What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

A great story about what are the popular cuisines of alleppey?, Read about the things to do in kerala for a perfect travel experience.
What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

Travel and food are the passion of travelers. Food to a traveler is more or less like scoring a century every time you are in the match pit.

It is obvious for a food lover to try out the local cuisines when they are exploring a new destination.
Are you planning for a holiday? And are you a foodie?

Then, we don’t wish to brag further. Get your bags packed and head over to Kerala. We welcome you to Kerala, otherwise known as the “God’s own country“. If there is a paradise on earth then it is here in Kerala.

Kerala is rich in its scenic beauty. Also, nature has blessed the state with enormous flora and fauna. The tradition, culture and history of the state also attract people from all over the world.

Several thousands of tourists are visiting the state every year. This has contributed a lot to the growth of the State’s tourism industry to a great extent.

Kasaragod, Cannanore, Calicut, Wayanad, Thrissur, Cochin, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Idukki and Trivandrum are among the tourist attractions though the list will actually go on and on. Alleppey is one of the world famous tourist attractions in Kerala.

Honeymooners and adventurists love this place as it is always overflowing with beauty.

The tranquil backwaters and Alleppey houseboat cruises are not the only attraction. But, also, Alleppey is popular for its exquisite cuisines.

South Indian food especially Malayalee food has fans all over the world. The uniqueness in its taste attracts foodies to Keralite style traditional food.

You must give a try to both the veg and non-veg cuisines as both have an exemplary taste. Kerala food is something that will drive your taste buds crazy and your stomach will crave for more.

While you choose the Boat house Alleppey cruise, don’t miss out to taste these food delicacies.

If we start making a list of the food that one cannot miss,while in Kerala it will go on. But, we do not want you to miss out the best ones.

So, we have made out a list of the signature dishes of Alleppey that you must try while you are here.

People of Kerala are real foodies. You will realize their love for food once you taste these tempting delicacies.

Breakfast Special in Alleppey

1. Puttu & Kadala/ Beef roast/ Meen (Fish) Vattichathu/ Kozhi (Chicken) Curry

Puttu is the staple breakfast of the people of Kerala. In regular Kerala households, the aroma of steaming coconut rice cakes makes their mornings.

Puttu is combined with Beef roast or Meen Vattichathu or Kozhi Curry.

If you are a vegetarian you can try out Puttu with Kadala (chickpeas) curry or Pazham/ & Pappadam (Banana).

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

Idlis have been accepted across the globe as this food is found to be too healthy. People of Kerala are fond of idlis, as are their neighbors from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

People of Alleppey prefer to have idlis with Tharavu (duck) curry & Kadala (Chickpeas) curry.

If you are a vegetarian the aroma of hot sambar poured on steaming idlis will give a hit to your taste buds. Combine these with garlic, coconut and mint chutney.

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

Dosa is a South Indian delicacy that is gaining popularity all over the world. Also, Kerala is famous for its variety of dosas. But when it comes to Alleppey, we have more

You cannot refrain yourself from savoring these mouth-watering Thatu or set dosas. Combine it with fish (meen) molly or Chicken roast.

For veggies, have dosa with coconut chutney and Sambar. Also, don’t forget to ask for the special garlic chutney and podi chammanthi…

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

Idiyappam is also known as Kerala noodles. It is steamed in idli vessels. One of the sumptuous mouth-watering Kerala breakfast ideas.

People love to eat these for dinner too.

Idiyappam is usually combined with Mutton or chicken curry.

Veggies don’t worry, Idiyappam tastes awesome with black chickpeas or vegetable stew.

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

Palappams and Velappams are one of the favorite delicacies of Kerala people. The batter for these appams is prepared from fermented yeast.

Combine it with egg roast or beef roast or chicken curry. Tastes awesome…

If you are a vegetarian, the best-recommended combination is appam and kadala curry or vegetable stew.

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

6. Ela Ada

It is a simple and healthy breakfast also you will feel lighter. Rice batter stuffed with jaggery and coconut are placed on banana leaves and steamed.

These are also served as evening snacks.

After the long list of breakfast savories we will take you across the Lunch delicacies:

A traditional Malayalee lunch cannot start without rice. It is the main course.

Alleppey is known as the rice bowl of Kerala. Farming is the major occupation of people in Alleppey. Also, you will be excited to know that farming is done above the sea level in Alleppey.

People of Alleppey do not purchase rice from outside as they cultivate it in their farms.
So, let’s see what you will get for lunch here:

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

1. Fish curry meals

Kerala rice and fish curry is something you cannot miss for your lunch. The spicy fish fillets dipped in coconut and raw mango/ tamarind is a favorite of Kerala people.

Also, you can choose between brown/ red or white rice. All in its pure form.

It will give a tickle to your taste buds. Fish curry cooked in Meen Chatty has a unique and special taste.

