UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself

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UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself

The UAE National Day celebration in the form of fireworks, horse parades, car rallies and dance shows makes December 2 one of the best days to be in Dubai if you wish to relish the glory of the United Arab Emirates. The entire state is drenched in the colors of UAE, quite literally in fact because important buildings including the Burj Khalifa are draped in the colors of the national flag of UAE.

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself


About UAE National Day

The day commemorates the exit of each of the 7 emirates of the UAE from under the jurisdiction of the British empire. Even though these exits didn’t happen on the same day all together, the UAE National Day marks the anniversary of their federal unification in 1971 to form the present-day UAE, under the first President Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. With such a rich contextual background, the spirit of nationality traverses city-wide along with the celebratory parades, and the glory of UAE is displayed with equally glorious fireworks.


When is the UAE National Day celebration 2020?

Even though celebrations take place on December 2, the UAE National Day holidays for this year have been announced from December 1 to December 3, 2020. Since the preceding day (December 1) is a Saturday, the holidays thus extend over a 4-day long weekend. Because of this extended holiday, the UAE National Day celebration is set to be even more extensive and grand this year, and it might well be the best time to visit Dubai in 2020.


What happens for the UAE National Day celebration?

  • It is customary for a flag hoisting to take place at the same spot as the first ever flag hoisting in 1971. It is followed by group singing of the national anthem, further resonating the predisposed sense of nationality imbibed in the citizens of UAE.
  • Parades happen on this day which include processions of marching bands that include drummers, performers, etc., all clad in decorative patriotic colors and accompanied by the flair of floats. Even onlookers are dressed for the occasion, wearing patriotic-colored attires and apparels. These parades take place mainly at Rashid Boulevard, Al Seef and at various parks and resorts across Dubai.
  • In case you do not prefer parades which can feel hectic or noisy to some, there is the option to still immerse yourself in the glory of the UAE National Day by participating in one of several car parades. These allow you to enjoy the sights and ongoings of the UAE National Day celebration from the comfort of a car driven by a designated person. Since UAE National Day 2020 will not include most of these parades due to COVID-19 precautions, car parades are set to take place along with other activities to fill up the gaps and make the celebrations feel complete and fulfilling nevertheless.
  • Besides these celebratory events, everyones takes part in firework events, as an immense number of fireworks are on display adorning the night skies of Dubai and other towns throughout UAE in the most fantabulous manners.
  • Traditional Arabic food delicacies are available for tasting at street food joints at plazas and villages and also at discounted prices at fancier restaurants.

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself


Where to celebrate UAE National Day 2020 in Dubai?


The extravagant Dubai malls

You can implore into the wide array of UAE National Day celebration events by visiting one of the several fancy malls in Dubai. These malls host displays of cultural events like henna painting sessions and cultural bands playing traditional Arabic music. In addition, discount deals from 60 to 90 % are available at these malls as a bonus for you.

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself
Malls in Dubai are decorated and host sales and activities as part of UAE National Day celebrations


In case you pick Dubai Festival City Mall as your go-to spot, you will also get to enjoy the delightful display of fireworks from Festival Bay at 7 pm then at 9.30 pm, illuminating and decorating the canvas of the night sky as part of the UAE National Day celebration, This will be followed by the IMAGINE laser-light show which is well worth holding out for.

The Dubai Mall is host to the widest range of other indoors activities taking place. Other malls as famous attractions because of such all-day events include Mall of the Emirates, The Outlet Village and City Walk 2

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself
Burj Khalifa (left) lit up in colors of national flag and Dubai Fountain (right) playing to the national anthem


The Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain are one of the most attractive spots for all tourists flocking to Dubai regardless of the UAE National Day. Add to that the extravaganza of the UAE National Day and you get to experience the thrill of these places through the filter of this much sought after vibe. The Burj Khalifa which was the tallest building in the world at one time is lit in the vibrance of the colors of UAE national flag, while the Dubai Fountain is set to operate to the tune of the UAE national anthem playing in the backdrop, making for really scenic and awe-inspiring moments at these locations. These beautiful and adorning displays will be set up from December 1 to December 3 this year and are free to watch.

