What makes Bali so enchanting?

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What makes Bali so enchanting?

Bali, also known as the 'Land of Gods', is truly paradise descended on Earth. This is a unique island with an equal amount of modernity and traditional elements in its lifestyle. The name Bali has been derived from 'Bali Dweepa' which in Sanskrit translates to the island of sacrifice, reincarnation or offering. Some even say that Vali, the monkey king from Ramayana lived here. People here speak two languages Balinese and Bahasa. Sanskrit is reserved for the Brahmin priests for rituals. Common people struggle to speak English but are very friendly and love to strike a chat with the Indian tourists. People here are disciplined and keep the roads and surroundings extremely clean.

The ancient culture and the natural beauty of the island make it one of the most well-known islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Bali appeals to people through its looming volcanoes, terraced rice fields, and wonderful beaches. The place is dotted with dramatic dances and colorful ceremonies, art, crafts, intricately carved temples, beach resorts, and exciting nightlife. Let us try to find out what makes Bali so enchanting.



What makes Bali so enchanting?

Bali is truly a surfer's paradise with an endless coastline extending over hundreds of miles. There are dozens of white sandy beaches to choose from. Watersports are quite naturally, countless here with surfboarding at the top spot. Surfing is very popular here with beginners and professionals who are found hitting the ocean waves and returning satisfied. The busy beaches are located in the common tourist spots like Kutta, Legian, and Seminyak. There are untouched idyllic beaches as well in the local fishing villages and those dedicated to surfers. 



What makes Bali so enchanting?

There are numerous religious idols of ancient Hinduism in Bali. These remain enshrined in the daily life of commoners here. Hence, it is known as the island of Gods. The culture here mainly focusses on harmony and balance. This in return gets reflected in the rituals, festivals, and ceremonies of Bali which are practiced as a mark of gratitude to the Hindu Gods. The ceremonies, parades, and exhibits are so colorful that the visitors would be awestruck upon witnessing the same on their visit. Bali houses over 20,000 temples which show that spirituality and community are quite integral to the people here. The wonderful culture is reflected in the friendly hospitality of the locals.



What makes Bali so enchanting?

Bali enjoys an equatorial location and the temperature here is hot and humid throughout the year. There are two seasons, namely dry and wet. The dry season lasts from April to September when the temperature remains steady at the mid-30s. You could visit here at other times of the year as well since the showers last only for an hour or two. Hence, the climate is ideal here shorts, shades, and flippers. The Christmas to New Year period remains the busiest tourist season. 



What makes Bali so enchanting?

The island of Bali is rich and diverse in many respects. The local community is always integrated towards meeting the demands of the tourists. There are cheap bars and clubs for which provide standard services partying. The children can be seen at fun holiday attractions and activities. The Monkey Forest, Bali Safari, Marine Park, etc. are few to name. For the tourists in need of a relaxing time, there are Bali's quiet environments with endless hospitality of the local staff. You could be staying at a luxurious hotel and still venture out for the delicious street food. Bali is also a famous destination for honeymoon couples with a range of romantic hotels, private villas, sunset cruises, top-class restaurants, and whatnot. It is also famous among groups of enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the thriving nightlife, world-class beaches, and great sightseeing attractions and still be left with more. 



What makes Bali so enchanting?

You will find many historical and cultural landmarks in Bali where the rich culture and heritage are appreciated. There are numerous colorful festivals and annual ceremonies where you will witness traditional Balinese dance, music, etc. will leave you awestruck. The natural beauty of sacred temples and other landmarks is a must. There are plenty of adventurous activities for you here, which include soaring volcanoes, magnificent tropical forests, waterfalls, stunning tropical forests, and white water rafting. Hence, there is no shortage of things for adventure seekers to do when in Bali.


Luxurious stay

What makes Bali so enchanting?

Bali is well equipped to cater to all those seeking luxury on their trip. There is a plethora of top-class hotels, private villas and beach clubs for you to choose from. There are famous hotel chains like the Four Seasons, Le Meridian and Grand Hyatt have been installed in beautiful locations in front of beaches. The most popular accommodation in Bali is a private villa. There are almost 18,000 private villas all over Bali. This is the accommodation choice for many as it provides a luxurious and secluded stay here. There are world-renowned chefs in the restaurants ready to cater to your needs. You can find any type of cuisine here, plenty of dining choices to satiate your appetite.



What makes Bali so enchanting?

The art and crafts make the center of Balinese culture. These can be taken back as souvenirs. You will find hand-made knick-knacks, artisan wares, beautiful textiles, sarongs, and pareos in the village shops and other markets. Bali houses numerous independent fashion designers who make their local clothing lines here. Such clothes are available at affordable prices. Bali also has few huge shopping malls, located at the beachfront. The malls have a huge collection of western brands.



What makes Bali so enchanting?

Bali has one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Just the pictures of these islands are enough to make you fall in love with these. Turquoise water, white sandy beaches, beach parties, etc., make Bali true to the name, "Islands of Gods". The Gill Islands host the best boat parties known as Jigi boat parties. Every island in Bali has its specialty. Some are perfect for partying, some best for a romantic getaway and some for adventure junkies. Bali has something in store for everybody.

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