. It has three forts that tourists frequently visit.



There is so much to say about this place. Poets have tried to write about its beauty, photographers and artists have tried to capture its splendor by the power of their lens or brushes, respectively, but nothing justifies what you see with your own eyes.

Its splendid sunsets, dramatic views of the seas, and pure white houses with blue tops are what it is known for. Fira, the capital of Santorini, is the major tourist attraction because of its unique architecture and standing on a cliff 400meters above sea level.

Don't forget to take souvenirs from Fira's markets and make your trip memorable. The complete guide to this place is available on the internet, which you should check thoroughly before visiting.



It is also known as Greek Ibiza and is frequently visited by celebrities and athletes to have a peaceful yet entertaining life. The Island has exquisite bars to give you good nightlife to enjoy. The favorite place of the Island has to be the mini or little Venice. The houses are built right above the cliffs, with the windows and balconies directly above the sea. Every tourist yearns for a morning view from the balconies of these white-washed houses.

This place offers meals right beside the sea waves making the experience more enjoyable. It has an airport and also connects other major ports of Greece by ferries. Mykonos is a must-visit tourist attraction in Greece's Holiday Tour package.



It is one of the unique marvels of architecture. It has a dozen of monasteries that are built on top of rock pillars. Access to these was difficult when they were made in the 14th century. Giant ladders and nets were used to send people or goods up. Out of all the monasteries, 6 remain open for the public to visit and explore. Flaming candles and religious monuments are found inside, and the view from the top is breathtaking, and the architecture itself is mesmerizing.

It leaves a long-lasting impression on the visitors. This place is visited by adventure addicts who want to experience hiking, rock climbing, or kayaking because of the mountainous terrain.


Samaria Gorge

It is situated on the Island of Crete and has been visited by people who want to experience outdoor activities. It is a long path of 16 kilometers covering Omalos and AgiaRoumeli on the Lybian Sea. The gorge had a village that was cleared to convert it into a tourist attraction national park.

The path is steep and rocky, but the natural beauty surrounded by it makes it worth every step you take. More than a quarter-million tourists walk the Samaria Gorge. Depending upon your fitness, it will take from 4 to 7 hours to complete.


Bottom Line

Home to many historical attractions for tourists, Greece should be on the must-visit countries to travel enthusiasts. The beaches, mountains, and ancient architecture add to the beauty of the place. Besides the capital Athens, there are plenty of other islands and towns to explore and be mesmerized by their beauty. The country is a mixture of peaceful and energetic vibes which welcome people of all types. Before heading on to your Europe trip, make sure to read these destinations mentioned above and plan Greece's trip accordingly.



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