Trekking essentials – Top 10 must have basic things to carry on a trek

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Trekking essentials – Top 10 must have basic things to carry on a trek

It’s been a crazy few months since everybody has been cooped up inside. Eventually, when we do get out we’d want to explore the world. The world will soon be ours again. From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas or the hills of the Western Ghats, everything is scalable again! Bag packing and travelling, trekking and hiking – it can all be ours again!

Trekking essentials – Top 10 must have basic things to carry on a trek

Top 10 must-have things to carry on a trek

Treks are fun, challenging, and ultimately rewarding. With treks or hikes, the journey is just as fun as the destination. You can trek around various terrains, be it the monoliths on the outskirts of Bangalore, the tropical forests of Meghalaya, or through the cedar forests of Himachal. Treks are usually cut off from the real world and its resources, so you need to come prepared for anything you may need along the way. Whatever terrain it may be, the core trekking essentials remain the same. It’s best to make a list of things to carry for a trek to ensure you never forget them. Here is our checklist of 10 must-have things to carry on a trek.

When you’re choosing a backpack to accompany you on your numerous adventures, consider the weight and the weather conditions it will have to go through. Always remember to buy a waterproof bag or one with a good rain cover. Don’t forget to look at the quality of a bag’s straps. Your bag will be carrying different amounts of weight depending upon the duration of your trek and stay.

Also, keep in mind the kind of compartments it offers. It helps you pack in an organized manner. Does it have a secure holding place for your water bottle? Does it have a waterproof pouch to keep your essential documents? These are pointers you can keep in mind while buying a durable backpack – your ultimate travel buddy!

Trekking essentials – Top 10 must have basic things to carry on a trek

Keep in mind the kind of terrain you will be covering on your trek or whether the trek will be too challenging. Waterproof trekking shoes are best for a snowy terrain or a tropical setting where it rains too often.

Trekking essentials – Top 10 must have basic things to carry on a trek

Never forget your water bottle! Depending on weather conditions you can carry a thermos instead as well. And by water bottles, we meant reusable, durable water bottle that won’t break easily.

Trekking essentials – Top 10 must have basic things to carry on a trek

A trekking pole offers you grip or an anchor point when you’re descending downhill or walking through a steep pathway. Sometimes you’ll be lucky to find a strong stick to do the job!

Trekking essentials – Top 10 must have basic things to carry on a trek

Comfortable Appropriate Clothing

The places you visit might be scenic and offer as a great photo op, but ensure your clothing is more comfortable than chic. If you’re trekking in colder areas, do not forget your thermals. Carry waterproof jackets, woolen socks, sun caps, woolen caps according to the terrain you’re covering.

You may have planned on returning before dark, but lingered on because the sunset view was too beautiful to miss. But now the trail is dark and navigating is harder. Avoid such possibilities by carrying a torch or headlamp with you. If you’re camping overnight, you can consider packing a small, rechargeable lamp.

Trekking essentials – Top 10 must have basic things to carry on a trek

Raincoat or Umbrella

Considering where you’re traveling to, do not forget to pack an umbrella or raincoat. Weather can be unpredictable sometimes. Stay one step ahead. Carry a raincoat or a small umbrella that fits neatly in your bag, and is easy to retrieve.


Carry some snacks with you. These can serve as little pick-me-ups when you’re feeling a little tired on the way or food if you’re planning on camping overnight. This could include energy bars, or ready to cook ramen, oats, or soup. Make sure you carry a small bag with you to carry your waste back with you. Strictly avoid littering the places you visit.

If you’re on medication, do not forget to carry it with you. Carry some basic first aid like band-aids, cotton, painkillers, and paracetamols with you. If not for you, it can help out someone else you’re traveling with.


Carry sunscreen, moisturizers, toothbrush, lip balms, sanitizers, and napkins with you. Sometimes dry weather can be painful for the skin and lips. Carrying travel size toiletries will be of help, even if you aren’t camping overnight.

Getting Started

So, there you go! No more worrying over what you need to carry for trekking. These are your core essentials required for any trek. Things can change according to the terrain and duration of the trek you are planning to undertake. Most of the things highlighted in this article are core essentials for 1-2 days of easy to moderate trek. Now that you’ve covered what to carry on a trek. It’s important how you pack for a trek as well. Packing is an art that makes travel easier, organized, and much simpler!

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