Seeds of Union

Since a major part of the UAE National Day celebrations is going to be virtual, a virtual/online show named Seeds of Union is going to take place this year and will be an open broadcast so citizens and tourists alike can enjoy demonstrations and portrayals of the rich history the country has to offer from the comfort and safety of their rooms.

Dubai Garden Center

A day before the UAE National Day, i.e. on December 1, the open spaces at Dubai Garden Center are set up with traditional Arabic cuisines that you can try for taste, and if they suit your liking then you can buy more of the different varieties to take back home for your family and friends. You can also get henna tattoos of traditional Arabian designs and patterns. These tattoos are temporary and coupled with the overall atmosphere at Dubai Garden Center will get you right into the feel of UAE National Day while you are on your trip amidst the pleasant weather in Dubai during the month of December.

Yas Marina Circuit

The Yas Marina Circuit which serves as a permanent venue for the Grand Prix races usually hosts a complete event incorporating stage shows, dance performances, fireworks and parades on UAE National Day. Locals and tourists love visiting the venue to enjoy the day by immersing themselves into the culture and nationality of UAE. Even though the venue is planned to remain closed off this year as part of COVID-19 precautions, the all-round displays of the spirit of UAE nationality are sure to occur because sticks and stones may break the bones but not the spirit.

Spots to enjoy the fireworks

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself
Fireworks in the Dubai night sky on UAE National Day


Two major spots to enjoy firework displays this year will be Global Village (starting 8 pm) and Festival Bay at Dubai Festival City (starting 7 pm then at 9.30 pm). The tremendous fashion of these fireworks always makes for several sights to behold, in the comfort and facilities that these facilities offer.

Global Village

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself
Global, Village, Dubai is host to a variety of events and activities on UAE National Day


You will be able to enjoy a special and tremendous fashion of celebratory fireworks at Global Village on December 2, 2020, scheduled to start at 8 pm. Besides, parades will happen at Global Village amidst the thrill and joy of the entertainment, shopping and food facilities at Global Village, at the price of an entry free of only aed 15.

How Bazaar 2.0

The street restaurants Butch and Babaji at City Walk are collaborating for the second time this year to present to you Turish-themed food setups along with activities that you can enjoy with either your family or your friends. This market will be organized from December 1 to December 5 and will open 10 am onwards.

Places to eat in Dubai on UAE National Day

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself
One of several culinary specialities specially made for UAE National Day in colors of the national flag


Al Mahowa in City Walk and Aseelah in Dubai Creek are two of the restaurants offering brunches and breakfast menus at discounted rates during the days of the festivities. The menus at these special meals will be Arabic/Middle Eastern in order to blend in with the mood and vibes of the ongoing festivities. Besides this, street food will be available in plenty all throughout Dubai in lieu of the UAE National Day celebration, especially at the plazas and villages such as Global Village where you can dine or snack while revering the spectacular sights of the fireworks in the night sky on December 2.

Hotels and private homes

The various places to stay in Dubai affordable or expensive, will offer celebratory activities amidst graceful and spectacular decorations in colors of the UAE national for tourists and visitors to enjoy while not having to venture too far for those especially wary of COVID-19. For example, the luxurious hotel Queen Elizabeth 2 or QE2 in Dubai is hosting a grand Arabic-styled feast on its campus this year. This feast is going to include food and drinks of Arabic tradition presented in the most delightful and extravagant manners, at the reasonable cost of 145 AED per adult and at the discounted price of 75 AED for kids. The feast will be open from 6.30 pm to 11 pm throughout the three days of the UAE National Day holidays (Dec 1-3).

The local citizens of Dubai are often patriotic and passionate about their nationality, and they will use the occasion of UAE National Day to celebrate and express that sentimentality by decorating their homes and wearing apparels of the colors of the UAE national flag.

