Top 8 Must-Buy Souvenirs from Kerala

On your visit to a new place, you leave with lots of memories and new experiences that you could only encounter in that place. Well, on your visit to the land of Gods, Kerala, you would be filled with joy and excitement while you acknowledge the colorful culture and lifestyle of the people of Kerala. The beautiful beaches and backwaters of Kerala are bliss to the eyes of the viewer. Kerala is renowned for several things all around the world. From beautifully carved temples to the authentic spices in Kerala, everything about it is wondrous and astonishing to all the tourists. If you are someone looking forward to spending your vacations amidst the magnificent streets of Kerala then, we have something to make your trip even more memorable. On your visit to Kerala, you will find yourself with a variety of souvenirs that you can take back home as a reminder of your visit to the state. So, we are here to make sure that you only take back home some of the best mementos of Kerala on your trip. We have curated a list of all the special mementos that are a must-buy on your visit to the land of Gods, Kerala, so make sure to read our list below.



Kerala is famous around the globe for various things but the most famous of them all is the spices. Kerala is the land of spices of all kinds. The exotic spices of Kerala can add authentic Indian flavors to any dish. So, on your visit to the land of Gods make sure to not leave for home without buying some of the most authentic and flavorful Indian spices from Kerala.



Aroma Products

The aroma therapies and Ayurvedic massages are one of the most popular activities to do in Kerala. The relaxing massages and therapies are the results of essential oils made of authentic herbs and flowers in Kerala. The aromatherapies are so relaxing that you would feel all your exhaustion from traveling, leaving your body in an instant. So, when you visit the beautiful lands of Kerala, do not forget to bring home the authentic aromatic oils and products to relieve your stress even at home.


Dried Banana Chips

Dried banana chips are one of the most famous snacks in south-India. The chips are prepared with dried bananas fried with some salt and pepper. These are quite tasty to munch on and are healthy too. You can have these chips with your cup of tea in the evening and taste the flavors of Kerala at your home. You would find these tasty chips in every market and street of Kerala so make sure to buy a packet for your friends and family too.


Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi is what mirrors are called in Kerala, known for its beautiful design and shapes. These beautiful studded mirrors come in all shapes and sizes in Kerala and the locals often use these mirrors as décor for their homes. 


Tea and Coffee

When it comes to beverages like tea and coffee, Kerala is your best option to get your hands on some of the most delightful organic tea and filter coffee. The strong aroma of the coffee, you will only find in south India is the heart and soul of the southern part of India. Also, the herbal tea in Kerala is known for its enormous number of benefits. You wouldn't want to miss buying your favorite flavor of tea and coffee from Kerala for sure.


Coconut Shells Décor and other handicrafts

Kerala is surrounded by giant coconut trees that provide the locals and tourists with fresh coconut water every morning. Well, not just coconut water but, decorated coconut shells are also a famous artwork of Kerala. Take one of these astonishing coconut shells to decorate your house in Kerala style. Also, you would find many snake boat modals in every market of Kerala to make sure that the tourists never leave empty-handed from Kerala. You can also look for coir made products that are quite famous in the state.



Temple Jewellery

South Indian brides wear temple jewelry as a tradition in Kerala and so, the gold temple jewelry is famous in Kerala. The designs are so intricate and crafty that you could hardly resist yourself from buying something for yourself. So, if you have a big budget then, make sure to buy the beautiful temple jewelry from Kerala.

Sarees and Dhoti

On your visit to Kerala, you would observe the locals wearing dhotis and silk sarees in Kerala. Silk sarees are quite famous in Kerala for their handwork and intricate designs and so are dhotis. It is wonderful to buy something that reminds you of Kerala every time you wear it and so what else could be a better option than a silk saree and dhoti to buy from Kerala?


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Aditi Bansal
Last Updated : Jul 27,2020
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