Where to travel in Christmas?

A great story about where to travel in christmas?, Read about the things to do in goa for a perfect travel experience.
Where to travel in Christmas?

Where to travel in Christmas?

It is Christmas time when we all come together and celebrate. During this time festive spirits are always high. Here we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in a different way as compared to western world variations. Christmas is the season of lights and colors giving and receiving of cakes, carols and angels and Santa. Here in India we do it in desi twist. From Kerala to Assam, from Northeast to Mumbai the whole country gets in festive mood to celebrate in his own way.

Where to travel in Christmas?

Here are some of the places where we can go to celebrate the festival in India. And make your holiday season a special.


Paradise for party lovers. Goa shines in all its glory during Christmas season. Goa is the place where most of the population is of Christians and during the festival the city is enlighten by vibrant colors and flower decoration. Masses sing Christmas carols until morning. The parties at Aunjana, Candolin and Mapusa are continued through out the night making a full blend of tradition and fun.


Here the festival of Christmas is celebrated in Portuguese tradition and flavor. Varieties of cultural shows are organized here. Enigmatic, Corrindinho dance forms are the main attraction here. Vibrant lamps with colorful lights brighten the night sky. Implausible church service is the attraction. It becomes one of the best place to celebrate the festival.


The main attraction of this place is celebration of Christmas in tribal style. The place adorns itself in festive mood. This being the best time to visit this place. All the local people and churches celebrate with pomp and grandeur. The locals fizzes with warmth zeal and enthusiasm. You feel a special when visit the union territory.


Kerala once again a place to celebrate the festival. The whole state is decorated with colorful lights and stars. Heavy discount at various hotels to attract the tourists for a warm welcome. The Cochin carnival is celebrated for the long ten days. All the churches around the city organize midnight mass. Partying goes on till whole night.


Here the tribal Christians wait for this festival all the year. The season here is mild cold in hilly areas and people enjoy the celebrations during Christmas. The streets are decorated like bride, midnight masses are held at every nook and corner locals enjoys the party whole night. Community meals with traditional style are prepared and enjoyed all the locals.


It is another place where this festival is being celebrated with lots of fun. This destination is the perfect place. BANGLORE is place which surely satisfy your appetite along with Christmas celebrations.


A place where people of casts lives and celebrate Christmas with each other pay their obience at churches singing Christmas carols. The Christmas is celebrated with immense fervor and enthusiasm. Beside this there are whole night parties. Nice place for holidays.

There are many destinations apart from these where one can enjoy the festival.


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