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself
Streets decoarated throughout Dubai as part of UAE National Day festivities


How to reach Dubai

By air: The Dubai International Airport is loaded with facilities and luxuries to serve tourists from flights inbound from nearly every other country in the world. The airport is located at a distance of 5 km from Dubai city. Flights operate from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and other major countries to Dubai on a daily basis. However, the flight route is shortest from Delhi in case you are travelling from India, via a 3 hours long direct flight operating on a daily basis. If you are wondering about how to reach Dubai in the most convenient manner this is the way to go.

By road: It is possible to reach Dubai via road but you will need visas for the countries you will be passing through. You would choose this mode of travel if you are looking to enjoy the 60 hours long drive from Delhi amongst all the ways for how to reach Dubai. In addition, you will need to enter Dubai through Oman, and it will cost you an additional 3,000 Omani Rial on your return route.

If you enjoy train and bus rides, you can get to Dubai through these means of transport as well, and these rides are highly facilitated and comfortable and let you enjoy other aspects of Dubai and Dubai life.


Places to stay in Dubai

Amongst the places to stay in Dubai affordable ones include Phoenicia Hotel where overnight stay starts at around INR 1,500, with decent facilities like air conditioning and breakfast included in this package. The same costs INR 1,850 at Nihal Hotel and Dream Palace Hotel. You can even stay in pretty decent shared dormitory-style lodging at Backpacker 16 at around INR 1,300.

Because of the fact that in all the places to stay in Dubai affordable ones are available in plenty too, it is possible to visit Dubai even if you don’t plan to do a lot of expensive shopping but for enjoying all the spectacular sights and parades in Dubai around the time of the UAE National Day celebration.

Higher priced hotels include Rove Dubai and Novotel Suites, both of which are part of an international chain of hotels, where an overnight stay with more luxurious facilities will cost around INR 5,000.

UAE National Day in Dubai: A visit to glory itself
Hotel Palm Jumeirah: ojne of the most sought after exotic and luxurious hotels in Dubai



Weather in Dubai during UAE National Day

Weather in Dubai, even though might feel too hot for most people for most times of the year, is the least warm in the month of December. The average daily temperature range in this month is 16 to 26 deg. C. In addition, even though there is almost no rainfall in this month, it is also the least humid, which makes the overall weather in Dubai the most bearable during this time of the year.


Even though the royal-feeling parades might not be as common this year during the UAE National Day celebration, the floating or traversing sense of nationality Dubai-wide will be ever so present this year as well in other forms. Therefore, it might be the best time to visit Dubai if you wish to enjoy the same vibes of the national spirit at its peak in Dubai in a manner that is going to be unique to this year. You will be sure to leave for home drenched in the immersive experience for a long time revering the spirit you will find in Dubai only at this time.

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The UAE National Day falls on December 2 eery year. However, holidays announced in prior often extend over a 2 or 3-days period because the cebrations are so extensive.
The UAE National Day commemorates the exit of the 7 emirates of the present-day UAE from under British jurisdiction, and is celebrated on the day of their unification into the present-day nation of UAE.
UAE National Day celebrations include royal-feeling parades, fireworks, decorationss using lights and flags and cuisines of traditional Arabic food.
Weather is most pleasant during UAE National Day time in Dubai relative to rest of the year, both temperature-wise and humidity-wise. Daily tremperature range is 16-26 deg Celsius.
UAE National Day celebrations by officials and citizens alike are very open for tourists from around the globe as the people of UAE take pride in expressing and showcasing the glory of UAE. The only restrictions might be due to traffic jams and detours caused by parades, etc.
Due to traffic jams and detours especially during UAE National Day , you choose pick a hotel near by the area you plan to visit to enjoy the celebrations.
The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Global Village are some go-to hotspots for tourists visiting for the purpose of immersing themselves in the UAE National Day spirit and celebrations.
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