Also, the other items on your platter will be prawns mango curry, netoli curry, Kerala sambar, pulissery, spinach lentil curry (cheera parippu), beans or cabbage thoran, payyaru mizhakuparuty, pickles, aviyal, rasam and yogurt.

Karimeen pollichathu, prawns roast, koonthal roast, chemmeen varattiyathu will add some extra spice and flavor to your meals.

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

It is almost similar to the traditional Kerala sadya that is served on special occasions including marriages and festivals.

2. Kerala style Veg curry meals

The items includes Sambar, aviyal, kootu curry, Kalan, pulissery, cheera parippu thoran, beans or cabbage varavu, parippu curry, naranga curry, olan, pachadi, yogurt, plantain chips (sweet & salt), puliyinchi, etc.

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

3. Biryani/ fried rice/ pulav

Try out Alleppey’s unique Chicken Biryani, Fish Biryani, Avoli Biryani, Chemmeen Biryani, Kalumakayi Biryani, Beef and Mutton Biryani.

Also, order for a plate of Chilly Chicken or Beef Chilly with your Biryani order.

4. Veg Biryani/ fried rice/ pulav

If you are a vegetarian, you can try either veg biryani/ fried rice or veg pulav.

Also, try out Kerala style Gobi Manchurian dry fry or vegetable stir fry or paneer peas or mushroom stir fry with your vegetable biryani.

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?


Try Kerala special Ghee rice with Chicken curry or beef masala.

While in Alleppey you cannot miss trying out the local toddy. This toddy that is special to Alleppey is famous everywhere.

It will give you a kick and an adrenaline rush awakening your senses and making your trip more awesome.

Tapioca combined with Shappu Meen Curry or Chicken Curry or Beef roast goes well with Toddy.

Tea Time

Do not miss to ask for snacks with your evening tea. The variety of snack items is actually infinite and we do not hope to complete it in a single article.

Some of the evening tea snacks include pakoras, pazham poris, bajjis and more.

Try those Alleppey special fish cutlets. beef cutlets and chicken cutlets. These are awesome. Also, Kerala is famous for its puffs varieties which include chicken, meat and egg puffs.

Veggies don’t worry we have that veg puffs for you.

Aval Vilayichathu is another tea time savory.

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?


Wind up your day with Kerala Parottas for dinner. Parottas are the favorite of Malayalees.

If you don’t prefer Maida you can choose Wheat Parotta. Or else go for Pathiri or Chapatis.

Porottas taste great with Kerala style Chicken or beef curry and also with Nadan Meen Curry. If you don’t like Porottas you can go for Pathiri or Chapatis.

Also, veggies you can Porottas with the spicy tangy tomato curry or Kadala curry.

Desserts & payasam

How can we leave this portion out? People of Kerala are too sweet and their love for sweets is above that. They just do not need a specific occasion to savor desserts or payasam. Some of the payasam items that you can try out are:

1. Semiya Payasam
2. Paal Ada
3. Chakka payasam
4 Pazham Payasam and more…

What Are The Popular Cuisines Of Alleppey?

We know what you are thinking now!!!

Where can you find these delicacies right?

We will help you eat at the best places in Alleppey….

If you are a non-vegetarian and would like to try out the spicy fish curry meals and Chicken Biryani then,

We will tell you where to go:


One of the best restaurants in Alleppey, located near to District Court Bridge Thondankulangara.

It has even received excellence certificate for the quality of food served here. Also, it has got listed on Tripadvisor.

They have great variety choice of non-veg dishes. The costs are affordable too.

2. Avees Puttu House: Located on MC Road, Pulincunnoo

As the name says, this place is famous for its Puttu, idli, and appam varieties. The Kuttanadan duck roast is a specialty of this restaurant.

Though the food is a bit expensive, nothing can beat its taste. Also, the ambience is appealing.

3. Hot Dishes

Located near to Udupi Temple, Thondankulangara, Alleppey.

It has a traditional feel about it. Also, all the dishes are mouth-watering and homely. The puttu, dosa, idlis, and fish varieties are the best.

Customer service and the rates are excellent.

For coffee and other soft drinks and juices, we would recommend Dreamers Cafe and Restaurant. It is located near to Alleppey Beach Road.

All kinds of Italian, Asian and Chinese delicacies are served here.

Vegetarian Dishes

1. Hot Kitchen

Located on Mullackal Road, Alleppey. This place serves the best vegetarian dishes in the town. The ambience is also good and the rates are affordable.

Definitely you cannot miss out the dosa, sambar and the veg curry meals served here.

2. Makhani Restaurant

Located on Boat Jetty Road, Alleppey.

This restaurant has some of the best Indian vegetarian delicacies. Drop in if you wish to try a variety of vegetarian dishes.

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