What to Buy When in Dubai: Top 20 Must-Buy Items

Sightseeing is not the only thing you need to do when you visit Dubai. The Emirati city is a shopping haven for all the shopaholics out there. You visit Dubai and go back empty-handed, that's a shame. It is packed with plenty of huge shopping malls and souks and has something for every single visitor.

People have so many shopping options here that they often forget to grab some of the must-buy items. So, if you were wondering what to buy on your trip to Dubai, then you are reading the right guide. We have prepared a list of handpicked items that Dubai is famed for and you must buy them.


Gold and Diamond Jewelry

You have to indulge in a bit of gold when visiting the 'City of Gold'. The prices of gold, platinum and diamond jewelry are comparatively lower in Dubai than in other places. A little bargaining can get you an even better deal.

Approximate Price: AED 110 per gram


Oudh and Bakhoor

If you love the distinct fragrance found in the streets of Dubai and wish to bring home the same, then go buy some Oudh and Bakhoor. These are an excellent alternative to room fresheners, candles, and incense sticks.

Approximate Price: Oudh: AED 1000 to 40,000, Bakhoor: AED 100 to 500


Persian Rugs and Carpets

These carpets make for excellent home décor. They come in all sorts of sizes and the price varies accordingly. Hand-made rugs will be costlier than machine-made ones.

Approximate Price: AED 400 and above


Arabian Coffee and Coffee Pots

Arabian coffee is bitter yet refreshing and coffee lovers find an unusual delight in its strong taste. You could take this back home along with “dallah” (coffee pots). These coffee pots are generally made of copper and you can use them every day or decorate your home with it.

Approximate Price: Coffee: AED 125 per kilo, Coffee pot: AED 20 onwards


Arabic Attars

The Arabic perfume oils are hugely famous for their aroma. They are prepared from plant sources and are free of alcohol. They come in various scents and sizes and are a must-buy in Dubai.

Approximate Price: AED 90 onwards


Camel Milk Chocolate

This is a rare delicacy of Dubai. They are produced by only one company- Al Nassma. Such chocolate bars are available in five varieties- whole milk, 70% cocoa, dates, macadamia, and the spiced version.

Approximate Price: AED 44 to 165


Pashmina Shawl

This is a beautiful but expensive thing to buy in Dubai. It is made from goat hair and blended with silk. This is a must-buy item if your budget allows.

Approximate Price: AED 250 onwards


Electronic Items

Dubai offers electronic items at discounted prices. Check out their amazing collections and grab some good deals here.


Arabian Dates

Dried fruits make excellent snack options for people in Dubai. The dates produced are a favorite with the tourists as well as the locals. These can be eaten raw, used in desserts, etc. You will find a wide range in Dubai, just taste and choose the ones that suit you best.

Approximate Price: AED 35 to 250


Dubai Spices

You can bring the palette of Dubai back home if you buy the local spices. These are full of flavor and are sold at the markets at a reasonable price. They can transform your dishes from being bland to mouth-watering.

Approximate Price: AED 10 to 25


Hookah Pipe

There is nothing as traditional as the authentic Arabic hookah pipes. You can buy this and use it as home décor. They are beautifully designed and come in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

Approximate Price: AED 50 to 370



Lamps are usually intricately designed and ornamental in Dubai. They are usually inlaid with stones and other intricate carvings. They come in different sizes and shapes and are one of the most beautiful things to buy in Dubai.

Approximate Price: AED 60 onwards


Arabic Lanterns

These form a common part of Emirati home décor. Made of copper and tin with intricate design, they will amp up your home. You could hang it up or place it on a table and just like in Aladdin movies, it will form a perfect addition to your home decoration.

Approximate Price: AED 30 to 500


Incense Holders

Dubai has beautiful incense holders to offer you. They contain frankincense or myrrh and will impart an aromatic and rich fragrance to your home.

Approximate Price: AED 15 onwards


Traditional Arab Shoes

Conventional Arab shoes are available for both men and women. Men's shoes include threadwork and those for women are beautified with beads and baubles. These are perfect if you wish to impart a quirky addition to your outfit.

Approximate Price: AED 50 to 100


Arabian Daggers

These make a part of the traditional Arabic costume for men. These will look excellent on walls. They are made of wood, the blade's tip is curved and the handle design has markings.

Approximate Price: AED 100 onwards



Take a bit of Emirati cuisine with you back home. Dubai has delicious sweets like Khabees, Baklava, Maamoul, and Batheeth. These will stay long and you can carry them homely without any worry.

Approximate Price: AED 50


Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

Dubai has a big market offering high-quality diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and more. You must choose and buy some for yourself in loose or in jewelry form.

Approximate Price: Depends on the quality


Local Sandles

The Arabic style sandals and slippers are comfortable to wear. You will find w wide range to choose from. These will prove to be a quirky addition to your outfit.

Approximate Price: AED 400 onwards


Jewel Chests

You will find intricately carved and inlaid jewel chests made with sandalwood and decorated with silver, brass, and stones while shopping in Dubai. Such chests are available in many avatars and would make a perfect case for your precious jewels.

Approximate Price: AED 250 to 700


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