Top South American Adventure Tours

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Top South American Adventure Tours

I have covered Asia, Europe and Middle East in my blog so far and felt a critical piece is missing, which was the Americas. So a friend of mine , Daniel had been traveling to South America for 10 months with a few adventure tours under hisbelt. So I had him write his list of top South American adventure tours. Listed in no particular order these are what made his trip, the adventure of a lifetime!

Here’s the Top South American adventure tours

  1. Torres del Paine, Chile

When you think of hikes in South America, the Torres del Paine is one of the most iconic. Located in the deep south of Chile this is one of the most amazing adventure activities on the continent. Not only is the landscape some of the most beautiful I have witnessed but over the 5 day hike of the ‘W circuit’ no one day is the same. I was camping next to a glacier one night and sleeping in the forest to the sound of Avalanches the next.

Top South American Adventure Tours
  1. Canyoning in Banos, Ecuador

Banos is the adventure capital of Ecuador and the chance to abseil down waterfalls will excite any adventure junkie. The half day activity dropped us deep into the jungle having to get our way back by navigating down several waterfalls – some 90ft height. This adventure tour was a great way to get the heart rate up. Not only did I get a serious adrenaline fix but the views where amazing!

Top South American Adventure Tours
  1. 4 wheel drive in Natal, Brazil

The city of Natal in Brazil’s north is home to some pretty sweet sand dunes and what better way to explore than on a high powered dune buggy right? Well that’s what I thought! We spent a full day flying over, in and around the dunes while holding on for dear life. As far as danger level goes this activity is up there. Several people over the years have suffered substantial injuries and even a few deaths so pick a good company and hold on!

Top South American Adventure Tours
  1. The Death Road, Bolivia

The Death road in Bolivia got its name from… you guessed it, being the most dangerous road. Thousands of people have tumbled over the edges over the years and you too can try your luck. The day starts with a safety talk letting you know that cars have the right to the inside of the already narrow road and you must take the outside path. In places the drop is a few hundred feet and with constant rock slides it’s sure to get the heart pumping! However going at your own pace is a must and even those without Mountain bike experience can have fun and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Top South American Adventure Tours
  1. White Water Rafting in Futaluefu, Chile

Known for having the 3rd best White Water Rafting in the world, Futaluefu is an adventure junkies paradise. The class 5 rapids are known to flip rafts regularly, throwing people into the rapids. We were lucky enough to stay in the raft however we had plenty of close calls. The full day rafting was really a great experience. Seeing our guide extremely worried as we approached the last rapid, best known for flipping rafts, was the highlight.

Top South American Adventure Tours
  1. Bunge Jumping in San Gil, Colombia

So you can bungee jump all around the world however I bet it cost more than $20! This is by far the cheapest Bungee jumping in the world and is no less amazing. The jump is 70m and has you hurling towards the river below at high speeds before throwing you back into the air. I would not miss this and it’s also the cheapest of all of our South American adventure tours!

Top South American Adventure Tours

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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