Top 8 Must buy souvenirs from Himachal

Traveling is all about new experiences and collecting mementos from different places as a reminder of your visit to that place. Souvenirs are not just something you buy from a part of the world, but they are rather a collection of memories and experiences you get on a vacation to new places. Since these souvenirs play a vital role in a traveler’s life, you might want to make sure that you buy things that actually reminds you of the place and are exclusively said to be present in that area of the world. So, if you are planning to go for a vacation to the magnificent lands of Himachal Pradesh with beautiful hills and picturesque views then, we are here to suggest some of the best things you can bring home. Himachal Pradesh is home to various majestic cities famous for so many things. So, make sure to make a list of all the things you want to bring back home from Himachal Pradesh and add them to your collection of souvenirs. Read the complete article to know more. 


Tibetan Jewelry

If you are into quirky earrings and neckpieces then, make sure to get back home some of the quirkiest Tibetan jewelry from your visit to the serene lands of Himachal Pradesh. The Tibetan culture is profound in the cities of Himachal Pradesh and is home to some of the bohemian clothes and jewelry in the markets of the cities. You can pair these beautifully designed accessories with a Tibetan style kurta or t-shirt to complete your bohemian look. 


Woodwork sculptures

A perfect thing to buy from Himachal Pradesh is a wooden sculpture to decorate your house. The woodwork in Himachal is quite famous for its intricate designs and carvings also, the woods in Himachal being extremely durable and free from termites. The Himachali sculputerers are experienced at their crafts and would always meet your expectations when it comes to wooden work.



Shawls, Carpets, and handkerchiefs

How could you visit a hill-station in Himachal and not buy a stole or shawl? The shawls or stole in Himachal are made of high-quality wool to keep you warm all winters and during your vacation to the house of hill-stations, Himachal Pradesh. Not just shawls and stoles, but you can also get back home some of the most beautifully designed handkerchiefs and carpets made of thick fabric to add a little warmth to your living room. 


Beautiful Himachali caps

Himachal is famous for its picturesque views and the stylish Himachali caps. These Himachali caps are not just stylish but will also keep you warm and protected from the harsh winters and freezing cold on your vacation to Himachal Pradesh. Make sure to buy a stylish Himachali cap and walk-in style.



Intricately designed handicrafts

Himachal Pradesh is popular for its handiworks and crafts you would only find in the beautiful cities residing in the land of hill-stations. You can get your hands on some of the beautiful buddha sculptures to take back home and create a peaceful environment at your place. You will also find beautiful wall-hangings and bags exquisitely made by the crafty workers of Himachal Pradesh.


Keychains for your loved ones

It has always been a trend as well as a rule to bring back the classic souvenirs for your friends and family from a vacation to any hill-station. Yes, we are talking about the handcrafted keychains, lockets, and so many other trinkets with names of your loved ones either written on wood or rice grain. These little gestures are worth more than any other large ones. These are the things that always stay with us as a memory of or visit the land of hills.



The artwork of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its intricacy and designs and so, the paintings made by various Himachali artisans are a must-buy souvenir to acknowledge the art and culture of the majestic land of Himachal Pradesh. These paintings would give your home a vintage look with a modern touch.


Pottery items

Lastly, after woodwork and paintings, the pottery items of Himachal are no less. The beautiful pieces of vase, pots and so much more painted with hands are available in every market of Himachal Pradesh. It is a must-buy on your visit to the beautiful land of Himachal Pradesh.

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Aditi Bansal
Last Updated : Jul 27,2020
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