Water Sports Adults Can Experience and Enjoy in Dubai

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Water Sports Adults Can Experience and Enjoy in Dubai

Playing sports sometimes becomes difficult due to various reasons, and one of the factors is the weather. Children and adults are less likely to participate in sports in summer, and for them, one of the best options is water sports. Although there are many other attractions worth trying in the emirate, such as the Dubai desert safari, water sports happen to be the favorite of many.

People visiting Dubai or living here prefer enjoying water sports to the games that could affect their health in these harsh weathers. There is a variety of water sports that you can enjoy with your families and children in Dubai. It has many games for adults that are resistant to play sports; these sports attract adults, making them participate more. Some of the water sports are more famous due to which millions of people visit Dubai yearly to enjoy and have fun.

Keep reading this article to get familiar with the most popular water sports you can enjoy in Dubai and which games adults love to participate in.


Top 7 water sports adults can experience in Dubai


Dubai is one of the best destination spots for families that want to spend their vacations and enjoy themselves with their loved ones. Usually, adults do not get attracted to activities, but they love to be a part of water sports, and Dubai has a wide range of water sports to attract adults and young ones.

Following are some of the sports that adults do not want to miss once they visit Dubai.


Scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the new yet interesting forms of swimming. In this, a person swims deep underwater while carrying some equipment to breathe underwater. People or adults that love to look at the aquatic animals closely go for this sport and for becoming a part of this sport you must have a brave heart and experience in swimming.

Adults that are sacred of aquatic animals and fear them but still want to see them book swimming with dolphins tickets as this is one of the safe ways of interacting with the aquatic animals, and there is no harm to your life interacting with them. On the other hand, getting closer to these animals through scuba diving is a bit risky as you never know what kind of animals you will encounter deep underwater.


Water basketball

Water basketball is a mix of basketball rules and water polo. In this game, a team of five members shoots a ball to the opponents’ court from within a swimming pool. You can expand the number of game members depending upon the size of the pool you are playing in; if the pools’ size is big enough to accommodate many members at a time, then playing with many members can double your fun.  


Water polo

One of the games that are the favorite water sport of adults is water polo. Water polo was originated in British in the 1870s and has soon become the favorite water sport all around the world. There are a total of two teams with seven members in each team; the rule of this game is that one team will throw the ball to the opponent’s court with the help of their team members to score a point.


Boat racing

Adults visiting Dubai never miss a chance to participate in boat racing. It is a type of game played on open water surfaces where an individual or together with a partner is rowing a boat. You drive the boat from a starting point, and the person reaching the ending point first without colliding with the hurdles in between gets the winner title. The type of boat may either be with a propeller or has a motor in which you have to handle the steering without putting extra effort.



People usually confuse parasailing with paragliding. These two are totally different except for the look of the parachute and equipment. Parasailing is not only a fun sport for adults, but families can also enjoy this sport. It is up to the parasailer whether he/she wants to land in water or on the boat; both ways are possible with parasailing.



One of the fun-filled games for adults in Dubai is skimboarding. In this, a board is attached to a motorboat. The person who wants to skimboard has to stand on the board while holding a rope firmly that is attached to the boat. In skimboarding, it is not always necessary that your board will have a motorboat ahead; you can skimboard without a motorboat which looks more like surfing.


Pool swimming

There are a number of swimming options that adults and even kids can enjoy in Dubai. It depends on your choice whether you want to go for open surface swimming or choose pool swimming. Most people prefer pool swimming due to several reasons and fun factors associated with it. One of the benefits you can get in pool swimming is that you can experience swimming with dolphins. Being friendly animals, people book swimming with dolphins Dubai tickets to have a new swimming experience with their friends and family without worrying about safety issues and problems under expert supervision.


Choose Dubai as your next vacation destination to enjoy numerous water sports!

People searching for their vacation destinations must consider Dubai as it has plenty of water sports to offer for families apart from eye-catching and breathtaking views and destinations. One of the most liked water sport and activities is swimming with the dolphins attracting a considerable number of people from across the globe whether it be children or adults everyone wants to have this experience.

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